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Global Truth & Reconciliation: `I’m Tired of Being Lied To’


It is common awareness that a `Lie’, related to any matter of subject or condition, only serves to perpetuate more lying to protect the fact a lie has been perpetrated.

This condition eventually leads to establishing a `Secret’ to protect they who initiated the original lie. Eventually, this leads to conflict between those who become aware of the lie perpetuated versus those who protect the condition of the presence of a lie. For Nations, this generally falls under the classification of `National Security’.

Over the centuries the lies compounded upon lies has manifest to a present state where any subject pertaining to Human existence and the historical conditions from and which it has evolved to this the 21st century become subject to questioning debate.

Unfortunately, the select few who have assumed themselves to be the `rightful holders and protectors to the truth’ to the lies perpetrated over the centuries; fear for the level of anger and hostility that would ensue and foisted upon them by the Peoples of the World were, at this late date, said `truths’ be divulged.

It is with a high degree of certainty that many millions of lives have suffered and lost for the sole purpose and reason: to protect the many critical lies that comprises Human History.

But, this can no longer be tolerated.

All the Peoples of the World must finally rise up and take a stand against centuries of tyranny wrongly imposed upon them, at great cost of human suffering and debasement, by only a very few, select elite families and their political minions. Generations-old establishment that have constructively and strategically, for their own enrichment and empowerment, taken exclusive control to `Knowledge of Human Origins and Antiquity’ that are the rightful property of all Peoples. From ancient history and origins of our species to the purported interventions of `other world’ entities and all relevant matters in-between.

A global `Truth and Reconciliation’ event under the auspices of a Peoples United Nations must be demanded. A year long event where `secrets’ long held from Humanity be openly and unequivocally divulged; brought into the light of day.

`Truth and Reconciliation: A truth commission or truth and reconciliation commission is a commission tasked with discovering and revealing past wrongdoing by a government (or, depending on the circumstances, non-state actors also), in the hope of resolving conflict left over from the past.’

Finally, a loud and vocal revolution, here as yet to be experienced, of seismic proportions is essential to bring a final end to the conflict and suffering common humanity has long and wrongfully endured; to chart a new course allowing for it to finally evolve and prosper well into this 21st Century and beyond. Failure to do so will assuredly lead to its ultimate, unnecessary demise.





Locked away in the mind’s darkness cave,
Left to manifest thoughts outwardly brave
Though, when spoken, the conflicted do rave;
Challenging wisdom’s retreat, to save.

History’s pattern unwittingly resolves
Into depths of forgetfulness to dissolve;
Leaving pain and suffering itself to solve;
To once again, like a clock wound, revolve.

Human nature, a questionable ally or foe,
An intuitiveness’ retarded flow,
A once thought `truth’, to bind and know
Yet, it’s truth’s blindness that does grow.

Giving reason to this proclivity to discern;
Having spent millennia endeavoring to learn
Yet, humankind, seemingly, more resolute to spurn
And, for it; civilization, as in past, does ultimately burn.


Historian, Historical, History

Observer to the world, to the sea of humanity,
Scribe to events that speaks to civility’s doing,
Avoiding subjective imposition to cause or relief,
Purveyor to the historical archive, for library’s account.

History’s reflection painted by epoch’s symbol words,
Coloured by contemporary mind to explicit translation,
Rendering interpretation to what is want to be heard,
Forever distorting the image to original, conception of truths.

Volumes destined to posthumous acknowledgement,
Eliciting suspicion to conflicted renderings of account,
Biased by misinformation, infusion of misconception,
Reaping  a permanent dominance of fact to the warring victor.



UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POSTING: With the coming November 8th election, every voting American  should watch this series of news reports produced by THE REAL NEWS NETWORK; an independent Internet News Network that tells it like it is and can boast ZERO conflict of corporate interests gaining its financial support solely from its viewers/registered members:

REAL NEWS REPORT: Easy Way To Steal an Election

In recognition of elections in the United States and elsewhere on this troubled Globe, I offer up the following:

Platform in hand claiming new convention
Political pundits’ cry for attention

The electorate looks the other way
Saying `why bother’ in the end, we still pay

Each Party claims: `light at the end of the tunnel
Yet the money gets siphoned as quick as water down a funnel

With words like: Promise, Trust and, Honesty, increasingly typical
The populace has reason to grow more tired and  cynical

This vile condition breeds chronic mistrust and skepticism
And a country void of a future and dwindling optimism.

Change To Timeless Promises

Change, to timeless promises, sinks
Into the depths of mental madness;
Driven there by the energies
Expended upon reflection;
Bringing tangled weaves of
Truth to hypocrisies seen;
Weaned on the milked teat
Of societal dream’s rhetoric;
To escape to this tragedy’s
Path dis-remembered;
Each, revisited, forth year’s
First Monday’s November.


Truth Be Told

Firstly, just what does the word ‘truth’ mean?
According to an on-line dictionary truth means:
n. pl. truths (trz, truths)

  • 1.Conformity to fact or actuality.
  • 2. A statement proven to be or accepted as true.
  • 3. Sincerity; integrity.
  • 4. Fidelity to an original or standard.
  • 5.a. Reality; actuality.
  • 5 b. often Truth That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.

Of these varied statements relating to the true meaning of truth, for the purposes of this essay, the focus will be on 5b: ‘often Truth That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.’

Arguably, today more then ever, the veracity of this statement is being challenged.

In every sector of cotemporary human existence, in this era of high-tech, instant and wireless communications, if there is one facet to present reality that comes into question is acceptance of that being communicated on a given matter, is fact; FACT in truth.

The spin-doctors of the world have so widely proliferated and pervasively infiltrated all lines of communication from from advertising to media reporting fed to the public 24/7 regardless of the medium, it is increasingly difficult if not impossible, to separate the chaff from the wheat.

The fragility of human presence as an evolving species toward an unscripted reality, the present course if not significantly altered, can only be presumed to end disastrously; without question.

The validity of this claim is easily tested by pursuing the following, simple hypothetical applied by you, the reader:

Confronted by your boss with claim you are responsible for a negative consequence to     your actions, you maliciously but plausibly lie, post the blame on a coworker costing     them their job but, save yourself.  As time goes on, your co-workers who know the truth,     fail to give you their essential co-operation to complete your work. Sooner or later, being     unable to meet your job-related responsibilities, you will end up demoted or worse, fired.

So what does this have to do with the real world, in the bigger picture?

Simply put; Everything!
As stated above, in every sector of human existence be it geo-politics, the economy and finance, religion, health, science, etc,, etc., and especially with the immediacy provided by the Internet, the multiplicity of statements circulating on the same topic, is being communicated bit the question remains; who is telling the truth?

The unfortunate aspect of this harsh reality for everyone is the dire yet real consequence that increasingly has the potential to manifest.

The growing destabilizing events in the Middle East for one, find the world on the precipice to a third world war that has the very real potential to be the last for a very long time.  To paraphrase Einstein who is purported to have commented: If there is to be a World War III, it would likely be fought with nuclear weapons and if so, the next with sticks and stones.

The mire the global community finds itself and, the dire consequences of this situation being far too real to be ignored, unfortunately, pessimistically, the Pandora’s Box being wide open and, the Genii of Doom coursing the world seeking out the perfect storm to make it all happen, is it not just a matter of time?

You be the judge – truth be told!


Welcome to NAYKD POET’s World

Welcome to

Why the pseudonym: NAYKD POET?

Most everyone by now has heard and/or has referenced the fable that tells of `The Emperor Without Clothes‘  the moral of which is:  `Self-deceit and failure to speak up for fear of ridicule will eventually come back to haunt us in the long run.’  .

It is in this moral vein that I have chosen NAYKD POET to encapsulate the philosophical objective to this web-site.

The poetry, prose, essay and graphics contained here are an expression not to profess any specific doctrine or philosophy but rather, ideally, present an honest, open-minded and possibly; alternative perspective, to an eclectic spectrum of subject from the political and sociology-economic, to the diversity of human sexuality.

Trusting you will garner some intrinsic meaning from these ramblings to stimulate and motivate your comments be they flattering or not.

Thank you for your time to visit and it is hoped you find it worthy to `Follow’ the literary progress of NAYKD POET. Thank you again.

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