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Earth’s Largess


Morning Sun rises to horizon’s shining glory

Golden rays energy to imbue the day’s story

Full essence of nature composes the coming day

Life for love’s fulfillment makes its ubiquitous play

Earthly bounty given for all to imbibe, to enjoy

Cornucopia of texture, color and sounds to employ

Calming tranquility of crystal-water brooks

Source to feed human senses beyond that spoken in books

Easily is lost awareness to what nature freely brings

Lush flora, fauna, animal cries that sing

Faith given to coldness of technology, running away from the rest

Modern-man has grown to ignore Earth’s largess.


In The Wake of Extreme Violence


The events of the past week with the Boston Bombings serves to re-awaken questions regarding sacrificing personal freedoms and social liberty for what can only amount to a  `false’ sense of security as simply illustrated by the event occurring.

The United States since 911, likely more than any other nation, has spent billions on increased security, surveillance and technology yet senseless acts such as Boston’s proves this point.

Canadian politicizing of the Boston Bombing event reared its head when a National News interview with newly elected Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, was posed the hypothetical question: how, if prime minister, would he respond in the after-math of such an event? .

What the question ultimately served to illustrate was not so much Trudeau’s hypothetical ability to correctly perform or respond but, the irrational, short-sighted logic of our currently elected officials in particular: Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Harper’s rebuttal to Justin Trudeau’s view on addressing social violence ie terrorism, is clear evidence to this by stating the following:

The PM claims ` do not sit around trying to rationalize it or make excuses for it or try to figure out its root causes‘ .  It is the last part of this statement that most reflects the depth of stupidity of our elected government.

This is tantamount to saying: if your house keeps getting broken into by the poor kid down the street the solution is to get a security system and demand more police and prisons. Don’t bother to ask why is the kid poor causing him to resort to stealing.

This short-sighted approach to not only societal problems but to all problems confronting government is what leads to levels of frustration and anger by the disenfranchised leading to outlandish and violent acts as happen in the US.

Harper-government’s policies framed on the ill-logic illustrated by this example – potentially here in Canada too.


The Watch


Responding to the challenge to write on any topic, using exactly 100 words without using the same word inclusive of articles, excluding the title of the piece, twice: 

This symbol of life lived bequeathed for safekeeping into the future. Its workings represent passing seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years endured until energies expended denote an end charted long before birth.  Tarnished gold casing, cracked crystal measure toil, hardship and pain suffered through life’s enduring past brought forward in rewarding peace.

Grave markers symbolize forever what shall be given to lives remaining as memory’s keeper endowed by material possessions gained, accumulate, box stored, preserved, weathered age’s signs showing.

Cemetery gates’ embrace quells past turbulence beneath soil demarcating Souls’ light risen, body’s deep sleep.


Day-dreaming Dream’n


Prospecting the future
With hindsight gaze
Perplexed by the outcome
Of unknown days

Wealth to the measure
Surprised by the scheme
Replenishing the treasure
With yet realized dreams

Love is the passion to the cause
Uncertain to the reason
Defying rational(e) laws
Of day-dreaming dream’n


Fortune’s Street

fortune street

You were once the source of my dreams

The one for whom my love screamed

That short romantic time we did share

When together, nothing else seemed to care

A forgotten picture of you while asleep

Painful reminder to love that ran deep

Renewed thoughts of what you meant to me

That until now was becoming a fading memory

Putting away that faded photograph

I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh

It’s not likely we will ever again meet

Unless by chance, on fortune’s street


Words for Dollar$


It’s not a surprising inevitability the blogosphere is increasingly being utilized as a platform for ‘get rich quick’ schemes to proliferate but, the question that need be asked: Does the motivation to attract ‘followers’ stem from the desire to present quality, original material or, simply to add to a list of others amongst whom, are those willing to participate in a pyramid scheme to make fast money?

 The basic formula to these schemes is to create a blog site that will convince others; by creating a blog site to attract others to join for a modest fee, subsequently shared up the pyramid-shaped totem of affiliates. Given the countless numbers the Internet can reach daily, each new fresh set of eyes presents a real opportunity to make significant dollar amounts by convincing a fraction of them to join the scheme.

No one can fault anyone for desiring to make fast, easy wealth by doing something they are already doing but, as with any pyramid scheme, the greater wealth goes to those above at the expense of those below and secondly, the blogosphere becomes inundated and consumed by meaningless tripe and ultimately diminishes the potential and experience of the tool.

Oh, by the way, since you read to this point can I interest you in……


April’s Mule


this day denotes the chance to fool

to cause suffering by mental duel

some think it unnecessarily cruel

well others laugh as they drool

from whence this act did un-spool

a date in history not taught in school

but ideal place to play out it’s rule

be warned before you end it being the mule




the only living desire

is, by words, to inspire

for this, I am no liar

for never, do I tire

to light the mental fire

to conjure before I retire

images to take my reader higher

in order we may mutually conspire

to share, as moments transpire




the winds of change,

by wit, some lay claim,

bring for some, providence to fame

to others, a wrath to disdain

regardless, it does remain,

the human spirit can sustain

challenge; by the winds of change.

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