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God Spirit Realm

God Spirit Consciousness:a manifestation of Mind born to this cellular, material dimension by the seeding of a Soul-energy, the gift to conception, giving birth to a life-journey whose path is to gain full realization: an Awakening; not given but found by those whom, by catalyst of intuition, come to the resolve that the sole reason of Being, by way of this life-experience, is fulfillment to the awareness of the Spirit Energy that is embodied in All of this material dimension and,in turn, to promulgate this gift of opportunity: Experience, by act of pro-creation, to yet another Soul-energy in the waiting prior to departure from the body-vessel; Enlightened, to return to the God Spirit Realm.


Paul Goodman – Not Forgotten?

Paul Goodman, more than a contemporary intellectual author of note
For he was a renaissance man who lived his life by all that he wrote
Known today by few unless by chance to hear what he spoke
Now deceased, new generations less likely challenged by his desire to provoke

His philosophy and wisdom meant not merely to disturb
But to incite new constructs to thinking beyond the pervasive standard word
Often discounted for his bisexual lifestyle he managed still to be heard
Remnants of his teachings left to filter through mind’s of our populace herd

Though born of an era framed and anchored by tradition
His unique pacifist and rebellious nature broached chance of his extradition
But stead-fast he held to beliefs and foundation of volition
That spoke prophetically, to 21st century democracy’s failing condition

So to those for whom the name Paul Goodman is extraneous
Here now is chance-clue to find a provocateur thought infamous
To gain renewal to philosophy of wisdom once deemed pretentious
In hopes that it will seed thought to mind that again is contentious.

Author’s Note: Written on reflection of watching movie: Paul Goodman Changed My Life
(Click on image for link to movie)


Earthly Life Cycle

Fresh, cool spring air fills the morning breeze
The awakening russeling sound from dormant winter trees
Yearning to burst their buds of new growth leaves
To contrast blue skies with brilliant green for eyes’ to please

Long silent sounds of returning migrating birds
Chirping their lively yet unknown words
Caroling loud to a point that for some may disturb
But only harken to a summer that’s just around the curb

Squirrels scampering about to loose their heavy winter coats
Outdoor camp fires replace the smell of wood-stove smoke
Early spring flowers green-shoots are seen to poke
All good things for happiness in all, to provoke

This timeless cycle to earthly life once again renewed
A rhythm theme contemporary humanity seems lost sight to view
This annual birth-awakening disposed to lesser things to do
A precious nature-gift freely given to All, and not just the few.


The Internet

All society’s demographic find it all the rage
Internet channels to express love and or enrage
A wireless medium for most to digitally engage
Even religious faiths have now found its electronic stage

Only two decades since its incipient birth
Already in the of billions of dollars its worth
From e-commerce to wood-fires in virtual hearths
But for some practitioners a growing, addictive curse

The abundance of pornography some would make claim
Is the root to the medium’s spontaneous, rapid rise to fame
Arguable but then, just the same
The Internet is forever and forever it will remain

Technological advancement conjoined with social networks
Text messaging and video connectedness the availing quirk
That’s eroded boundaries between personal time and work
365, 24-7 communication: for some a detriment, others a perk

Regardless of how one views this 21st Century technological craze
Its tentacle global reach makes definite it is not a passing phase
But what has yet to be determined are its full implications as societies age
Will it prove a healthy benefit or a plague that has just begun to contage?


Illusion’s Window Opened


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