Earthly Life Cycle

Fresh, cool spring air fills the morning breeze
The awakening russeling sound from dormant winter trees
Yearning to burst their buds of new growth leaves
To contrast blue skies with brilliant green for eyes’ to please

Long silent sounds of returning migrating birds
Chirping their lively yet unknown words
Caroling loud to a point that for some may disturb
But only harken to a summer that’s just around the curb

Squirrels scampering about to loose their heavy winter coats
Outdoor camp fires replace the smell of wood-stove smoke
Early spring flowers green-shoots are seen to poke
All good things for happiness in all, to provoke

This timeless cycle to earthly life once again renewed
A rhythm theme contemporary humanity seems lost sight to view
This annual birth-awakening disposed to lesser things to do
A precious nature-gift freely given to All, and not just the few.

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