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One Hell Of An Explosion


How ludicrous this world has become. No writing of fiction could rightfully depict the level of stench that rises from the pile of rhetorical `shit’ espoused by so-called elected representatives of the People, regardless of country represented. It seems undeniable that those whom feel compelled to run for office of governance, though possibly compelled by altruistic ideals, ultimately succumb to the greed that has infused the hallow-halls of government establishment of all nations.

A more clearer factual illustration of this is had in Bill Moyer’s ( interview with journalist Mark Leibovich about his latest book, This Town.

This Town centers on Washington D.C. `a city where money rules the day and status is determined by who you know and what they can do for you.  “If you can sell yourself as someone who knows how Washington works, someone who has these relationships,” Leibovich explains, “that’s a very marketable commodity.  If you’re seen as someone who knows how this town works, someone who is a usual suspect in this town, you can dine out for years — that’s why no one leaves.”’

It does not take much imagination to paint the incumbents of  all Nation’s government with the same tarnished brush. When exposed to opportunity for extreme wealth and with it; the power of influence that it can purchase, especially when others are competing and racing toward the same  feeding-trough, ideals of morality for representation can be quickly forgotten.

The more one becomes educated to the insidious corruption that is prevalent within representative governance, a pervasive cynicism toward organized civilization is the outcome. A great sense of defeat to what collective humanity is suppose to mean. Observance to this metastasizing `cancer’ corrupting every essential organ comprising organized culture; one can only conclude that `death’ can only be a matter of time.

However, there does exist a slight ray of hope to cure this rampant, infectious disease: Common People.

It is time for Common People: the blue-collar worker, the grossly underpaid, the educated unemployed, everyone whom the power to cast a vote exists; all must collectively stand up for what is rightfully theirs to share equally and freely, not that which is dolled-out as rhetorical promises with each electoral cycle, before it is too late.

The spark to light the fuse to incite the needed, forceful movement has yet to be lit yet, the `gun-powder’  that is reason, is definitely accumulating and, when ignited, it is will be `one hell of an explosion’.


De-Politicizing Morality


Why is it that morally conscious people feel obliged to park or align their values for the rights of all humanity under the umbrellas of liberal or literalist movements? To do so only serves to politicize such concern that has proven time and again, disastrous.

The past, present and undoubted, future atrocities encumbering global humanity be they centered in the Middle East, Africa, or even now Russia with its demonization of the LGBT community in that country; a uniquely different manner of reaction/ response be demanded. Not by any one political camp but by ALL morally, conscious Humanity.

Enough is enough that the political and corporate elite subjugate national and international foreign policy to the demands of an oligarchy represented by such groups as the Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, RAND Corporation and other similar elitist organizations who are widely known to direct the course of global political, economic and financial policy that is extolling pain, suffering and loss of life for all common Peoples of the World.

What will it take for this collective known as Humanity, to rightfully take-back ownership of the common-wealth this earthly presence has to bestow, to be shared equally amongst each living Soul?

In the heart of every caring individual finding the answer starts by DE-politicizing morality!


Challenge To The FEAR

Preamble: Irony of ironies: As I am about to post my latest poem which could be taken as quite contreversial, having logged-in, the following article posted came up

`Aware of your audience……REALLY???
By Kenneth Justice
~ Yesterday a kind reader mentioned the importance of ‘knowing your audience’ in reference to job interviews and whenever you have to talk about yourself; if you go overboard with the wrong audience you can end up doing damage for your reputation but if you don’t go far enough with others you can end up making the same mistake.’

Though of radically different context, in light of what I am about to post, I found it rather poignant. You decide:

Minute by minute,
Year by year,
Slowly creeping
Toward a time to fear;
Judicial, legislative and
Political manoeuvring
Toward a repressive goal,
Leading to generations to come,
Oblivious to what they stealthily stole.

Those informed and opposed to this devious skeem,
Shedding light of truth upon this insidious plan,
Suffer wrath of persecution for what they know,
Being denied their Miranda Right and fairness of trial,
Silenced, into prison they are likely to go.

Even these words, being seen here,
Can give rise for concern for the LAW;
For as it has become so widely known;
Expression in the public domain,
No longer safe or truly free from harm,
Still remains; as challenge to the FEAR!


Abstraction Red

abstraction red
Unconscious to consciousness fed
Crimson the paint-brush bled
Occupying willing canvas bed
Expressing emotions thought dead
Giving rise to what is not said
Left to discovery what’s to be read
To the artist; merely, chance to shed




Stealth through the darkness of a moonless night,
They stole their way by shrouded candle light,
Not knowing if another would see their flight,
Desperate to escape the suffering by their war-trodden plight.

Time and again the still quietness of the late night hour
Is broken by the muted thunder of advancing military power;
Each cannon-boom causing all to instinctively cower,
Wanting only for their freedom to eventually flower.

Long has been their suffering under tyranny’s rule
By dictatorial oppression meant to be harsh and cruel;
Propagandized from the moment they entered school
But, for these refugees, no longer wanting to be played the fool.

The path to freedom’s gate is arduous and dreadfully long;
Emboldened, all seemed more determined and quietly strong,
Marching silent, forward, toward peace and harmony’s throng,
Knowing deep within, this is where life-lived does belong.


Global Treason


Calamitous, tumultuous, turbulent chaos,
Words to define the present state of the World;
Everywhere one’s attention does cross,
What was once Order seems be coming unfurled.

Though the problems may vary, as do their cause,
There seems but one common, all important reason:
Major nation’s institutions flagrantly breaking international laws;
A crime some might define as Global treason

Whether judicial, legislative or global finance,
Morality and jurisprudence willfully dismissed;
The élite, whom are in control, succumbing to greed’s evil trance;
Sinking humanity by their undoing, into an ever darkening abyss.


Toronto G20 Fiasco Revisited

Watching the REAL NEWS NETWORK’s Paul Jay ( comment on the issue of the G20 event has only served to rile my anger against the criminal actions of all levels of government and goon-mentality, militarized police responsible for the authorization and use of unprovoked and excessive brutal force respectively, evidenced and documented. Compounding the insult of this criminal event is the lack of accountability of all level of authority responsible. Like most issues it is merely swept away and forgotten with the consolation that it is never to happen again. But, when it does, the same pathetic rhetoric will be spun to diminish the true importance of the matter. Democracy in the true sense of its meaning is for all intents and purposes: DEAD! Civil liberty, freedom of speech in arenas where it is most potent are and in truth; always have been, expunged by the unseen elite authority that in fact narrates and conducts the events of the world. Politicians and associated militarized battalions of complicit policing authority having sold their souls for a feeding at the trough.

Jack Boots and Batons

In jack boots and wielding batons
They come a hundred strong
Their march echoing the throng
With fierce voice chanting the song:

`Back off – get to where you belong

Their aim:  to intimidate
Their strength:  how governments legislate
Their goal:  to disseminate
Those whom protest and congregate

Billowing clouds of pepper-spray block the light
To keep peering eyes and cameras from sight
To witness those who attempt to fight
For what they know is their civil-right

This tactic meant to intimidate
Serves only to rile and infuriate
Leading to rebellion and the eventual fate
Of civil society becoming a terrorist state



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