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Young man, life still a wishful dream;
The scourge of age not yet gleaned.
Hope for a tomorrow, a glinting eye;
Not yet reddened by futility’s cry.

Indestructible, energy vibrant; strong;
Seeking out a path, where to belong.
Mentored by father’s failures gain;
Open to every chance, naïve to the pain.

Hindsight; not yet a discernible word;
Experience to foster, challenges to disturb.
Promise of gains, a goal for the taking;
Lest life’s passage becomes; memories making.




What beard is this that masks the face
Setting personality in repose,
Making for deceit to replace;
The truth ensuring never to know,
If for vanity to prosper or to weep
Or, faith to a religion to show;
The secret the beard does keep,
Meant for speculation to grow?




the real news

As a member to THE REAL NEWS NETWORK (, it has become a viable source to true reporting of global events especially a relatively new, insightful series titled: REALITY ASSERTS ITSELF hosted by Paul Jay, lead journalist and founder of TRNN.

The title to this, the first installment, to be a series, is titled: Investigating the Saudi Government[‘]s 9/11 Connection and the Path to Disillusionment[retired United States Senator] Sen. Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt 1 is centered on his recent book: Intelligence Matters – The CIA, FBI, SAUDI ARABIA and the Failure of America’s War on Terror provides a candid insight to the workings of US and Saudi relations and their implication on US foreign policy making as it pertains to the Middle East and by extension, contemporary geo-politics.

 I will be updating this post with future installments as they are presented; if you wish to follow the series, I suggest bookmarking this page:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:



evoluitonStanding still the earth revolving under my feet, trodden in search of purpose, exploration to the end that is written to manifest but, will realization to Reason sought succumb, unlocked from the vault of unseen limits, that sleep of Mind will forever be, derived?


creativity creation given





You Can(’t) Handle the TRUTH!



A Global Mess

A desperate public outcry grows louder every day
Fueling the rise of anarchy; the ultimate, destructive play.
A complicit mass media assisting in every possible way,
Global governance’s struggles to stifle its legitimate display.

Daily, those of public conscious expose the hidden truths;
Whistle blowers, journalist, anonymous hacking sleuths;
Willingly self-sacrificing all for the likes of me and you;
In hopes of our recognizing what we all need to do.

Global finance, economies, environment, jobs; are all on the rails;
Established, civilized institutions weakened, about to fail;
Growing inequality of chaste society, on a massive scale;
With no sign of redemption by those directing this ugly tale.

This 21st century, anticipated epoch for humanity’s flourish and gain
Has, since commencement, derived nothing but suffering and pain.
The power elite infuse a corrupt stronghold ensuring this way it remain;
Through elected, official governance; court sanctioned, corporate finances sustain.

When and how the tidal-wave of human, civil dissolution will manifest
Remains for a future’s history to articulate, in detail, at best.
Yet, what need for certain to rise from the ashes of the coming largess:
Is suppression of the powers responsible for creating this global mess!


Hypocrisy of Remembrance on Remembrance Day


Firstly, no disrespect toward those poor and brave people whom chose to purchase from the reigning governance of the time, a ticket to battle-conflict taking place in some other part of the world other than Canada. Sold on the conviction that such action would save the conflict from spilling over to our shores by the perceived enemy of the day.

On the face of it Remembrance Day is a noble and unselfish recognition of those whom gave their life or were seriously harmed, in the course of duty on behalf of the nation for which they served however, the hypocrisy from a national perspective, lies in the simple fact that such an auspicious and solemn day to remember is not given to a national holiday.

By comparison, the federal government deems Banks important and significant enough to the interests of the nation, to decree a national holiday the first day of August of the year.  Do not the men and women of the military service warrant equally, a day of national day of mourning?

One possible simple reason: were such a day so decreed most would likely spend it visiting the local mall for the Remembrance Day Sale, not for what it rightly deserves obviously. More likely, because commercial interests realized early there were few respectful ways to take advantage of the free time; so why give people the day off.

The above is definitely a cynical view expressed from an underlying sentiment: all conflicts of war initiated by those whom are least likely to find themselves on the battlefield; put to a command of those whom are cultivated and desperate for opportunity to display their prowess and ability; and then, put upon the shoulders of common men and women to make the ultimate sacrifice and their families, who are left to suffer the pain of such loss.

This cynicism is further fueled by the purported cost-saving policy of the Canadian federal government to retire service people months short of qualifying for full pension following ten years of military service. Now that is something worth mournful remembrance.


food of thought


Invention of Objective Reality: the derivative product of synchronistic, synergistic confluence of uniquely definable energies to objectify perceived reality manifestation for human biological senses’ appreciation of its presence in space and time

Step 1:
Cosmic consciousness filtered by Mind as Thought rendering equation of perception to potential reality’s form

Step 2:
Interpretation of conceptual reality defining elemental qualities, quantities construction

Step 3:
Transitioning conceptual reality to objective reality conformance

Step 4
Object of form contributing to human sensual perception of space and passage of time

Step 5:

Infinite repetition of  Steps 1 – 4


Reciprocity In Mind

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Huddled safely cocooned in a shell of my making
Hidden from the scourge of pervasive darkness
Protected from the blithe that meanders wantonly
Free of the wrath that burdens most
Unencumbered by the toils of daily life
Relinquished to the joy of self-fulfillment
Purchased from the pain of self-affliction
Comatose to the idleness of mind
Pursuant to retention of spirit
Intolerant to the voice of the righteous
Unforgiving to the purveyors of strife
Strengthened by knowledge of awareness
Unburdened by need for reward
Striving for reciprocity in mind

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