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Wedge of Divergence

Anticipating the ugliness of the apparent prognosis for the coming year 2012, long perceived to be filled with `life-changing’ events for most in the world and, given the situation of conflict and chaos that presides in most places in the world as 2011 draws to a close, that prophesied has a likely chance to manifest; considering this, is it not reasonable one would ask the question: why continue in this life?

Definitely for some just the asking of such a question would suggest a severe state of depression however, for the simple reason that, given the projected future, based on current trends in global politics, economy, financial systems, meteorology, and the list goes on; save for a minority of the world’s population: life in the next and coming years is and will likely continue to be an absolute Shit story!

As an opinion, what saves most from drawing such a bleak and dark perspective on life in our foreseeable future as we come to live it, stems from firstly: the majority particularly in the developed world, are so oblivious to the reality in which they are living given the preponderance of distractions subliminally imposed upon them through and by popular media in the form of mindless entertainment industry, fascination with the lives that make up that industry; advances in communication technologies and the need to possess them at any cost that by their presence, contributes to a pervasive falsehood that is social networking. The promulgation of this Internet formulated event manufactures and feeds the illusion of being part of something bigger then oneself when in fact, for the majority, this virtual existence only serves to mimic the way they wish their `real’ lives to be. Secondly and possibly the most significant reason: the structured per-occupation with raising a family; the hopes and dreams for their prodigy consumes most child-bearing adults with all that it takes to fulfill them.

On the strength of this view, there is developing a divergence in the structure of our global society that is increasingly becoming evident through the growing social unrest being played out initially in regions of the developing world that for decades if not centuries, have lived with autocratic persecution and debasement however, increasingly, even traditionally stable and socially tranquil regions of the developed world are now beginning to develop major cracks in long established institutional foundations. Not to contradict statements made above, but the source to this turmoil is a minority of the population that seek out unvarnished versions of the global reality via the same tool that is fostering the delusional world eluded to above: the Internet.

The Internet, to the chagrin of those that comprise the power and wealth that steers the course global civil society that in their minds is to take, has bred a counter force to the lies and misconceptions the foundational structures on which society to date has been falsely built, are becoming increasingly pervasive and influential in destroying the illusion that is the Matrix of power and control.

In conclusion, going back to the original question herein posed: Considering this it is reasonable one would ask: why continue in this life?; the answer is obviously individual and personal based on where, on which side of the wedge of divergence one perceives themselves to reside. Notably, if you are part of the power group or in support of their social philosophy, the illusion will undoubtedly live on for the strength of resource or the means to acquire them, resides in in their court however, as momentum builds, and more of those on the down-trodden side of the wedge wake-up and rise-up, maybe there is chance of hope that at best, it will make for a bumpier ride into the future.

The following video exemplifies part of the reason the world finds itself in the state that it is now in and the reason for such a dire prognosis for the future:


For Whom Doth He Speak?

The recent address given by President Barrack Obama (YouTube – President Barack Obama – 2011 URJ Biennial Plenary) to the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) that runs in excess of thirty-minutes, from his opening comments and throughout, he praises the accomplishments since the Union’s inception in 1873 founded by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise a native of Bohemia who came to the United States in 1846.  Since then the Union has grown from an initial membership of 34 congregations in 28 cities to more than 900 congregations in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It is the largest Jewish movement in North America and represents an estimated 1.5 million Jews. In 2003 the General Assembly approved a new name, Union for Reform Judaism, to better reflect today’s reality.

To become more familiar and to understand better the context and reason(s) for such praise being lauded upon this Jewish organization by the leader of a super-power nation, I visited the organizations website:  wherein it clearly states its mission:

‘The primary mission of the Union for Reform Judaism, the congregational arm of the Reform Movement, is to create and sustain vibrant Jewish congregations wherever Reform Jews live in North America.’ [Emphasis is mine]

Navigating the sites menu and reading the related subject-matter what becomes quite evident and clear is that this is a Jewish organization dedicated  ‘to support Reform Jewish congregations and to perpetuate and advance Reform Judaism.’

So just what is Reform Judaism?

Taken from the Jewish Virtual Library web site: ‘one of the guiding principles of Reform Judaism is the autonomy of the individual. A Reform Jew has the right to decide whether to subscribe to this particular belief or to that particular practice.’ [Emphasis is mine]

What should remain understood within the context of this seemingly liberal belief structure; the Reform goes on to emphasize ‘Reform Jews are heirs to a vast body of beliefs and practices embodied in TORAH and the other Jewish sacred writings’ and, ‘we are all an essential part of K’lal Yisrael-the worldwide community of Jewry.’

The thread that clearly runs through Obama’s speech to the URJ members is their many positive contributions to America by their support in the early days of the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King and,  the freedoms he and fellow African-Americans shared in part contributed to his becoming President of the United States.
It was shortly after this that the camera conveniently moved toward the applauding, exclusively white audience save for one, though smiling, African-American sitting amongst them (nice that they could invite at least one other representative of the Black community).

From this point Obama’s speech, to much accolade from the audience, reiterated the accomplishments of his administration in realizing the Change and reforms promised during the 2008 election and sounded more a stump-speech, in light of upcoming 2012 election.

However, the applause becomes audibly diminished when the President struck a sensitive cord upon calling for the universal recognition for the rights of all nations’ peoples, the freedom and dignity to live in peace and security. An obvious contradiction to the segregation, genocidal treatment and human-rights abuses militarily imposed by Israel and the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upon the Palestinian peoples of Gaza and the West Bank and beyond.

Throughout listening to the speech, recognizing the reality of what is known to be transpiring in the United States regarding its failing economy, growing unemployment, escalating foreclosure, etc., one cannot help but ask: is there a disconnect between this known reality and the comments in the President speech and, this could not be more evident wherein he speaks to the, to date, failure of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?

It should be of no surprise to anyone current in international state-of-affairs to know tensions are mounting in the Middle East particularly as of late, as it pertains to Iran and Syria.

The entire Middle East region is a tinder-box ready to be ignited that potentially. a global conflict could ensue involving Russia and China given their stated support to Iran’s position within the conflict.  On-going posturing by the United States, NATO allies and Israel forces versus that of Iran which is presently staging a major `war games’ exercise in the region, could escalate.

In light of these growing tensions, it is here one need ask:for whom doth the President speak? For it is here the President iterates and acknowledges the values for which Israel stands are too, those held to by America and,  to which his administration, on behalf of the people of the United States, as Israel’s ally, commits to uphold and defend.

Recognizing that the URJ membership is comprised of only 1.5million, presumably Americans in the United States; the President’s timely speech is obviously meant for the broader, domestic and international audience.

I leave it to you to decide:


The Collective Mind of Consciousness

What callousness of mind resides with those with whom power of human course to be taken, renders a path of destruction and sufferance of colossal-scale, yet unseen in human history?

How can they be blind to all they make manifest and, to what gain?

No natural power of nature can compete with the Man-made, destructive force imposed with intent, knowing fully the prolongation of affliction to be suffered by generations yet born, whom will unwittingly inherit the blunders and credulity of their forefathers.

What pervasive reason of mind will sear-shut for all-time, that which has come to manifest and be sustained.: this blatant and bleeding wound that is humanity’s acceptance of what they have come to behold and witness knowing fully; by their naive and ill-informed choosing have willingly rendered their and their lineages freedoms into the hands and minds of the corrupt.

The golden-light of promise and hope grows increasingly dimmer with chance to be finally extinguished if the collective mind of consciousness gifted to each and every breathing, earth-bound soul does not take stand against the tyranny-shroud of darkness that increasingly encompasses the globe as would  be from a fading and dying Sun.


Paradoxical of Truths:

The following, I call Paradoxical of Truths, came to mind in the order they appear and, quite paradoxically since I don’t normally think  paradoxically that, by its so being, results in a paradox infinitude:

The matter, that matters, most to matter, is that it matters, to be matter

Whether it is or, whether it is not, is whether not is or, whether is not

If what is right is wrong, wrong need be right, for right to be wrong

When up goes down, down is up, when up is down

A ball is round, when round is a ball

A line is a line

Is Is


And, subsequently discovered, that if the the degrading in the length of each line forms a subtle curve not unlike to bowl of a chalice. Hence by copying and reversing and align to the corresponding line – does in fact form a perfectly-shaped chalice bowl, place a stem on it and what do you have: (click to enlarge)


O’ Christmas Time (lyrical poem)


O’ Christmas Time

O’ Christmas time, O’ Christmas time
The night sky clear – the stars do shine

The pine-coned trees  – are all a glow
Glistening bright  – with new fallen snow

O’ Christmas time, O’ Christmas time
With loved ones near – all is fine.

The fire burning warm and crackly so
Egg nog rum – making noses glow

O’ Christmas time, O’ Christmas time
Singing choirs to church bell chimes.

Children dance around Christmas trees
Wondering what Santa’s gifts will be

O’ Christmas time, O’ Christmas time
A time for goodness –  for all to believe.


Christmas Carol Extradition

Christmas Carol Extradition

A Christmas Carol – of old day
Is no longer proper  – to sing or say
The cause  – with much debate
Is the social condition – of late

Is it of much surprise – to find this – the norm of the day?
When the rights of different peoples – is the first to play
Politics and religion – a bad mix
Creating social problems – often too hard to fix

Where will this diffusion of beliefs lead?
Likely – society’s figurative bleed
Of social norms and tradition
To Christmas Carols’ extradition


Goodness Has Fallen

Christmas chimes through each and every year
It’s a time we spend with those we hold dear
Too, it is a time to give thanks and cheer
Another year passed and into the New Year

Though it is not often we spend time to look back
It has possibly proven to take us off track
For, to truly look at humanity’s record – we do lack
How is it that our goodness has fallen through the cracks?

It is not to besmirch this wondrous, festive season
But to speak of peace and love under black clouds of war, is treason
Whom by this action are we truly please’n?
For death to others, by vicarious hand, is still malfeasance!


A Christmas Blessing

A Christmas Blessing

The Christmas Season is here but once again
A time-honored tradition we love and hold so dear
For it is a time when family and friends
Come together to celebrate and cheer

A time when the music of laughter fills the air
While the land is dressed in fresh white snow
As evergreen trees of brilliant colored lights glare
To echo the goodness of life we’ve come to know

A time for children bemused and left wondering
Of the fabled and wondrous jolly St Nick
That his gift filled sled pulled by reindeer
Is true to heart and not just a silly adult trick

So look beyond the glitter of festivity
And heed this time that comes but once a year
To give thanks and Christmas Blessing
Of good health and love to those you hold so dear

Merry Christmas to All


Welcome to NAYKD POET’s World

Welcome to

Why the pseudonym: NAYKD POET?

Most everyone by now has heard and/or has referenced the fable that tells of `The Emperor Without Clothes‘  the moral of which is:  `Self-deceit and failure to speak up for fear of ridicule will eventually come back to haunt us in the long run.’  .

It is in this moral vein that I have chosen NAYKD POET to encapsulate the philosophical objective to this web-site.

The poetry, prose, essay and graphics contained here are an expression not to profess any specific doctrine or philosophy but rather, ideally, present an honest, open-minded and possibly; alternative perspective, to an eclectic spectrum of subject from the political and sociology-economic, to the diversity of human sexuality.

Trusting you will garner some intrinsic meaning from these ramblings to stimulate and motivate your comments be they flattering or not.

Thank you for your time to visit and it is hoped you find it worthy to `Follow’ the literary progress of NAYKD POET. Thank you again.

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