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To better understand and comprehend the world as we are coming to know it, the reason for what is evolving, one need look at the history to what makes it so; and this comprehensive BBC documentary is a good start to that end:



This aberrant strength of defiance as against my peers
A strength against the most prevalent of fears
The strength to voice a dissenting opinion toward the status-quo
An opinion most avoid or are heeded, not to know

Contemporary culture has been maneuvered into complacency
Consumed by consumerism since their time of infancy
Built upon premise of promise of life virtually fulfilled
That has rendered a virtual life increasingly, electronically built

But now, increasingly, are dents appearing in the Establishments’ armor
With a growing pervasiveness of discontent and clamor
A united, proletariat voice is awakening to the social charade,
Become increasingly willing to put life on the line, to rebelliously parade

What outcome this maturing, revolutionary movement will in the end, manifest
With strength of well funded bullets and armor pointed to their exposed breast
Will be left for future history books to detail what will come to unfold
But yet again, that will be dependent on whose version of the `truth’, is ultimately told.


Carney-ride To Nowhere

Standing outside, detached, observing willing participants on this carousel of life
Amused watcher to the systematic structure of its repeating traditions
Vocal critic to its unified, cyclical rotation of delineated similarities
Purposely and perceptively disconnected from its contrived ups and downs
That are unquestioningly assumed by most to garner reward: to define purpose
Achievable by pre-set objective: to capture the visible, yet purposely elusive, golden, glimmering ring of inspiration to success
That is tantalizingly hung, dangling, just beyond the measured reach of most daunted players
Yet generation upon generation fall victim to this derived, cognitive societal plan
A contrivance of an invisible, self-appointed force of despotic intellectualism
An elitist minority cult of humanity safe-guarded behind reinforced walls of fractal economics
Blindly defended by legions of the same mindless ticket-holders to this carney-ride to nowhere.


The Collective Mind of Consciousness

What callousness of mind resides with those with whom power of human course to be taken, renders a path of destruction and sufferance of colossal-scale, yet unseen in human history?

How can they be blind to all they make manifest and, to what gain?

No natural power of nature can compete with the Man-made, destructive force imposed with intent, knowing fully the prolongation of affliction to be suffered by generations yet born, whom will unwittingly inherit the blunders and credulity of their forefathers.

What pervasive reason of mind will sear-shut for all-time, that which has come to manifest and be sustained.: this blatant and bleeding wound that is humanity’s acceptance of what they have come to behold and witness knowing fully; by their naive and ill-informed choosing have willingly rendered their and their lineages freedoms into the hands and minds of the corrupt.

The golden-light of promise and hope grows increasingly dimmer with chance to be finally extinguished if the collective mind of consciousness gifted to each and every breathing, earth-bound soul does not take stand against the tyranny-shroud of darkness that increasingly encompasses the globe as would  be from a fading and dying Sun.

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