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Reaching into humanity’s soul to search for a truth
Truth to reason for loss of its collective, human ruth

The obvious dichotomy between exhorting love versus hate
A living, warring struggle that directs humanity’s future, its fate

Long born are the values that stir the hateful pot of unrest
Heated by the flame of stolen power, the few whom take what is best

Disenfranchised, hopelessness pervades among the suffering many
Left struggling to survive, to fight when in fact there is much, plenty

Endless seems this scourged curse driving humanity to self-annihilate
Masochistically regurgitating past slaughters to celebrate, commemorate

What manifestation will forever cauterize this self-inflicted wound?
Would it suffice that a blessed life be deemed born of a virgin womb?


Blissful Kiss 


A villainous spirit has captured my assailable soul
Naive to its evil power I soon succumb to know
From blissful nape’s kiss to gain blood’s flow
A gift given, of invincible age doth grow
Nourished by conquests, to fate of death I bestow
To gain timeless centuries and companion’s to sow
To court and enjoy the fruit of endless tomorrows


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