For decades a small, privileged segment of the human race has been privy to what most would refer to as mystical, sacred knowledge or information descended from the gods. For that matter, whatever euphemism you may wish to apply to it suffice it to say; with the advent of the Internet and much broadband and cyber-space, dedicated pursuers of these unknown `truths’, those amongst the general public so inclined now have access to this treasure-trove of hidden, ancient information to disseminate and ingest.

The spark that has lit the fuse of heightened interest post the start of the new millenia has to be ancient prophecies emanating from historical interpretations of long discovered Mayan calendar that purports the `end of the world’ manifest by cataclysmic uprisings of biblical proportions occurring leading up to or on the Winter Solstice: December 21, 2012.  Presumably this would be according to the respective time-zone one happens to find them-self on the the eve of this date.

As would be the fashion in any free-market, capitalist-based economy, many individuals who purport to be uniquely gifted in the translation of not only the Mayan calendar but seemingly related cosmological, biological, genealogical, metaphysical and any other `ical’ you may wish to conjure and apply, have made untold amounts of wealth by authoring books, holding symposiums and conferences to espouse their version(s) of the reality that is about to befall all of humanity on that prophetic date.

Now to be stated early in this diatribe: it is not intended here to draft dispersions upon individuals who in their mind’s wisdom are motivated not by the greed of the wealth many have amassed but, to dispense their version of the `truth’ as they see it, for those so inclined, to accept and respond accordingly.

As the year 2011 draws closer to its eve to the new year of 2012 it can not be denied that the world globe in all its manifestations is experiencing a level of turmoil and chaos unseen in our modern history.  The last decade in particular has and continues to see nations of all magnitude of size and importance are increasingly under stress politically, financially, economically and socially.  The foundations of great nations as the United States, United Kingdom and, countries of the the European Union are crumbling. At the core to this dissolution of long established institutions appears to be the greed and selfishness of the same, small select group of humanity eluded to at the start of this essay coined: the Power Elite.

Of the hundreds of individuals who have come upon the stage of public awareness David Ike, David Wilcock, Glenn Hancock are possibly a few of the more widely known of those espousing their interpretation and expectations surrounding the 2012 event,  Much of what they purport to know and how they have come to know it is widely and freely available via their respective web-sites and on You-Tube channels.  These three in particular have collaborated on their message netting a symmetry or unifying theme to a message that incorporates a plethora of information  that traverses  several millenia from the present that they defused and interpreted from ancient text of various national and religious origin, Egyptian hieroglyph and artifacts, cosmology, anthropology and astrology, the spectrum of the sciences, occultism, alchemy, mysticism and more, communicates: the World as we have come to know it will not fall to ruin by geological, cosmological or by human intervention but rather, humanity will experience a transcendence, transformation to a golden-age of reformation and enlightenment void of the hardship and suffering long experienced by the greater population of Earth.

It is reasonable for anyone who has not taken the time or interest to familiarize them-self with the volumes of retrievable, local library accessible similar information referenced by these named individuals are likely to conclude that their perceptions and pondering to the 2012 event is but panacea attributable to the New Age movement long know for all its granola and honey and sweet flower smelling rhetoric.  But this truly is not the case.

Without writing volumes to substantiate the case presented by these individuals suffice it to say the transformation they elude to is already happening and has been in progress for over twenty-five thousand years. Twenty-five thousand, nine-hundred and twenty years to be exact representing one-cycle of an astronomical process, the secular shifting of the sun through the signs of the zodiac which determines world-ages that take thousands of years.  Though there is little doubt that such transformations do not occur without some form of physical uprising or form of cataclysm, it need not be to the levels as depicted in the infamous Hollywood blockbuster movie: 2012.

One very apparent clue to the transformation that is well in progress, obvious to anyone observant of children born in the course of the last decade, is that these generation of children are to become the children of the new millenia. Without question, it is easy to observe that they manifest a higher level of intellect and ability to learn, grasp new concepts at almost hyper-speed by comparison to those of preceeding generations. And, it is from these new-born that the world will come to experience a renaissance, a golden-age of enlightenment and harmony for generations forthcoming beyond 2012.

To say it is too late for most of humanity to enjoy the promised experience and richness of a golden-age on Earth is to be short-sighted however, for the majority of the world’s present population their minds have be made closed to even imagine such a prospect. They hold too much cynicism, misinformation and dogma to ever be convinced that such a harmonious, loving and all-inclusive world is even possible.  Hence the need is for a form of cleansing through cataclysm by Nature to render a new and revitalized eco-system  upon which a world of love, respect and harmony by all with nature to truly manifest.

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