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the boom boom room cafe

Reality’s Oasis in an AI-VR World

A Seed of Intention planted in the virtual, fertile soil that is the Internet, nourished by the increasing level of attraction to grow its presence; to one day blossom, flourish as an Oasis of Reality’s last domain in opposition to the artificiality of the virtual world that is becoming this 21st Century; though it be the Womb to its Birth.

A Seed of Intention:

To foster and grow an environment space harkening back to a time of substance and perceptible, material presence. A time in recent human history that ushered in a period of spontaneous inspiration sparked and energized by a pent-up resentment toward the normal, the all too conventional modes of expression.

This time is referred to as the era of the Beatnik: a young person in the 1950’s and early 1960’s belonging to a subculture associated with the beat generation.

Those who defined themselves part of the Beatnik, Beat Generation subculture were more often than not distinguishable by their style of dress and public antics to the dismay of conventional, white, middle-class America of this time:


The hallmarks of this era include actors James Dean, Sal Mineo of Hollywood’s `Rebel Without a Cause’; avant-garde artist reflective of his time, Andy Warhol. Poets and authors such as Alan Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs respectively, the source of counter-culture exposes’ of raw sexuality of all persuasion, hard drugs and Gay rights at its infancy.


A counter-culture that was quick to spread its influence spawning the birth of small bistro-style cafes’, minimalist in their furnishings though over-flowing in creativity displayed on walls, shelves; soapbox and table performances of spontaneous literary expression befitting the mood of its inhabitants and duly rewarded by profuse applause and unguarded verbal appreciation.


The Beatnik subculture took on all matters sexual. Throwing away conventional definitions of sexuality; introducing the erotic expression of homosexuality, bi-sexuality; a direct affront meant to challenge to societal norms of this time.

Alan Ginsberg’s 1955 poem HOWL, and accompanying poems, when published were such a literary departure for civil society to bear its publishers were charged, arrested and brought to trial for distributing obscene material. The Courts subsequently ruled against the book of poems as obscene; thus opening the pathway for such literary, sexual expression to flourish and be widely distributed.

The Beat Generation is, arguably, the start of the sexual revolution still in progress to this day. Though, unfortunately, current manifestations of this sexual, social movement fail to capture the guttural, raw exhibition of sexual sensuality that oozed from the literature, live performances, attire, or lack of it, of this gone-by-era.


All being said and illustrated here is not directed at replicating this by-gone-era but rather to instigate a renaissance, a rebirth of creative, subjective materialism in the visual and literary art form; reflective of the sexual Human in humanity who is losing ground to advances in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Realities.

Welcome to the

the BOOM BOOM Room Cafe

Reality’s Oasis in an AI-VR World


Passing of Leonard Cohen



News today of the passing of  Leonard Cohen, a great and inspirational artist to many poets, song writers and, performers over the last several decades; a contributor to the Arts who will be greatly missed. A true Icon to creative persons around the globe.

In remembrance to his significant contribution:


I watched
I listened

A humble man

Creator of words

Magical expression

Inspiring thought

Stimulating senses

To survive his years
In poetry
In song
His Mission
To inspire
An icon
To poetry’s
Through words
Lives on

Leonard Cohen

1970 – Leonard Cohen

Reflections of a turbulent time long past
Emerges again for all to witness at last
The personal story of an artist then great
A talent time’s passage could not fade
His verse of song pronounced and deep
Speaking to the truth of love all of us seek
Leonard Cohen’s poetry somberly wise, reflective
Portraiture of life seen with unique perspective
Gained by the artistry of this unique insightful man
Immortalizing a presence we still struggle to understand


Glory’s Mask



Devilish Transactions

Image result for Devil's agreement Pact

Tomorrow’s walk toward yesterday dreams
To attain prospect of things desired, gleaned
Are filled with perils , more often, not seen;
Rendering personal cost beyond obscene.

This knowledge should give an advantage clue
To question how, through one’s life, to best pursue
Enrichment, by every nature, offered up for view;
To be cautious of its ultimate price and/or services, due.

Agreement Pacts, purportedly scribed, since days of old
Promising fame and riches for the sale of one’s soul
Are devilishly hidden or ignored by those so bold
As to venture into this misguided folly, though so told.

Much evidence lays as circumstantial waste:
The lives given to such transactions with unthinking haste;
Their derelict, dying bodies strewn, abounds this earthly place
Only to be ignored by newbies, believing, they’re a different case.


Birth’s Birthday


Are the roots of my behavior anchored in the thought of not knowing the ancestry to my beginning, lost to the passage of time, expunged forever from the frail, failing minds of those who preceded this presence?

That I should walk blindly into the unknown struggling to gain handle-hold of the truth that will propel me forward unimpeded; rendering concrete proof to this troubled passage steeped in the evidence of success?

That a modicum of recognition edges its way beyond the shadow of the spotlight’s beam diligently focused upon they who are deemed to warrant the energy?

Are these the asking of one selfishly deprived; looking, striving to be realized in the flesh of this time; a time that is ticking ever faster toward its end unresolved to the want emblemized by these words spoken?

Or am I just feeling the anc’s of the coming anniversary of my birth’s birthday?


Tears of Cotton



Tumbling under the tumbleweed,
Watching life from body recede,
Praying for forgiveness to bleed,
Knowing not what truth to believe.

Heaven holds promise to life given,
Forgetting awareness of promises driven,
That life is meant for those bent on liven,
What chance is there they are in fact riven?

Hell provides an excuse to excuse,
Those given to others to abuse,
Or ultimatum to refuse,
What amounts to a  pile of garbage refuse.

Darkness hides from glorious light,
Deceiving what is most given to fright,
To harness the strength to give flight,
Especially when darkness arrives in the night.

What ails in the heart is not to be forgotten,
In the end, it transcends what grows rotten,
That’s why tears are left to be sought then,
Absorbed in ‘kerchiefs, made of fine cotton.


News Headlines Oct 14, 2016

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The following are the Headlines of News for the Day as covered by DemocracyNow ( for this day October 14, 2016.

The negativity that emanates from this list of world events is reflective of the depressing state the globe today with little optimism for it to change any time soon!


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