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To a life borne




Here I am found behind locked door

To a life I swore to be no more

But, what has been gained, is lost

It is to moments of life, the cost

Hidden by the shadow of what was

For no reason, just because

Movement of time has given to dictate

What will be, not given, but to take

Forlorn is the cause de jour

Not to be exposed, but demurred

Reason for last chance to find remedy

To a life borne to hardship and calamity



tash can

Becoming lost to the magic of written words
Shrewdly made to amuse, others to disturb
Absorbed by their meaning, being consumed
Ignoring distractions, obstacles to attention, that loom

A transfixing story that weaves a scrutable tale
Transporting to nether worlds, excitement to prevail
A tome’s obsession taken to ignoring the fading light
Eyes strained, avoiding and having to make it right

Constructed passages that make emotions rise and fall
Words cleverly composed to melody, heard by all
This mystical and wondrous gift to story’s creation
Becomes testament to a writer’s life – affirmation.


The Chosen

My mind anchored in the soil of reality
Yearns for its uprooting from this domain
Broad and wide the search to the answer
Presence of its promise by witness to others
Given the wisdom to its seeing, a gift to behold
But not from words can it be told

Floundering on this plain of mortality
Desperate to enter the light of its knowledge
Yet left feeling dismayed, not being of the chosen few
Those who have `eyes’ to its seeing,
Ears to hear its call,
Wisdom to know its reading,
Before death to incarnation, takes its toll.

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