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Death Mask

the growing want, once and for all, to throw this sack of flesh covered bone into the eternal darkness of nothingness; having lost to trial of accomplishment, labelling this soul of presence to  energy expended as futile, and render this life expunged: with a final sardonic smile!






In case you missed John Oliver’s rant on LAST WEEK TONIGHT here is the video and follow his direction and lambaste the Phillip Morris International with our disapproval for what they are doing in the developing world


thoughts de jour



Let all-seeing blind providence lead me down the path where there is no road.

Beyond fates unknowing misgivings, let chance guide the way, unforgiving.

Hope borne from faith of belief renders consequence without consequence.

Challenge be the metaphor for insight not yet fathomed, though fully understood.

Credence established is vanity’s beguiling when wisdom’s influence diminishes.

After posting `thought’s de jour’ I realized these phrases, call them what you will, came to me rather spontaneously, with little true, conscious thought. This made me wonder if it might be an anagram of sorts, leading to a greater message. (Stop laughing here)

So taking the first word of each phrase, form a sentence and see if there is any meaning to be taken:

Let Beyond Hope, Challenge Credence

Beyond Hope, Let Credence Challenge

Let Credence Challenge Beyond Hope

Replacing Credence with its meaning:

Let credibility/belief Challenge Beyond Hope


Who knows, just a thought – dejour<?>

copyright 2015



adult content: MASTURBATION!


Delving spontaneously into the salacious, deviant world that is Internet porn; an arena founded for pursuit of singular or mutual gratification garnered by viewing unspeakable acts of debauchery, specifically scripted and performed by nameless people motivated toward personal financial gain with the promise to heighten the pluralistic, wanton sexual desires of a viewing audience seeking to orgasmically extinguish uncontrollable urges derived by expulsion of purposeful bodily fluids by means of self-inflicted punishment imposed upon gender defining organs; a private, personal act craftily, discernibly labelled:



Passing Locomotion


Hiking down a railway line,
Ass naked, exposed, feeling fine;
Noonday sun’s scorching summer heat,
Cock growing harder, to hand’s rhythm beat;
Ball sack swelling, begging to be drained,
Climax mounting, vibration-driven by rumble of a passing train.

Catching the voyeuring eye of the train’s engineer,
Lustfully responding with a wanton, sex-filled sneer;
Mouth gapping, drooling saliva wet, lubricating spit,
Pre-cum ooze streams from throbbing, cock-head slit;
Masturbating, cock wildly jerked toward needed, orgasmic explosion,
Knees buckle, hot man-juice shoots, thanks to a passing locomotion.


Naked Sun-bathing





Freely naked on the beach, under the Sun
Not for exhibitionistic purpose but just for lazing fun

Strangers ogling, perplexed as they pass
Question: is it brash nakedness or, the sexy curvy ass?

Either way, it is less concerning or, of little regard
At least until one’s penis decides to show hard

Then, it is a matter beyond taking a stand
Especially if it goes beyond a covered hand

In which case the matter can become absurd
As all around become increasingly disturbed

This being the case of lewd public display
It isn’t long before the law enters the fray

What began as innocent avoidance of daily drudge
Now transcends to stand accused before a judge

If there is a moral to this humorous literary pursuit
It is this: avoid naked sun-bathing; wear a swim-suit!



Postmortem Truths

Raging hard cock,
Gun in the other hand,
Debating which
Will take a greater stand.

Both promise climax
To a desired end;
Weighing relevant facts,
Without rules to defend.

Postmortem truths
Ultimately tell the tale,
To the outcome of proof;
Who won; which failed.


Joke: My neighbour Sam


Hi, mah num is George!


Itz mah neighbour Sam; zbeen driv’n round da block fur hours – driven me crazy! (no pun intended)

So, whenz I cudn’t standz er no-more; I goz out – stood in da middle ah damm  road – so he HAD to Stop!

Sammyz roll’n down ‘is window –  I ask’m: `Sammy; whad ya do’n. You’re driven me crazy – what,  with all dis driven your doin – What’s up with dat?

Sammy, strangely outta breath see-in az hez only bin driven for the past hour yells out:

`GEORGE, George, I’m glad ya stopped me coz I gotta tell ya – the gas – itz down; da gas itz down 20cents a litre.. Huge!

Scratchn my ‘ed – I ask’m: `So what, twenty-cents ?– but, so wyd bin driven round da block a hundred times already?’

Sammy yells out: `Coz my tank was too full n I ‘ad to make sum room fur dar cheaper gas!’

Stop’n n tink’n for a minute I ‘ad da ask ‘im: `Yah, so whatcha down tah?!’



bill o’reilly – hypocrite


bill oreilly


One gets very tired of these so called advocates of the Christian right to espouse their views when locked away in their own dirty closet is history of what they themselves deem as inappropriate, scandalous, perverted; especially when dealing with topics of sexuality and sexual behavior.  Case in point is non-other than Bill O’Reilly a self-aggrandized talking feature of FOX NEWS line-up.

Back several years and, faithfully forgotten, is O’Reilly’s own brush with sex scandal that almost destroyed his career however, to his benefit, people who watch his show and FOX CHANNEL in general, have very short attention spans and so to address that fact, here is a link to over 13000 results of a YOUTUBE search keywords: `bill o’reilly sex scandal’ . And, to hopefully further entertain you; here is a poem I wrote in response to that topic at the time when it was causing a media-storm:

Public Fame

When in the public’s fame
It all becomes a little insane
Coz you can’t tarnish your name
No matter how severe the shame

There is this fella named O’Reilly
Whose scandalous story can get one ril-e
Would have killed the career of most
But he, on camera, still smiling, as newscaster host

A little rehab or maybe a `tell all’ book
Either trick to get you off the hook
Ask O’Reilly – rehab is the route he did favor
All is repented, he’s found his savior

It seems if you’re famous and handsome or cute
In or, but preferably, out of a suit
The media is yours – so be the media-flirt
Then just relax and bask in the light of all the dirt

Celebs, they come to each others aid `live and on camera’
Heads bowed to Oprah, as though before the Deli Lama
To ask for public forgiveness and to make penance
Knowing you shouldn’t really give `two-cents’

The moral to this tale:

So do the crime, don’t be sublime;
Coz your STAR will continue to SHINE!



new book release: reflection – response

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book of poetry titled:

REFLECTION – RESPONSE  through the voice of poetry.

As an introduction, this collection of poems is premised on reflection of the many important and diverse issues facing the global human community today and, through the voice of poetry, express my personal response to a perceived affect these issues are having on human, societal evolution.  Interspersed amongst these poems are several reflecting a personal philosophy toward life, sexuality and the environment.

I hope you will take a few moments to visit my Self-publishing website by clicking on the image below to review the contents of this book and,  I would be further honored if you found it worthy of purchasing at a reasonable cost.  It is available as Soft-cover and Hard-cover issues.

Thank you in advance for your time in this regard.





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