thoughts de jour



Let all-seeing blind providence lead me down the path where there is no road.

Beyond fates unknowing misgivings, let chance guide the way, unforgiving.

Hope borne from faith of belief renders consequence without consequence.

Challenge be the metaphor for insight not yet fathomed, though fully understood.

Credence established is vanity’s beguiling when wisdom’s influence diminishes.

After posting `thought’s de jour’ I realized these phrases, call them what you will, came to me rather spontaneously, with little true, conscious thought. This made me wonder if it might be an anagram of sorts, leading to a greater message. (Stop laughing here)

So taking the first word of each phrase, form a sentence and see if there is any meaning to be taken:

Let Beyond Hope, Challenge Credence

Beyond Hope, Let Credence Challenge

Let Credence Challenge Beyond Hope

Replacing Credence with its meaning:

Let credibility/belief Challenge Beyond Hope


Who knows, just a thought – dejour<?>

copyright naykdpoet.com 2015


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