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BLOW BACK – A PBS 1987 broadcast states clearly why the there is a growing, dangerous situation in IRAN. It is essential to understand how an illegitimate, US intervention in the affairs of IRAN some 60 years ago, to STEAL the control of their resources, is the root-cause for potential conflict TODAY. The ongoing meddling by the US and its allies in the affairs of other sovereign nations has cost countless lives all for the GREED OF MONEY AND POWER


Nothing More


This time of global crisis I do deplore, anxious to what may be in store, the world peoples demand, implore, those who purport to lead, to restore, the peace and civility we most adore, for there are solutions yet to explore, as conflict of arms only leads to death and bloody gore, a condition humanity can no longer ignore, for our children’s’ children expect nothing less, nothing more!


Last Human Standing

Falling deeper into the abyss of our making
This life on Earth seems forsaken
Though remedy of solution viably in-hand
But ignored, for reasons becoming clearer to understand

Global power held by the unseen elite
Are determined to manifest humanity’s defeat
They will not rest until their destructive plan is complete
Instigated with common people fighting each other in the street

Economic collapse is their efficient tool to instigate
Knowing empty belles’ are much easier to infuriate
Whilst poised in their ivory towers left to masturbate
While goon-squad militarized police, the uprisings, mitigate

It would take a fool’s mind not to see what is happening
The civilized structure of the last hundred years is set for collapsing
Then by their design a New Order for civilization is ready for hatching
To render a commoner’s life to impoverishment by servitude, ever-lasting

These are not words to echo the cry of humanity’s impending defeat
It is a call to recognize what is about to come and its receipt
Demanding if it is to happen – common people take their stand on the street
Poised ready to fight until the last Human standing on their feet


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Prediction: Israel vs Iran

I am posting the following just for the record in the event what is stated manifests:

Feb. 6, 2012
Israel – Iran Prediction

The other day while surfing the Net I happened upon a short You Tube posted video that some Israeli produced as a ‘fictional’ account of a preemptive strike by Iron on one of the settlements. The video images were of a young Israeli couple who. just learning of an immanent missile presumably by Iran, their confusion in attempts to locate family.  Seconds into the video all chaos ensues as missiles appear to be hitting a settlement off in the distance.  The interesting aspect of this otherwise propaganda-ish video is the date stamp: ‘FEB. 23, 2013‘.

If an Israeli-Iran conflict happen I do not think it will wait until 2013 especially given repeated media reports  on the topic suggesting Israel wanting to strike sometime March or April, 2012.

It is my suggestion that the date for conflict to begin is: Feb. 23, 2012,

It is to be initiated by a missile attack from Iran.

Though the missiles will come from Iran they were launched by a rogue group possibly MOSAD, that infiltrated Iran’s southern border. The surprise attack will give Israel  legitimacy to retaliate.

There would be an investigation/determination but it will come well after the conflict had begun. Of course by then, it will be a moot point in much the same as no WMD’s in Iraq.

This is a real stretch but crazier things we all know happen…..


The Penny

Humanity’s struggle to survive has become all too clear
Especially for those who hold love of life dear
The struggle for some is far greater than for most
But for the majority of this earthly world – face it – we are all `toast’

Oligarchy and hegemony are words often used
To effectively communicate how the majority of humanity is being abused
So what is the solution to this condition if there is any?
Truth be know it can all be resolved by eliminating – the Penny

The Penny a symbol of that which pervades all
That being Money the cause of humanity’s fall
It fuels power to control and greed to gain
With total disregard to the infliction of suffering pain

Prophetic wisdom of civilizations, ages past
Speak to global apocalyptic crisis heading our way fast
Measures of worldly events recently seen to unfold
Holds evidence of some truth to this wisdom being told

Foundations of institution upon which modern society has been built
Are crumbling under the weight of ever increasing lies and deserving guilt
From those who selfishly feed from the trough replenished by the many
That soon once disaster finally strikes – for all there won’t be any

As in nature, cycles of replenishment is needed to rid of a deathly blight
For humanity, with its cleansing, a golden-age of shared prosperity might see the light
It may be its last opportunity to make life on this Earth finally right
But should this need correction not manifest; life for all will seem an endless night.


Queen Elizabeth: 60 years on the Throne


Global Conflagration

Americans get closer to building weapon of the future’

Who is left to reign in this ruthless Power
Whose ambitions unrelenting is to tower
Leaving peoples of other nations to cower
Their war-fed ambitions this Earth they’ll scour

A Super-Power that brandishes a mask of love and peace
Beneath which lies its true face of contemptuous deceit
While pledging a false-flagged allegiance to democracy
It raises the RED WHITE and BLUE to global hegemony

Unquestioned, eliciting the co-operation of equally devious allies
Their ambition fed by promise to a piece of the  ‘wealth’ pie
By Security Council manipulation to their charted course
Collectively sanctioned to take what they desire – be it by force

Who is left to reign in this ruthless Power
Lest we see the construct of yet another Babylon Tower
This land of Earth with faces and speech of many nations
Must be saved from their impending global conflagration



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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
This ode of word to the King
Of the comedy hour
His craft of speak
Is yielding much power
Nightly he espouses
A pundit’s cynical political view
To most who watch
It sounds as something new
The double entendre of his nightly spiel
Is taken by some who think it real
He manifests reasons for thought
A most clever and insightful plot
His wisdom portrayed by his crafty craft
Even all the while making his audience laugh
How great is Stephen’s desire to have you know
That his is not just another COMEDY SHOW

But before the close there’s need for just one more claim:

To all who are aware, Stephen Colbert – is more then just a name!

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