Prediction: Israel vs Iran

I am posting the following just for the record in the event what is stated manifests:

Feb. 6, 2012
Israel – Iran Prediction

The other day while surfing the Net I happened upon a short You Tube posted video that some Israeli produced as a ‘fictional’ account of a preemptive strike by Iron on one of the settlements. The video images were of a young Israeli couple who. just learning of an immanent missile presumably by Iran, their confusion in attempts to locate family.  Seconds into the video all chaos ensues as missiles appear to be hitting a settlement off in the distance.  The interesting aspect of this otherwise propaganda-ish video is the date stamp: ‘FEB. 23, 2013‘.

If an Israeli-Iran conflict happen I do not think it will wait until 2013 especially given repeated media reports  on the topic suggesting Israel wanting to strike sometime March or April, 2012.

It is my suggestion that the date for conflict to begin is: Feb. 23, 2012,

It is to be initiated by a missile attack from Iran.

Though the missiles will come from Iran they were launched by a rogue group possibly MOSAD, that infiltrated Iran’s southern border. The surprise attack will give Israel  legitimacy to retaliate.

There would be an investigation/determination but it will come well after the conflict had begun. Of course by then, it will be a moot point in much the same as no WMD’s in Iraq.

This is a real stretch but crazier things we all know happen…..

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