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Voyeuristic Fulfillment


Porn magazine display spills painted undressed flesh enhanced to virtue by pushing latent sexual wanton voyeuristic expression subconsciously infusing unattainable immediate demand for physical exploitation upon the distracted unassuming  encounter of like-vision frustration imposing inexplicable desire for un-reciprocated caress by spontaneous orgasmic fulfillment.




Sex-search classifieds of men, boys seeking love
Love not purely of the emotional kind
Their word’s read of innocence and naivety
To brutal harshness of a calcified heart
That masks singular loneliness imposed by orientation
Driving their pursuance to anonymous exploitation
Motivated by need of purging sexual frustration
Fueling willingness for graphic display of wares to want
Ensuring debasement of integrity and mutual respect
Disregarding expense to potential future relationship promise




I am pleased to announce the pre-release of my latest book of poetry titled:

REFLECTION – RESPONSE  through the voice of poetry.

As an introduction, this collection of poems is premised on reflection of the many important and diverse issues facing the global human community today and, through the voice of poetry, express my personal response to a perceived affect these issues are having on human, societal evolution.  Interspersed amongst these poems are several reflecting a personal philosophy toward life, sexuality and the environment.

I hope you would take a few moments to visit my Self-publishing website to review the contents of this book and I would be further honored if you found it worthy of comment.  It will soon be available in a variety of print format including, as an e-book for I-pad and tablet.

Thank you in advance for your time in this regard.





Cannibalized Economy – Destined for Failure


To understand the current state of the western, capitalist based, economy the following, simple analogy is given:

There existed a large tribe village of cannibal peoples lead by a powerful leader. Lets call them Tribe A.This particular village, circumvented by other, similar tribe villages but they were not quite as prosperous and looked to emulate Tribe A for they too wished to be as successful.

After several years of prosperity matters began to deteriorate for Tribe A yet, to the other tribes, all seemed well and great praise and gifts continued to be bestowed upon A’s leader and its Peoples.

Then seemingly out of no-where, upon visiting Tribe A, all was found in ruin leaving the other tribes curious to know what went wrong and proceeded to investigate.

It was learned for several years under good leadership, the citizens of Tribe A shared and prospered. Their leader and those close to him, as it happened were being the first to feast from the growing prosperity.

As time wore on, the leader and his group, became increasingly  demanding, taking more and leaving less for the common tribes people. All the while maintaining a good front for the other tribes.

With time, matters began to severely deteriorate for Tribe A. Its leader made a fatal mistake. The tribes people having less to feed on became increasingly malnourished and he and his affluent group chose to eat only the best of the flock; namely, young females.

Over the course of only a few years this practice resulted in fewer babies being born to replenish the population due to the depletion of child-bearing women. Soon the tipping point was reached and the population numbers fell dramatically.

Ultimately those that could, fled the village leaving only the old and desperate who eventually died of starvation.

A similar event is purported to have been the cause of the decline fall of population in the Canary Islands.

In conclusion, the same systematic erosion in the strength and well-being of the working, middle-class, the consuming engine,  through significant decline of wages and benefits, coupled with increases in the cost of living to only benefit shareholders of corporations, ultimately, will lead to the same fate as Tribe A.

Unless significant portion of any organized population fairly and equitably, share in economic growth and prosperity, it too will be ‘cannibalized’ out of existence.

Those who willfully and blindly continue to invest too, will suffer the consequence of their greed when the bottom falls out of the stock market due to the failure of corporations.

No one would heed or listen to the call
No one paid attention to the decline, to the fall
No one left to remember, to recall
No one left, not one, none at all


Morality’s Grasp


He looked into my eyes, through to my want of soul
He knew I desired him but at what cost, what toll?
His beauty of youth so obvious, not to be denied
But morality’s grasp did, our chance to love, belie

Age, the discriminator to each living life
Through its passage, experienced, is much emotional strife
It need not be this way, it makes no common sense
For often and, most certain, it’s to our own expense

We struggle to retain our vibrancy of youth
But each reflective glance, garners the harsher of truth
As each year moves closer toward an unavoidable, death end
It leaves the want to be old and living , harder to defend

Beauty, it’s said, is bestowed to the eye of the beholder
But not if such beauty is found of one young by one older
Attraction should not be defined by the measure of time’s passage
But by the degree loving hearts become emotionally ravaged

To look into the wanting eyes of one’s youthful admirer
Full of innocence and want to fulfill a yearning desire
Ignorant to the morality of adult guilt self impose
Blind to the consequence that yields such advances forever closed.




Churned through the meat-grinder of invisible thought;
Frayed nerves, anxiety being the gristle fraught;
Time passage without mercy to mend brought;
End to the shredding of suffering sought;
Resolution denied quelling the onslaught;
Heedless to the outcry, remedy got


Leaving You


What can I say that’s not been said before?
I know I need to be strong to walk out that door,
You may think it’s my way to even the score,
But truth: it’s because I can’t love you more.

When we first met, I sensed you were the One,
We laughed, we cried, we seemed to have fun,
But now, now that the hurting is done,
The time for me to leave has sadly come.

Your beauty, to my memory, is forever etched.
What we once had together, I’ll never forget
But, no longer can the pain, my heart be the subject,
Still, leaving you I know, I’ll always feel regret.



I could live on coffee, and frankly, nothing else
Maybe that’s why I’ve maintained slimness, looking kinda ‘shh-felt’
God knows, I’m not one in need of pant-holding belt,
But frankly too, three daily trips to the loo, is a hard card to be dealt.

I’d gladly relinquish this caffine driven obsession,
But truth be known, this being my public confession:
The drink soothes my axniety and alliviates the depression
Enjoy a bit of creme but avoid the sugar confection

House-brew, no Starbucks or Timmy’s here,
It’s not their coffee, but an unconscious fear:
Caffine-starved, queing clients project a hateful leer
While anxiously waiting thier fix, you know, you best stand clear.


An Expressive Response

I have been more then expressive, speaking from the heart,
All but a few mental words is needed to give a start,
To convey meaning to a message, an emotional spark,
To its reader; my intent being, more than just a lark.

Accolade or attention is not the purpose of desire,
Simply, it’s the  earnest intent by words, to inspire,
To garner an expressive response that does fuel my fire,
To give meaning to all I do, rather then from it, retire.



This Time Too?

I should be happy, elated that my life has chance to change
But, an uneasy gnawing in my stomach strangely remains.
Steps taken now are out of my hands to contain,
Will the outcome desired, simply go up in flames?

Like a tree bud blossoming to a new leaf,
My life passage too embarks upon a new street.
The desire for its journey to birth anxiety relief,
Though in this moment passage, uncertainty is all I see.

Cruel, by some measure, emotional suffering is mine to endure.
Time and time again, change has been ventured to offer a cure
But, what’s been desired, seems never to mature.
Possibly, this time too, it’s not for sure.

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