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I am pleased to announce the pre-release of my latest book of poetry titled:

REFLECTION – RESPONSE  through the voice of poetry.

As an introduction, this collection of poems is premised on reflection of the many important and diverse issues facing the global human community today and, through the voice of poetry, express my personal response to a perceived affect these issues are having on human, societal evolution.  Interspersed amongst these poems are several reflecting a personal philosophy toward life, sexuality and the environment.

I hope you would take a few moments to visit my Self-publishing website to review the contents of this book and I would be further honored if you found it worthy of comment.  It will soon be available in a variety of print format including, as an e-book for I-pad and tablet.

Thank you in advance for your time in this regard.





Voyage to Fate

A dedication to those who died alone on the
fateful Costa Concordia pleasure cruise 01-13-2012

ImageUpon entering Cabin 612, an eight by ten room
Little did I know, it would lead to my doom
That water would seep from every crack
Then the thought arrives: ‘Will I ever be going back?’
Alone I wait for help to arrive
But none will come, I’ll struggle to survive
As the last of lights finally flicker out
I’ll be over come with fear and try to shout
But no one will hear, for they have all gone
I nervously start to hum my favorite song
The water will rise leaving just a pocket of air
How much more of this will I be able to bare
With a sudden surge, water filling the room
I now know, it has become my tomb

Times like these suggest life is guided by fate
There seems little room for counter debate
Innocent, guided by optimism and pleasure
Life itself offering up so much to treasure
Then, unbeknownst, unannounced
From out of nowhere, death does trounce
In less than an instant, all is lost
For no matter of reason, no matter of cost
Times like these you know life is guided by fate
There seems no room, for counter debate.



How far is TOO far?

The referenced Article is related to the  installation of audio as well as video surveillance devices installed on urban transit under the disguise of keeping ‘passengers and drivers safe’; is this not just going a bit too far?

This level of infiltration exceeds the bounds necessary to support the `threat of terrorism’ ploy presently, increasingly impinging on public liberties now in 2012; what will our freedoms be twenty years from now?

Though I am writing this from Canada and the article pertains to US cities, it is not beyond possible  our ultra-conservative government, that ‘bends-over’ at the call of its American counter-part; it is not long before the same situation is being sold to gullible Canadians some time in the near future. Fortunately I will either be dead or dementia-ed by then but pity those poor souls just and yet born.


Happy New Year?

The prophecy burdened year of 2012 is drawing to a close
Pr-ordained as witness to the end of all humanity
A subject much portrayed through poetry and prose
A creative vehicle for curious minds to sustain a fragile sanity

I, like so many others around the globe since the start of this 21st Century millennium, have been an ardent student of the self-professed Sayers and researchers delving into the historical archaeological and astronomical record of fact, fiction or pure speculation.  The outpouring of information that at best is contradictory, conflicting if not confusing has been fodder for much of my work over the last decade or more.

From all that I have gleaned from this pervasive exercise one item seems more evident than all the rest that some may look at as ironic: the central theme to the 2012 debate is ending of the Mayan Calendar on the date of Winter Solstice; the key word being `ending’ and of course what that will translate to for many.

An equally ardent curiosity of mine is global events be they political, religious, cultural, etc; and, what I have observed increasingly reported has to do with the `ending’ or systematic demise of many institutionalize characteristics found within our society. Arguably if these events or circumstances were to occur at any other time they may not have any significance but, that they are occurring at this time does leave one suspicious.

So what specifically am I eluding to?

Stated simply: ‘The demise of Established Institution(s)!

The advent to the latest global financial collapse, arguably commencing late 2007, that continues to afflict several nations to-date and getting worse; there are several other institutionalized establishments that are or, have been, afflicted with an internal conflict that serves to undermines their foundational  stability.

Though much effort  to resolve these troubling issues; many have been unsuccessful in taking corrective measures.

The following highlights the mores significant of the many that could be discussed:

The 2012 Presidential GOP Candidacy Race: The Republican Presidential nomination process was an absolute joke. The process over several months exhibited a field of potential candidates that left everyone cringing at the prospect that anyone of them would become President of the United States;

The 2012 Presidential Electoral Race: Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is to run against President Obama. This situation serves only amplifying the breakdown in the electoral process. Neither candidate is presenting a platform substantively different from the other. This is clear by the latest polls that has both candidates neck-to-neck. The only saving grace to this dire situation is the Electoral College that will choose a winner by virtue of Swing-State weighting one over the other. Hence in effect a President of the (current) most powerful country in the world chosen by default;

Canadian Parliamentary System: On the Federal level, the current majority government is running rough-shod by imposing mass-legislative initiatives utilizing parliamentary process that would make the harshest dictator smile with glee.  The check and balances to such unruliness falls to the Opposition parties however, as they are in minority position even as a coalition, they are impotent to retard the passing of Omnibus budget bills rife with legislation privy to only they who drafted it;

Canadian Provincial Politics:Ontario is of the largest of the ten provinces and three territories that comprise Canada. In the past week the Liberal Premier of the province just decided to `throw in the towel’ after some nine years governing.  Utilizing a mechanism referred to as Proroguing government, the legislature is effectively shut-down. In effect, largest province in the nation is left with no governing body for what could be an indefinite period while it awaits the Liberal party to nominate and elect a new leader;

   – Canadian Municipal Politics: Several Mayors to major Canadian municipalities have been or are in the process of being dismissed from Office on charges of  corruption, conflict of interest and similar offenses.

The National Hockey League: Labeled Billionaire arguing with Millionaires over how to split a 3.3billion dollar revenue pie has literally shut down the game. Though negotiations are still ongoing, all indications suggest the loss of the full season. The greatest implication to the potential, long-term lock-out is for the hundreds of jobs and small business directly affected by the loss of the hockey season;

The American National and College Football Leagues: Though the strike of referees to the NFL  is now resolved, the strike had a major effect on the field and almost brought down the game forcing the league owners into a forced negotiation with the referee’s association;

Global Child-Sex Abuse: Scandals centered around the Pennsylvania State University college football franchise that rocked the US-nation and rippled around the world.  PSU long-held in awe by football fans throughout the United States and beyond are devastated by the multi-year sentence given Assistant Coach Sandusky as well, the stripping of all awards and acknowledgments affecting not just the University by massive punitive fines but too, its star team players dating back decades;

– National Boy Scouts: In both Canada and the United States the breaking news of child-sex abuse dating back decades. The crime of the organization failing to respond/react to reports by member scouts of having been abused;

  – Fall of Lance Armstrong: Seven time Tour de France champion and founder of the Live Strong Foundation stripped of all titles including the Sydney Olympics medal. This literally puts the ‘cap on the bottle’ to the demise of ethics and trust worthiness of societal institution.

Do these conditions serve as harbinger to greater things to come; the collapse of global civilized society mitigated by the growing unrest over severe austerity imposed on bankrupt member nations of European Union; the raging political-fire spreading throughout the Middle-East?

Who knows but, one thing is absolutely certain: on the eve of December 31, 2012 the world’s People will either breathe in relief that the year has quietly ended without Armageddon or cringe to the prospect that there is yet more to come in 2013.

Good luck and may you not be so afflicted!


Faith Choice

To the conception of Soul to Life
The seed to presence is planted
Life is given to nourish the Seed
Nourishment derived by the course journey
Fertilizer source to both Evil and Love
A Choice given to the Life Soul to feed
To what faith in Choice is your journey nourished?


naykd poet tweets


The attached file is a pdf of tweets posted over a period of several months. They make for easy and ideally, entertaining reading.




remembrance 2012



We hail courageous heroes of war; but for whom is the true enemy at bastion door; for each nation’s fallen soldier is a heart made sore; and to whom do the real gains amass, while the bereaved tally the deathly score?


To be of common purpose in mind; is not to be to true reasons blind; for the failings within humankind; for the atrocities inflicted upon its own kind; appeased by pageant and ceremony to remind; but in truth’s end, to repetition, it is endlessly inclined.


Spilling mental guts upon the literary floor; thousands pass but simply ignore, for their lack of interest to what may touch their shore; yet find the time to whisper ridicule and messenger to deplore; yielding incessant ignorance to reason, to endure.


New Beginnings?

`food for thought’

The only way to start this article is with a question:

Are we seeing a decline that may suggest a trend influenced by the long anticipated mythological, prophesied, events of  Winter Solstice, 2012?

It would be understandable that many by the inference to super-hyped, life-ending, earth-shattering events prophesied  to occur on December 21st, 2012  by the reputed end of the Mayan Calendar, would abruptly stop reading. However; this article is based on factual observation of global events occurring over the course of 2012 that suggest a potential, yet strange, trend. A trend that raises the curiosity the question poses.

Over the course of the last decade the volume and frequency of information connected with various Mayan and Hopi prophecy claiming the ‘end-times’ are upon us, climaxing December 21st, 2012, realizing the spectrum of disastrous manifestations, has assuredly, served to raise global consciousness on this one issue, likely more than any other.

This stated, as of the date for this article, there remains forty-seven (47) days to the Winter Solstice and fifty-seven (57) days to the end of 2012. To-date the following significant events have occurred or are in the process of unfolding, that suggest the trend alluded to (in no particular order):

1.The dethroning  of Lance Armstrong as the seven time champion of the Tour de France and other honors stripped for doping and, the implications derived as result;
2.The stalled National Hockey League (NHL) labor dispute likely to result in the loss of the entire 2012-13 season and its dire financial implications;
3. The significant loss of life, devastation and financial hardship brought by Hurricane Sandy resulting in the closing of New York City and several adjoining States and Boroughs along the eastern-seaboard;
4. The 2012 presidential election finds a polarized nation equally split: incumbent President, Democrat, Barack Obama at 48% versus Republican, Mitt Romney at 47% leaving it to a handful of States to end the deadlock and the potential aftermath, depending on who finally wins;
5. Financial global crisis and social unrest most evident in European nations however; there exists a strong potential a major global recession if not depression could be exacerbated to reality should the US presidential election fail to produce a clear winner;
6. Global weather pattern changes continue to impose massive earth and climate changes with drastic and significant social and financial effect on institutional sectors of agriculture and food production, wild-life habitat and migration, extreme rainfall leading to significant flooding and land erosion countered by extreme drought conditions elsewhere;
7. Generalized social unrest to varying degree, in almost every nation of the planet due to social, financial and economic hardship promulgated by the financial collapse experience commencing 2007 and fanned in part, by some of the events listed above; and there are more.

These few events highlight the nature of their ‘global’ impact and broadly accepted representation as ‘institutional’ component to the fabric of modern-day society however; closer examination and observation on the part of the reader to world events is likely to give several more events having occurred or, in the process of occurring, that lend them to the purported trend speculated here, by this article.

To close: as with all matters related to future events; they can only be deemed pure speculation; predicated on related and factual historical events. However, it is only with the passage of ‘real-time’ that such speculation and anxiety derived from it will come to its end. As to Mayan and Hopi prophecy and the `end-time’ they purport: here too, they are based purely on the  speculation of well publicized, self-proclaimed  authority(ies) on the topic.

In the end, all that is left to be said is: good luck and good fortune; may the future have nothing but good tidings for All as the clock strikes 12:01, January 01,2013 and beyond.



UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POSTING: With the coming November 8th election, every voting American  should watch this series of news reports produced by THE REAL NEWS NETWORK; an independent Internet News Network that tells it like it is and can boast ZERO conflict of corporate interests gaining its financial support solely from its viewers/registered members:

REAL NEWS REPORT: Easy Way To Steal an Election

In recognition of elections in the United States and elsewhere on this troubled Globe, I offer up the following:

Platform in hand claiming new convention
Political pundits’ cry for attention

The electorate looks the other way
Saying `why bother’ in the end, we still pay

Each Party claims: `light at the end of the tunnel
Yet the money gets siphoned as quick as water down a funnel

With words like: Promise, Trust and, Honesty, increasingly typical
The populace has reason to grow more tired and  cynical

This vile condition breeds chronic mistrust and skepticism
And a country void of a future and dwindling optimism.

Change To Timeless Promises

Change, to timeless promises, sinks
Into the depths of mental madness;
Driven there by the energies
Expended upon reflection;
Bringing tangled weaves of
Truth to hypocrisies seen;
Weaned on the milked teat
Of societal dream’s rhetoric;
To escape to this tragedy’s
Path dis-remembered;
Each, revisited, forth year’s
First Monday’s November.


New Epoch’s Beginning?

Author’s Note: All the News about a `frankinstorm’ about to hit the region where I live has infused a sense of foreboding to stimulate the following poem. Strange how the few words of the first line to the poem could generate such an eerie picture but, I guess, that’s what writing is all about! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


A deathly stillness did befall the night
Even nocturnal creatures lay out of sight
What evil doing doth bring on such fright
Will all be alive to see the new morning light?

As the darkened hours ascended toward dawn
Silence did greet, void of sounds of a morning’s song
Til a rumbling stirred, falling color leaves to the lawn
A stirring to awaken all to wonder: what is going on?

The ground shook, with a fury and a roar
A foreboding darkened sky hinted to what was in store
The wind howled, shaking even the most secure door
Was this the coming of the elder’s whispered lore?

Shaken to the root, all this sudden commotion,  did cause
Giving even the sanest of people, reason to pause
Knowing that this happening did defy all physical laws
Or is it more a telling, of humanity denying its flaws?

Endless seemed the uprooting of all that was earthly built
Thousands to their knees pleading forgiveness of all guilt
With no one to heed, all came to be beneath the settling silt
A new epoch’s beginning, brought on by the Earth’s sudden tilt.

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