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France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Governmen

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Or a coup for Germany?

I came upon the following article that struck a funny chord.

The article to paraphrase, suggests: recognizing the difficulty arising from the Greek crisis, would it not be better if there was essentially one-Europe: parliament, currency, budget, taxes, etc.. This would be at the cost of the sovereignty of the 19 member (current) country’s.  And given that Germany reigns supreme in the current Eurozone of EU membership, would it, Germany, manage to conclude the struggle seemingly inherent to the past. 

Overall I find it odd that France to be the spoke’s country for this potential unfolding of events. 

There is no doubt the Greek crisis as it continues to unfold, reflecting an increase in civil unrest and disobedience; Euro countries will feel the need, in order to regain stability; expedite the suggested process of a Euro-Zone Government with, potentially, Chancellor Merkel as ????.

UPDATE: It would seem the reasoning proposed here is shared in a Huffington Post article by Nathan Gardels, THEWORLDPOST
“This week the geopolitical balance changed decisively. As Margaret Thatcher long ago, a German Europe, not a Europeanized Germany, would one day be the dominant reality on the continent. The tough terms of the latest Greek bailout and the relegation of France to a junior partner in those negotiations confirm her prescience.”

” France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Government

France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Government · by Angeline Benoit

French President Francois Hollande said that the 19 countries using the euro need their own government complete with a budget and parliament to cooperate better and overcome the Greek crisis.

“Circumstances are leading us to accelerate,” Hollande said in an opinion piece published by the Journal du Dimanche on Sunday. “What threatens us is not too much Europe, but a lack of it.”

While the euro zone has a common currency, fiscal and economic policies remain mostly in the hands of each member state. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi made a plea this week for deeper cooperation between the euro members after political squabbles over Greece almost led to a rupture in the single currency.

Countries in favor of more integration should move ahead, forming an “avant-garde,” Hollande said.

“Europe has let its institutions weaken and the 28 European Union member countries are struggling to agree to move ahead,” Hollande said on Sunday in a text which was also a homage to his mentor Jacques Delors, a former European Commission President who proposed similar ideas.

Draghi called for the creation of a shared treasury within 10 years in a joint proposal with politicians including European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem last month.

It would seem the reasoning proposed here is shared in a Huffington Post article by Nathan Gardels, THEWORLDPOST
“This week the geopolitical balance changed decisively. As Margaret Thatcher long ago, a German Europe, not a Europeanized Germany, would one day be the dominant reality on the continent. The tough terms of the latest Greek bailout and the relegation of France to a junior partner in those negotiations confirm her prescience.”

Who Gives A `Fuck’ Anymore?

As with genres as `docu-fiction’ or `monkumentary’, the following is authored in the same vein:

Who Gives A `Fuck’ Anymore?

A space meandering, life-giving, ball of configured atomic-elements, mysteriously infused with conscious-energy, though equally shared among its inhabitants; its degrees of intellectualized representation is definably and, disturbingly evident. This current epoch’s recorded history serving as source-proof to this expression.

The world seems targeted toward a destiny that belies even the bravest of us to stand against; the prodigious, globalist tyranny that blazons this 21st century existence. The fomentation of those whom came before us in the belief; the foresight to the future of human-kind was theirs to behold. But, times committed passage finds the antithesis; contemporary humanity, succumbing to a malaise surpassing the vilest, cruellest, deadliest of viral bacterium: Greed!

Throughout earthly organism that is humanity; greed for ownership, translated to power of position, spreads like a metastasized cancer. Inflicting its sufferance upon the majority; whom have been strategically, economically, brutalized into a permanent, state of subjugation and submission. A pervasive state; maliciously designed to lobotomize intellectual conjuring or real manifestation, in any form, of countering-forces. The ingenious tools to do so include mindless, distracting entertainment genres, legislated civil obedience replete with brutal, armed-enforcement and penalty-mechanisms and, the anchoring shackles of relentless, financial indebtedness.

Dire though this time depicts, it need not be reason to lament the future for human-kind. Intrinsic to the nature of all living entities is the facet: survival. The intuitive mental and physical strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles; like the Phoenix, to rise from the ashes, triumphant and determinately driven to reaffirm it presence.

The question remains for humanity: can it do so without repeating the ills of its historic past or, ask itself: `Who gives a ‘Fuck’ any more?’?


New Epoch’s Beginning?

Author’s Note: All the News about a `frankinstorm’ about to hit the region where I live has infused a sense of foreboding to stimulate the following poem. Strange how the few words of the first line to the poem could generate such an eerie picture but, I guess, that’s what writing is all about! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


A deathly stillness did befall the night
Even nocturnal creatures lay out of sight
What evil doing doth bring on such fright
Will all be alive to see the new morning light?

As the darkened hours ascended toward dawn
Silence did greet, void of sounds of a morning’s song
Til a rumbling stirred, falling color leaves to the lawn
A stirring to awaken all to wonder: what is going on?

The ground shook, with a fury and a roar
A foreboding darkened sky hinted to what was in store
The wind howled, shaking even the most secure door
Was this the coming of the elder’s whispered lore?

Shaken to the root, all this sudden commotion,  did cause
Giving even the sanest of people, reason to pause
Knowing that this happening did defy all physical laws
Or is it more a telling, of humanity denying its flaws?

Endless seemed the uprooting of all that was earthly built
Thousands to their knees pleading forgiveness of all guilt
With no one to heed, all came to be beneath the settling silt
A new epoch’s beginning, brought on by the Earth’s sudden tilt.


Revisiting A Past – The Boys In The Band

Last night being the end of the second day of new year 2012, it was ironic that when one is normally anticipating or at least, speculating on events potentially to occur on the days and months of the coming year, I found myself experiencing a flash from the past namely, watching a movie titled: The Boys In The Band.

Briefly stated, the story situated in 1970‘s contemporary New York City is centered upon a small band of homosexual males coming together as friends, to celebrate the 30th birthday of Harold characterized as an aging, ugly, Jewish homosexual. The broad-spectrum, stereo-typical characterization of the male homosexual was clearly and well represented not to mention the Gay milieu of the day, given that it was the start of the socio-sexual revolution that began in the late 1960’s and for all intents and purposes, continues to the present day.

The brash and dramatic portrayal of this relatively unknown slice of contemporary American society by its strident poignancy garnered much controversy with the movie’s release. I personally recall as a closeted gay man at the time, that though the sexual revolution well in the process of erupting; the topic of homosexuality was definitely still taboo and faced much criticism in the public forum

It was interesting to experience the movie again, now in 2012. The retrospective conjured not only recollection of my auditioning for the McGill University’s 1971 presentation of the play but too, many emotional and intellectual reflections given how far the sexual and specifically; the gay social movement has evolved. Here too it would seem quite ironically, it’s not been without some negative consequences for the LGBT community.

Approximately one decade later, the start of the 1980‘s, the first cases of A.I.D.’s began to be diagnosed and homosexual men clearly identified as principle carrier of the H.I.V. virus. Of course it is widely know today that the advent of this now substantively understood and managed, though still potentially fatal disease, profoundly eroded much of the progress in garnering political and broader public acceptance of what is now the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi,Transgender/ Transexual) community .

Beyond reliving the many memories of my own personal coming-out and all that I experienced as a young gay man during this tumultuous, ground-breaking and socio-politically changing era, my thoughts turned to the current generation of young LGBT men and women. I question how aware they are of the trials, hardships, struggles and, public persecution so effectively dramatized by the characterization of homosexual men that are the cast of The Boys In The Band. Too, what is their perception regarding the hefty personal price paid by many of their fore-generation of LGBT men and women in the fight to attain the legally-bound freedoms they so readily enjoy today. Though it is recognized that many LGBT individuals still endure some degree of sexual discrimination and hardship, it can be said of the LGBT community that they have the general acceptance and support of the broader, general public today.

In closing, I highly recommend seeking out and watching The Boys In The Band to all whether LBGT or not if for no other reason; it’s definitely entertaining and provides quite an insightful reflection of how progressive society (at least in some respects) has been in the last forty-years.

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