Daily confrontation to the purposeful, confusing rhetoric and political double-speak presents the opportunity to be expressive though words in poetry,  to expunge the intellectual and emotional frustration and, dismay that boils within; as would a safety-valve, ease away the pressures to afford the opportunity to `hope’ for reasonable remedy before ALL fails to ruin:


Apathy of Dispair

I occupy this vacuum by my choosing
Some find it perplexing, others amusing
It’s not my attempt to be confusing
But just trying to avoid social deluding

I came to realize not so long ago
That much of this world is designed for just show
Not for one’s intellect to flourish and grow
But to avoid the learning, the want to know

The masses are inundated, left to compromise
The information energy given them, to rationalize
What is important to perpetuate their meager lives
Lacking necessary tools to discern contrived lies

This failing has grown on a global scale
Political pundits framing what all politicians hail
Void of substance that matters – the detail
Rendering un-sanctioned wars and economies to fail

This apathy of despair grows with no solution-cure in sight
Only the minority find reason of strength to fight
But it is the majority who will suffer the deathly plight
So what miracle of humanity will surmount to make things right?



Free To Hate?

The ubiquitous words that socially permeate
Are derived from a wayward voice of hate
Directed to the general public with intent to instigate
So those of like mind will congregate

The message presented is beyond banality
Focusing on the matter of homosexuality
That broaches the defined line of criminality
When hatefully demonizing another’s sexuality

The high-courts are charged to ultimately litigate
Whether another can chose publicly to castigate
With divisive and hateful words to intimidate
For many, a verdict that will assuredly resonate

The true matter is not limiting expression of a point of view
It’s the question of how it is conveyed to me and you
It is why books are written and are suppose to do
So others freely decide to read it or just ignore it too

Words composed of hate if allowed to publicly infiltrate
Will only serve to cause pain and segregate
That is why it is important to quickly mitigate
Before such destructive words eventually dominate.


Pound for Pound

Whirling, swirling busy lives all around
Pointless to the reason yet to be found
Gizmos and gadgets created to astound
Weak attempts for life to be more profound
Distortions and distractions meant to confound
Leaving only debt to indebtedness to compound
To leave one feeling its worth – pound for pound
As happiness eludes any form of middle-ground



A Soldier’s Patriotic Stand

I was just a young man, nieve by any measure
To the military, I was an absolute treasure
No defined morals, ethics or things to get in the way
Giving them the opportunity to make me think, do, what ever they say

Shipped off to boot camp with similar guys like me, their peer
Once there, the first two weeks, the drill sergeant was the one most feared
Drills and exercise became the main course of the day
Shooting bullets, bayonets stabbing were made to be just play

Three months in I could see I was becoming another man
Like molding clay, I was putty in their hands
After weeks of simulated war games and psychological drills
I knew not only if I had to, but also, I was ready to kill

Then the day came when it was no longer just play
Destined for the battlefront a sudden explosion marred our way
Chaos issued, bullets and mortar shells exploding all around
When the dust finally settled, it was then I grew sick by what I found

A gut-wrenching scene of dead and bullet riddled bodies, strewn all over the place
They were mostly school-aged children, what we did was a human disgrace
The explosion, a school bus engine backfiring, was the spark to trigger
This band of young soldiers armed, primed for any fight, to make us feel bigger

Since that fateful, life-changing experience, I can never forget
This man, the military made me, is my life’s greatest regret
For now the moral burden of innocent blood spilt by my hand
I can no longer believe in this country’s patriotic stand.

Asking How

Minds dance to fantasy music, to whitewash the dread
To escape this reality where hatred is being bred
The laughter of children at play, long lost to deft ear
Happiness suspended, increasingly consumed by fear

Pervasive darkness strives to make cold the heart
Driving wedges of mistrust, tearing peoples apart
Leaving a longing that comes from the heat of sun’s light
To once again be consumed by all things loving, things right

Generations of humanity yet to arrive
Will look upon this history’s time and tearfully cry
Asking: how it was we allowed it to come, to be?
Asking: how it was we could not, did not, see?



Differing Minds

Tormented by differing opinions held by differing minds
Each choosing to believe a view that conflicts at times
Ego is brought to play for want to be right
Willingness to endure until a blood spilt fight

Incessant seems the struggle to unify sense of reason
To unify points of view being tantamount to treason
Agendas played for self=interest or not
Turmoil of the people’s planet is what’s got

Potentially sealing the future fate of man
When debate of opinions get out of hand
Leading to question: what force need be ordained
In order for humanity to view life altering matters, the same?




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