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Finally Know

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[Sequel to [NEED TO KNOW?]

MUSIC– ethereal vibration frequency flow;

Took this moment to – finally know;

All the searching for WHAT to – finally know,

Dissolving to dance of MUSIC to – finally know:

SOUL’s search, the BODY to – finally know!



The current phenom to the Art world seems to be a Computer enabled with applicable software capable of manipulating ones and zeros into an as yet to be imagined – imagery. An art-form unique in its presence as to demand not only critical attention, but currency exchange in the form of fiat or crypto. Who’d of thunk it?

Personally, I have enjoyed over the years as hardware and application software advanced, the thrill of digital manipulation either in the form of graphics, photo-manipulation as well as video-animation. But never took the concept of such works being worthy of currency exchange. Ultimately, the value of beauty or artful worthiness remains in the EYE, of the beholder.

To that end, here is a sampling of some of that produced over the decades. Many specifically to contextualize a poem or essay:




As we enter to what is essentially the last phase of our Chromosomal-telomere quota of flesh-blood existence [excluding prematurely succumbing to freaks of nature {full spectrum inclusion of non-human}& human intervention {accident or otherwise}] one might contemplate, more so maybe than otherwise, but contemplate past, present, and future [emphasis on the `future’ contemplation] rendering such thoughts as the following: WARNING: this is not as morbid as the illustration suggests

Withering and dying, this body slowly degenerating to its ultimate demise, to for-ever be lost to this world, that evidence of its presence to future generations knowing, be forever obliterated as to not have existed at all. If into Nothing our Being ultimately goes, for what reason does it exist in the first place? What Legacy proof be created to harvest a permanence of presence on this evolving, revolving planet Earth? Does the answer lie in the presence of the Cemetery wherein fields of granite, limestone, and other material of aging permanence serve as concrete evidence, witness proof to the Lives that once held prominence and footing on the hallow ground to this perceived existence? That only by Death’s relinquishing of the captured Soul, Life’s energy force fueling existence, does Truth to a Knowing, ultimately become solved. Or does the answer ultimately lie elsewhere; beyond this reality’s need for comprehension?


Cancel Culture – Cleansing The Wrongs of the Past

Dr. Seuss Books Are Pulled, and a 'Cancel Culture' Controversy Erupts - The  New York Times
Eliminating History?

It is difficult to pin-point the exact moment, or impetus in the movement toward eliminating or censoring that which a significant segment of this 21st Century, Western society construe as in-appropriate. Possibly due to its slow, but ominous creep deeper and deeper into all facets of societal history over the decades; more often than not, as represented by all form of medium purposely, or inadvertently tasked with chronicling these experiences: books, film, music, etc..

As with all things that comprise human reality; evolution is key to any form of perceived progress toward a future to as yet, an elusive resolve to define.

The process of evolution deems what is progressive, and that regressive to sustaining a momentum toward betterment of any given facet of life-being. It is a process seemingly unconscious in its manifestation; the collective unconscious of the myriad of minds and intellects that comprises the collective complexity of sentient Beings obliged to occupy the same hallow ground of this planet with some degree of harmony and acceptance. These two values being the antithesis to human conflict imposed by sectarianism, tribalism, and religious beliefs.

To accept that erasing centuries of past wrongs will make the future a better place is the equivalent to the Ostrich burying its head in the sand: failing to acknowledge and recognize a wrong, accept it, and move forward, but not to forget.

By eliminating any trace of the perceived failing will only allow for it to happen again at some point in the future. When future generations ignorant to its past happening would provide no conscious reason for it to potentially be repeated. A case-in-point to exemplify this is Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day wherein the World recalls the horror, and tragedy of global conflict. Should this process of recalling a failed moment in human history too be eliminated? Most would think not.

Modern day Human culture must acknowledge its societal failings of the past, and make appropriate correction, but not at the expense of erasing the history that has brought it to this moment; if not for the present day, but most importantly: for the generations that are to follow.

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