Cancel Culture – Cleansing The Wrongs of the Past

Dr. Seuss Books Are Pulled, and a 'Cancel Culture' Controversy Erupts - The  New York Times
Eliminating History?

It is difficult to pin-point the exact moment, or impetus in the movement toward eliminating or censoring that which a significant segment of this 21st Century, Western society construe as in-appropriate. Possibly due to its slow, but ominous creep deeper and deeper into all facets of societal history over the decades; more often than not, as represented by all form of medium purposely, or inadvertently tasked with chronicling these experiences: books, film, music, etc..

As with all things that comprise human reality; evolution is key to any form of perceived progress toward a future to as yet, an elusive resolve to define.

The process of evolution deems what is progressive, and that regressive to sustaining a momentum toward betterment of any given facet of life-being. It is a process seemingly unconscious in its manifestation; the collective unconscious of the myriad of minds and intellects that comprises the collective complexity of sentient Beings obliged to occupy the same hallow ground of this planet with some degree of harmony and acceptance. These two values being the antithesis to human conflict imposed by sectarianism, tribalism, and religious beliefs.

To accept that erasing centuries of past wrongs will make the future a better place is the equivalent to the Ostrich burying its head in the sand: failing to acknowledge and recognize a wrong, accept it, and move forward, but not to forget.

By eliminating any trace of the perceived failing will only allow for it to happen again at some point in the future. When future generations ignorant to its past happening would provide no conscious reason for it to potentially be repeated. A case-in-point to exemplify this is Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day wherein the World recalls the horror, and tragedy of global conflict. Should this process of recalling a failed moment in human history too be eliminated? Most would think not.

Modern day Human culture must acknowledge its societal failings of the past, and make appropriate correction, but not at the expense of erasing the history that has brought it to this moment; if not for the present day, but most importantly: for the generations that are to follow.

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