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When the powerful and those in position of influence and control, have not the strength nor will to end human slaughter on this Earth, what good is this singular voice to cry out `enough, the slaughter of human lives, innocence of children, must end!’?

Deeper into the abyss of darkness our global existence falls. Lost is the moral compass of humanity that it further diminishes the value of human-life. That, the goal of prosperity through nation-building, trumps that of peaceful, global human co-existence.

Throughout the ages greed and ambition of but a few, seizing power to influence the majority, has unleashed an unrelenting presence of violence costing countless innocent lives with the sole, selfish objective of maintaining strategic position of unbridled influence and control over this earthly domain. Deeming the general masses of humanity as fodder to sustain such position by deceitfully posing the allure of freedom and democracy for all, the root to their gainful ambitions .

Strategic and scientifically devised methodology to propagandize entire populations to accept future prospects for humanity, as envisioned by a generational body of powerful elite, is being systematically orchestrated not to serve the majority but, to sustain the artificial, yet made real, importance of this elite group over the decades.

As with the pot of water set to the unrelenting heat of the fire, unattended, it will boil, the steam will rise and, by its spilling over serve to quench the flames that made it so. So too will be the outcome of the conflagration that envelops the present-day world.

The culmination of economic and financial hardship imposed by the same greed for wealth and power that serves to instigate the current wars and conflicts; the diminishing of individual rights and freedoms of movement and expression; unsustainable environmental degradation and climate changes will, ultimately, climax into a crescendo of a People’s Revolution of unprecedented proportion with an as yet, unfathomable, outcome.

The spark to light the fuse to this undeniable eventuality will be for a future history to elaborate but, for certain, the fuse and the flint are at the ready.



Some Truth behind Israel’s War on Palestine


The current conflict between Israel and Gaza demands that you watch this linked recent video to gain a true and accurate appreciation for role Israel is taking and the historical FACTS that define its offensive actions as criminal. The individual interviewed by Democracy Now is  former head of American Jewish Congress Henry Siegman :

NOTE: to advance to the start of the interview move to 19:00 min position of the video


Ineffable Energy – Source code to All

VIDEO: The Matrix is Real?!

The Cosmos is an ineffable presence of charged energy: positive and negative ions, transmuted into different density of presence relative to the electro-magnetic, gravitational forces (that may prove to be one in the same force) imposed by known and yet unknown laws of physics, to formulate/culminate a spectrum frequency of awareness i.e. dimensional presence in direct response to the influences necessary to comprise/construct Existence. The field energy that is the Cosmos, not unlike the binary-code of all computer programming, is the `raw-code’ constructively affected by the electro-magnetic influences imposed by the computer core processor (not unlike the activities of the brain) to produce a virtual output. What differentiates 3rd Dimensional spectrum frequency reality (Human reality) from computer-generated virtual reality by latest generation of computer development are: the level of virtual intelligence embodied within stored computer memory versus Cosmic Consciousness  that is ALL knowledge and, the Sentient component; the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity that might be referred to as `free will’ allowing for the response capability of randomness to an altered output response which human reality does allow for translated as `experience’ which serves as a feedback loop to the evolving Cosmic program (becoming the reality created).

Think of the evolution of the Human Brain that manifests  Mind/Thought as being comparable to the evolution of Computer Core-Processors: from the Primordial Atari Computer vs Latest 5th Generation Super Computers.  Functionality and capability today beyond imagination of yesterday and tomorrow…..

Argument: Does Consciousness exist without Humanity? Humanity is NOT the creator of consciousness but, the PRODUCT  of it!

Leaving the unyielding question: from where does Ineffable-energy (ALL) i.e., Consciousness emanate?


Lustful, Wanton Desire


Golden rays of sunshine, laced through waves of blonde curly hair,
Tangerine soaked shirt emblazoned-radiant, honey-brown skin;
Imagined by it’s nakedness, exposed-full, desirous, laden bare.

Naive to the allure such beauty; a spell can unleash
To the observant, lecherous, mind-fantasy, made to play;
Rife with carnal exploits given to fluid, orgasmic release.

Like prey entangled in the fine-silk of the spider’s web,
This Adonis’ perfection gives rise to committing a mortal sin
A captor’s price willingly paid; that lustful, wanton desires be shed.


this authoring mind


Time, passing, relentlessly approaching the End;
Cause wanting, mind mined for reason to defend;
Authoring a stable of new words, sought to be penned;
Gift to recipients’ translation of meaning, to contend.

Origins of seed to literal creation, not easily defined;
Senses stimulation may impede, serve to blind;
Hiding the nucleus to a story wanting to find;
Critical to its nature: to a truth or, of a different kind.

Stumbling, struggling, words with meaning do manifest;
Left only to reason: what order to render, what is best
To stimulate unknown minds yet to read, digest;
So, once conveyed, this authoring mind, may finally rest.


Joke: My neighbour Sam


Hi, mah num is George!


Itz mah neighbour Sam; zbeen driv’n round da block fur hours – driven me crazy! (no pun intended)

So, whenz I cudn’t standz er no-more; I goz out – stood in da middle ah damm  road – so he HAD to Stop!

Sammyz roll’n down ‘is window –  I ask’m: `Sammy; whad ya do’n. You’re driven me crazy – what,  with all dis driven your doin – What’s up with dat?

Sammy, strangely outta breath see-in az hez only bin driven for the past hour yells out:

`GEORGE, George, I’m glad ya stopped me coz I gotta tell ya – the gas – itz down; da gas itz down 20cents a litre.. Huge!

Scratchn my ‘ed – I ask’m: `So what, twenty-cents ?– but, so wyd bin driven round da block a hundred times already?’

Sammy yells out: `Coz my tank was too full n I ‘ad to make sum room fur dar cheaper gas!’

Stop’n n tink’n for a minute I ‘ad da ask ‘im: `Yah, so whatcha down tah?!’


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