Ineffable Energy – Source code to All

VIDEO: The Matrix is Real?!

The Cosmos is an ineffable presence of charged energy: positive and negative ions, transmuted into different density of presence relative to the electro-magnetic, gravitational forces (that may prove to be one in the same force) imposed by known and yet unknown laws of physics, to formulate/culminate a spectrum frequency of awareness i.e. dimensional presence in direct response to the influences necessary to comprise/construct Existence. The field energy that is the Cosmos, not unlike the binary-code of all computer programming, is the `raw-code’ constructively affected by the electro-magnetic influences imposed by the computer core processor (not unlike the activities of the brain) to produce a virtual output. What differentiates 3rd Dimensional spectrum frequency reality (Human reality) from computer-generated virtual reality by latest generation of computer development are: the level of virtual intelligence embodied within stored computer memory versus Cosmic Consciousness  that is ALL knowledge and, the Sentient component; the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience subjectivity that might be referred to as `free will’ allowing for the response capability of randomness to an altered output response which human reality does allow for translated as `experience’ which serves as a feedback loop to the evolving Cosmic program (becoming the reality created).

Think of the evolution of the Human Brain that manifests  Mind/Thought as being comparable to the evolution of Computer Core-Processors: from the Primordial Atari Computer vs Latest 5th Generation Super Computers.  Functionality and capability today beyond imagination of yesterday and tomorrow…..

Argument: Does Consciousness exist without Humanity? Humanity is NOT the creator of consciousness but, the PRODUCT  of it!

Leaving the unyielding question: from where does Ineffable-energy (ALL) i.e., Consciousness emanate?

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