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revolt to the system



The following is in response to the  attached video from Acronym independent News channel discussing the coming economic instigated Peoples’ revolution.

Following are writings I produced over the past several years raising the same alarms and thought I would share them to gain YOUR response to what you feel is to be the outcome of growing economic in-equality:


Revolt To The System

Limitless is the breadth and width of the mind
When thought to word one does find
Speaking to injustice and despair be inclined
For others to hear, your words they find
Truth to their meaning, evidence defined
Not messaged to serve up as kind
But brutal at times, if not to remind
That revolt to the system, may have found its time


Human Revolution

Different realities co-exist in the same time and space
Each marked by the goodness of love or pain of suffering, faced
A global view of the world’s condition at any second of the clock
Increasing enlists feelings of great sadness and horrifying shock
Injustices expressed by the few of power on the impoverished many
If not soon curtailed, of life on Earth, there will not be any
Rhetoric espoused by those whom the populace elect
Promise, once in political office, these problems they will correct
Yet decades into centuries continue to unfold
And yet the same original story continues to be told
What will it take to derive these problems final solution?
As things stand in this moment – only an uprising – a Human Revolution

Last Chance Revolution – Lost?

In the shallow shadow of the conspiracy theorist, I submit to you the following scenario:

Firstly, I think we can all admit and accept the planet no, more accurately, the planet’s tenants are becoming increasingly agitated. It is evident in every sector and system that affects our daily lives: weather, finance, economy, morality, etc, etc.. The debate that has ensued is, `Is this by design or destiny of fate?’.

In an attempt to address this question from the perspective of the present 2010 looking retrospectively forward, one might conclude: by design!

The impetus to all that appears to be occurring is the sublimation to servitude achieved by perpetrated, induced fear of a ghostly threat, only to achieve the ultimate goal of `imperial control’. That gives rise on how best to achieve this end.

The inception of the Internet has to be the grease that turned this massive wheel of deception and tyranny.

Through out history especially modern history, the government intelligence community is easily traced to assassinations, coups, and other mischievous activities to attain the goals of the ruling power (democratic or otherwise). Well it is well known to all how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have had their hands dirty by the most insidious and corrupt affairs of both domestic and international politics that leads to the focus on domestic political affairs within the realm of the global oligarchy. In effect who is controlling whom?

To make the point clearer I suggest the analogy of the `ponsi-scheme’ that I am sure in light of the current financial system debacle most are familiar with the term; well, that is what the global oligarch from the top-down, represents that is, a myriad of power groups are layered ever upward to yet another, then another to in the end does anyone know who controls whom since the membership amongst the very senior of these strata are all of the same family lineage – an inter-marriage of power through ultimate, yet yielding to when enforced upon, power.

By introduction and retailing of the Internet saw the incredible growth in both the software and hardware industry increasingly geared toward `social networking’ whereby the unbridled, unconscious relinquishing of typically sensitive, private and confidential information on the deception of being close to family and friends. The growth of global tracking or geosynchronous positioning satellite system and technologies or G.P.S., compounded by electronic banking and diminishing of hard currency transactions at the retail, consumer level, all in combination had the general populations masses totally under there control. The next step was the installation of the `fear factor’.

The icon date: September 11, 2001 infamously known as 9/11, was the catalysts to this objective. The destruction of the United States financial icon of global financial superiority rivaling that of Wall Street, along with a reputed three-thousand fatalities, was horrific enough to the then coddled, protected and naive to the horrors of conflict general population, they immediately succumb to the whims and wants of the powers that be, from that date forward. The two major conflicts that followed against Iraq and Afghanistan were precipitous to the financial collapse of the fiat monetary system and the major world banks up to but not including the international, central banks putting the entire global financial, monetary and economic power in the hands of the oligarchy.

The obvious question that comes to mind is where were the people during this time – the activists, the rebelling youth of the time, how did they allow this to flourish? The few youth of the new millennium that saw through the charade were too few in number to stand-up effectively against the increasingly militarized, interwoven departments of police and military security under the central control of the Homeland security establishments. The majority of youth were oblivious to what was happening around them being far too consumed with Internet based networking socializing, video games and other diversionary, established activities. One could say they unwittingly submitted to the slaughter of the civil and human rights coached there by mindless diversions.

Given what has been stated above, the following is my hypothesis of what is yet to come:

The present year is 2010 and the current western demographic has the majority of adult population being those born post WWII. The average age of this group is between their early to mid-sixties. This group is comprised typically of well-educated and financially successful and established individuals of means and those who are most immediately venerable to the uncontrollable effects of down-sizing affected by design, by the oligarchy as per the above outline. It is this group that I believe are the last hope to initiate or motivate a revolt on the increasingly evident plans for dominance by the oligarchy. Yet sadly it is my belief this group, having grown fat, satisfied and mentally lazy are about to too, relinquish any form of resistance to what they consider a power too big to fight.

In summation, the prospects for dark and forlorn days ahead is only in the eyes of those who `see it coming’ yet are to few in number to change this perceived course. All those remaining are oblivious as will be their prodigy, not sensing or aware of the changes that are taking place as they naively consume a contrived, virtual life existence: the fuel energy to power the oligarchy machine (not unlike that depicted in the movie `The Matrix’).

Things To Come

Upon reflection of the words that I have written
I can admit that I have been smitten
By the need to express my view
To communicate a message to all and you

I know they are common words, simple at times
And they annoyingly seem to rhyme
But that should not dismiss the message
The vestige – Of things to come

I hold many secrets within my self
Many that could render extreme wealth
Yet I do not hold to these material things
For it is not joy of life they bring

The Earth revolves with unending vigour
Its meaning in space is for its inhabitants to figure
But not to be dismissed as routine of presence
But to question its perceived infinite significance.

I channel this wisdom from unknown place
Unknown too is why I am graced
I leave the reason for others to contrive
Knowing it will continue as long as I am alive

Others my find my spelling hard to heed
Best they will or assuredly bleed
The blood that fuels mankind
Ground soaked will be left behind

There exists a destiny of less dismay
Will humanity give it chance to play?
Present greed of power, anger and hate
Leaves little to debate

Hindsight is often the test
Differentiating speculation from the rest
My virtue of mind and wrote
Is mine before death to gloat?


If you find these writings inspirational or wish to read more on the topic my self-published book HOMAGE TO A WORLD LOST would be of interest to you. You can check it and other of my BOOKs



Wisdom in the woods

A product of walking in the woods and stumbling upon the reflections of others whom seemed compelled to let their feelings and wisdom be known to anyone who may wish to read…..


climate march and summit – new york sept 21-23 2014



The disastrous affects climate change is having on global environment and the reluctance of nation governments to take radical action by succumbing to the pressures of multi-national corporations is demanding affirmative action by the citizenry of this Earth. To awaken those still in denial to the reality being lived today and the massively, deteriorating conditions as yet to be experienced.


Democracy provides a live-stream of the New York City, Peoples March Sunday September 21, 2014   

Documentary titled DECEPTION  chronicles the 100 days of organizing and planning what is expected to be the largest Peoples march to voice international environmental concerns derived by climate change.

I offer these words of poetry to voice this concern:

Climate Changed?

The ferocity of the storm brewed
The sky stirring ever darker, we knew
The deluge of rain and ice pellets to fall
Will leave their mark of hardship for all

The minutes seem to pass like hours
Finally thunderous clouds let loose their showers
Each droplet falling hit its target with a crushing thud
The ground saturated becoming wet beyond mud

The speeding winds’ howling sounded eerily of train whistles
Branches from fallen trees flying like guided missiles
The horrendous damage this vile weather will ultimately inflict
Once the storm finally over, a ruinous sight left to make one sick

Many voicing the claim severe climate-change is Man-made
Does little to remedy the loss of all that a Life has saved
What this growing global weather phaenomenon does enlist
Is for humanity to rethink its presence if on Earth, it wishes to exist


The following is an essay written January 2010 when the topic was being hotly debated in the media:


Speculation To The Source of Global Warming and Climate Change (Jan 19,2010)

Hypothesis: Current global warming and resulting changes in climatic conditions can be aligned to observable and measurable shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles and the influence of solar activity as result of this shift.

Firstly, the progressive change (1600-2005) in the position of the North Magnetic Pole (NMP) from the Hudson Bay Region, Canada toward Central Plateau of Siberia, Russia indicates a measurable movement of the planet in a north to south direction1 with a measurable diminishing of magnetic field intensity over the northern region of Canada while increasing over northern Russia that in turn influences the affects of solar radiation on global temperature in these regions respectively.

The pole shift is projected to continue to move for reasons associated with cosmic phenomena projected to occur in the period leading up to 2013 as related to the Sun’s solar cycle2 as well as the galactic alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun as the planets cross the Galactic Equinox3.

Evidence: The following factors are presented as evidence to support this hypothesis:

The NMP recorded movement during the period of 1600 to 2005 has been progressively from the Hudson Bay region, Canada toward The Central Plateau Siberian region, Russia4. Correspondingly too, the South Magnetic Pole (SMP) has moved measurably from a northeastern region in 1590, in a northwesterly direction, to just off the north-central shore of Antarctica projected for 20105.

The overall intensity of the magnetic field has decreased. In 1600 there was a more distinct intensity over northern Canada. Over the centuries this has weakened, while increasing over the last century in northern Siberia. As the field intensity increases in Siberia and decreases in Canada, the north magnetic pole moves across the arctic from Canada towards Siberia2.

There is a clear correlation between the rate of change of the North Magnetic Pole location and (increase in) the global temperature. 2

The atmospheric temperatures have increased in Canadian Northern Artic lending to increased ice sheet melting and shoreline erosion6 due to contributing factors as melting of the permafrost, reduced ice cover rendering higher water temperature and increased wave caused erosion

Considerable geological and anthropological evidence supports the phenomena of Polar Shift resulting in significant global climate change occurring rapidly has been scientifically documented7

The current winter of 2009-10 evidencing unexpectedly cold temperatures8 and significant snowfall in the United Kingdom and many parts of central and southern Europe and Euro-Asia normally unacquainted with such conditions goes further to support this hypothesis. This is shown by the affects of higher temperatures in the Artic as detailed in a study titled North Atlantic Temperature Anomaly9which `postulates a high correlation between North Atlantic Temperature Anomaly and the variations of magnetic field and the Hudson Bay region… …making significant contribution to the Atlantic basin climate change.’

Conclusion: The foregoing serves only to provide correlation of well documented evidence that exists and goes to support the affects of North and South Magnetic Poles shift combined with the Sun’s solar activity on global temperatures and their resulting affects. Though this is a considerably complex and controversial subject it behooves all inhabitants of Earth to familiarize themselves with as much credible, published scientific information on the subject as to satisfy themselves to what, in their best opinion, is actually causing the obvious changes to the Globe and where it may potentially lead for all humanity.


Source: At almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet’s core, new research says. A one-degree shift is equivalent to approx 66.72 mi. therefore an annual movement of 40mi is 0.5595 degrees per year.

2 Source:

3 Source: On Dec 21, 2012, which is a winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere) this centre will align with our sun once more

4 Source:

5 Source:

6 Source:
7 Source: Evidence of a Recent Pole Shift – Part 1
8 Source:

9 Source:


An essay espousing the conspiracy aspect of the climate change, global warming debate titled:

Taking from the lyric of Buffalo Springfield’s song titled `For What It’s Worth’:

`There is something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear..

Seems a good opener to a discussion on the controversial subject of Climate Change and Global Warming that from the outset, are generally assumed to be the same thing but, a little research will clearly show they are related but, unique unto themselves.

The recent, heightened attention by Internet Blog Websites and to a lesser extent, main stream media (MSM), initially in response to the upcoming COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE dealing with these two subjects, fuel was added to the fire as result of the recent (reported 20/11/09) hacking of email from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Angliae ( The publication of these emails has put a major `chink’ in the armor of the proponents of climate change and global warming being derived from the increased greenhouse gases namely, carbon dioxide (CO2) and, the global legislation to address this issue being discussed such as Cap and Trade (United States) Carbon Footprint Taxation (Canada, EU member states, etc).

To my interpretation of the debate centers around two fundamental school-of-thought to the cause(s) for global warming and climate change is as follows:

The pro-climate change science and supporters within international governance community, that supports from empirical study that the primary contributor is the significant increase of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), resulting from the growth of industrialization around the globe but primarily in the north-western hemisphere countries such as the United States, Western and regions of Eastern European countries exacerbated by the recent, increasing industrial development of China, India and similar developing countries. This movement does fully acknowledges the presence and affects of other influences such as solar radiation (Sun spot activity) and other naturally occurring climatic influences but deem these as secondary to the principal culprit: industry sourced carbon dioxide (CO2) emission globally.

The anti-climate change advocates point to science research that debunks the claim that CO2 is the leading contributor to the obvious changes being experienced globally. The supporters to this movement have made consorted effort to find fault with the pro-movement’s science and now with the release of email evidencing the purported manipulation of raw source climate data and the censoring, withholding and even destroying of relevant data has brought the whole pro position into question.

So where do we the general public go from here? How do we make clearer our understanding of this important and relevant issue that has and will continue to have, an affect on our quality of life.

Face it, if exceptionally funded scientist privy to all available data and resources for its collection don’t truly know what the hell is going on here, how can the common layperson be expected to know?

I obviously do not have the answer to this imperative question. All I can do is put forward factors sourced and links to available websites on the subject that may allow you, the reader to this article, to become more familiar with the facts supporting each side of the argument. To aid in some small way toward a clearer understanding in order to formulate your own opinion such that when the time comes to choose you will be better equipped to render your own, independent choice on which case should go forward.

To that end: Every attempt has been made to represent, by the linkages and references to follow, both sides of the debate as well as to introduce discussion on the other contributing factors that seem to reside on the periphery of the principle, debated factors.


1. CLIMATE DEBATE DAILY ( This is a good starting point as it presents directly the `Call To Action’ versus `Dissenting Opinion’

2. The Real News Network: Coverage of the debate leading up to COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE in Dec/09 (
Coverage of Hacked Email related to Climate Change (

3. Source of hacked emails found by date and viewable in text form ( have a number of video and audio many of which are on matters affecting or effected by global warming and some discussion on what impact global warming is having on underdeveloped nations countering by the economic costs due to the restrictions imposed by climate change policy on industrial development. As stated in one of the clips featuring central Africa (paraphrasing) `You cannot mill steel or run any heavy industry on just the power from solar panels’ as would be demanded if the legislation manifests as the pro-climate change camps’ expectation. Solar and wind resourced energy be the principle source of electrical energy. A nation with an

abundance of natural energy in oil and natural gas, they are prohibited from optimizing, watch it being siphoned off to the singular benefit of the industrialized nations that represent the majority in support of climate change legislation and policy
( Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for `Related NPR Stories’

4. CORBETT REPORT. COM The Corbett Report provides pod cast, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more. The `more’ being climate change and global warming (

5. BRASSCHECK TV presenting full spectrum video and reference coverage of events of the day in all realms of daily life with a slight, bent for advocacy (

Well I will be adding to and updating this article from time to time. If you have anything to contribute please forward the link or information via email

To close here is the lyric `For What It’s Worth’ by BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD.

To read the lyrics in light of the climate change debate, they seem most appropriate:

ARTIST: Buffalo Springfield
TITLE: For What It’s Worth
Lyrics and Chords
There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

/ E – A – / / / / E D A C /

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind
I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side
It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, now, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down
Stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down


I am my father’s son: adam cohen


Adam Cohen

An interesting, open and honest interview broadcast by CBC’s the NATIONAL  featuring Adam Cohen, the son of well-known and revered poet, song-smith, singer legend Leonard Cohen discussing his career struggle to find his own voice midst the tall cast of his father’s inspiring decades-long fame.

I wrote the following two poems sometime back following an equally insightful  documentary of Leonard Cohen and now, seeing them in-light of Adam Cohen’s realization: he need not resist the undeniable truth he is his father’s son: 


I watched
I listened

A humble man

Creator of words

Magical expression

Inspiring thought

Stimulating senses

To survive his years
In poetry
In song
His Mission
To inspire
An icon
To poetry’s
Through words
Lives on

Leonard Cohen

1970 – Leonard Cohen

Reflections of a turbulent time long past
Emerges again for all to witness at last
The personal story of an artist then great
A talent time’s passage could not fade
His verse of song pronounced and deep
Speaking to the truth of love all of us seek
Leonard Cohen’s poetry somberly wise, reflective
Portraiture of life seen with unique perspective
Gained by the artistry of this unique insightful man
Immortalizing a presence we still struggle to understand


Life – reflective collection

noun:  the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
The following collection of poems and essay is a personal reflection of questioning the subject:  Life
A Life’s Purpose
Life becomes important
To those that make it
For those less significant
They are resigned to fake itOne’s relevance is a relative thing
It is all in how you want to view it
So if it’s left to the perceiving
You decide whether or not you blew itBut when this life comes to an end
And your life story in summary is told
It’s up to the remaining others to contend
If to a life’s purpose you did in fact uphold

A New Life
A star is borne
It glitters in the night’s dark sky
It heralds a new light force
It beckons an observant eye
To chart a new life’s course
To demand and be bold
A challenge to be observed
Before the light grows old.
After Life
This the date I was born
Hence it be the date from earthly presence, I be torn
For my time here has been duly worn
And this soul met with its due of scornIn my stead I leave meager wealth
For it to represent my earthly self
With it do what is felt
For it may be worthy an ounce of `gilt
Blood Of Life
My sight has become blinded
When peering into the darkness
Of tomorrow’s light
Best I not see
For what is shown
Is of chilling frightLost is the color of flowers
And blooms of hue’s array
Where is the guidance?
Why have we lost our way?Felled by want and greed
Influenced beyond our need
For material possessions
That in the end cannot feed
Leaving mankind
To unnecessarily suffer
And blood of life
Left to bleed

Challenges Life Brings
I struggle with this life
With it’s up and down course
The direction it takes
Influenced by an invisible forceOne day is good
The next bad
The elation of one
Fights the sadAre challenges life brings
One of learning things right
Or just a crap-shoot
A throw of elusive cosmic dice

Assuredly there is an answer
One that will surely astound
But to whom has yet to discover it
Is as yet, one I’ve not found

Contemporary Life
Matters of life and love
Reduced to lyrics in a song
Want and wishes manufactured
Electronic influence that is strongSensitivity and compassion
Just for the weak to belongLife has a new course
A second chance – gone!

Cottage Life
The sweet serenity of cottage life
Filled with sunny, wind sweep days
And glorious star filled nights
An experience one longs to craveThe innocent sounds of neighboring folks
Early morning coffee on the deck
Telling off color and boasting jokes
Life unencumbered – is it tomorrow yet?Fishing off the pier with beer in hand
Sunlight glittering off the rippling waves
Sail boats glide pass like a marching band
The cottage life – a life to save

The song from wind swept trees abounds
BQ’s sizzling with potato and steak
The joyful sound of friends all around
A happiness that can’t be faked

Brisk evenings tempered around a crackling fire
Marsh-mellows melting off the end of a stick
Fighting fatigue and the taunt to retire
A fresh round of beers does the trick

The sweet serenity of cottage life
Filled with sunny, wind sweep days
And glorious star filled nights
The cottage life – a life to save.

Cycle of Life’s Understanding
Like the nucleus of the molecule
That is my world
Centered at a vantage point
Conspicuously removed – detached
Yet a vital part
Meant to observe objectively
To translate subjectively
Ignorant of purpose
Aware of its existence
The illusive path to its source
Alluded to in the minds of others
Eluding the minds of all
Round and round the envelope
Of existence it spins
Communicating, transitioning, evolving
Mutations transforming to new realities
Built on energies of old
Re-configuring into shapes known
Not yet understood – analyzed
Until made real for harmonies sake
Then regressed to myth of having been
To dissolve into spent energies
Sparkles in the night sky’s darkness
Tossed and consumed by solar winds
Taken to outer reaches of presence
To new realities gain.
Future Life?
Sky thunderous, dark; the river raging black
Trembling land under foot, starting to crack
Rolling ominous clouds, lightening clap
Will the day’s sun ever come backHow long will tumultuous conditions last
Human patience for change is waning fast
Resources to survival limited by contrast
Political will to remedy scarce, but much bombastYouth’s generation confronting a new pain
Higher education’s promises void of real gain
Fearful of a vibrant future, with no job to sustain
Hope dwindling, optimism hard to retain

Bleak need not be the outcome, if all were smart
The course to correction, is tear the old system apart
What is needed is a fresh and realistic start
One where classes of people are not driven apart

Each human offers for the taking, a unique resource
Each must be regarded as a contributing force
The collective power of all can chart a new course
One of prosperity shared, respective of natural resource

To be asked: what catalyst will it take?
To recognize the depth of the ‘original’ global mistake
And that a new road to real human prosperity, must we take
Otherwise future life on this Earth, will be one grown on hate.

Grey Matter of Life

I die
My brain exposed
Spots of experience
Life Worm
The sightless worm burrowing through eon’s confluence entrails of life lived deposited with or without design, creating purpose to an unknown venture spurred by unconscious program of inherited helix’s code to a destiny riddled with obstacle of random order yet given to purpose to yield fortitude of mind and body to strive for completion though oblivious to the recognition of its chance occurrence superseding fault to energy’s demise to then be rendered to eon’s confluence entrails of life lived deposited with or without design, creating purpose to an unknown venture spurred by unconscious program of inherited helix’s code to a destiny riddled with obstacle of random order yet given to purpose to yield fortitude of mind and body to strive for its completion though oblivious to the recognition of its chance occurrence superseding fault to energy’s demise to then be rendered to eon’s confluence entrails of life lived deposited with or without design,creating purpose to an unknown venture spurred by unconscious program of inherited helix’s code to a destiny riddled with obstacle of random order yet given to purpose to yield fortitude of mind and body to strive for its completion though oblivious to the recognition of its chance occurrence superseding fault to energy’s demise to then be rendered to eon’s confluence entrails of life lived deposited with or without design, create
Life Anew
Without warning I pressed your lips to mine
At first you resisted
Then you changed your mind
With pent up passion you caved to your desire
It was then I knew I had ignited a fireYour tongue probed in exploration
Telling me of your adoration
I knew it lay deep inside
Now you knew there was nothing to hideWith new abandon you probed and searched
Forgetting the guilt laden by the church
You found in your heart the truth you knew
Now it was time to live life – anew.

Life Choices? (essay)
As I sit here in my new home out in the wilderness of lake country I ponder my future amidst the dramatic changes I have imposed upon myself and ask this question of my self:Are you happy with the way things have turned out truly, or am I appeasing myself by saying `all is good’ but am in fact just fooling myself only to one day in the unknown future, curse having done what I have decided to do?Arguably, is it not a matter of one’s state of mind about how one chooses to interpret any condition?

If one wishes to view a decision in a negative light, likely is to considered a `bad choice’ however, the reverse has also to be true.

Therefore, it is an imperative to look at all choices in a positive light; regardless of the outcome. For at the time of making a decision, all considerations are thought to render; the most positive of possible outcomes. Hence, by resolve: There are no wrong choices!

I have always contended a life-journey to be network of individual paths, each path at some point arriving at an intersection of choice, a fork-in-the-road. I refer to this point of intersection as a `node’. These are points in life when a critical, life changing decision is demanded. The process of evaluating and weighing pros and cons to the matter to derive a direction to be taken; the next path to life’s journey.

It is only through retrospection can it be established if the perceived versus the ultimate result chosen is favorable or unfavorable; and NOT, right or wrong.

It is virtually impossible, with a high degree of certainty to predict the outcome of any decision taken or the alternative options to it.

The only conclusive evaluation; for better or worst of any choice, is the point in time and circumstance, one ultimately finds themselves, then by what and whose measure of success or failure.

For instance, my personal circumstance; by western, social standards and materialist perspective, my life could be assessed as: a dismal failure. However, where I find myself, this precise moment and stage of my life’s journey, is precisely where and, doing, what it is I would most have wished for.

The interesting aspect to this curiosity is; whether the path which we believe we are taking, relatively independent in decision making process is, in fact, pre-ordained?

What could be referred to as FATE can only speculated to.

Considering Choice to be a calculative thought process; a brain function of interconnected neurons firing off in a sequence, catalyzed by chemistry, in fractions of a nano-second, subjected to electro-magnetic influence imposed on the specific global location, relative to the galaxy, the universe and all influencing elements that are the Cosmos.

It can be confidently stated; the Cosmos is much greater than the power of the individual mind. Thus the influence it imposes, accurately translated as cosmic energy channeled through an individual’s Third Eye Charka, is from the former to the latter.

So, can it be stated that the process to Decision constitutes free choice or, is it more accurately the translation of cosmic messages often referred as Cosmic Consciousness, actions in context to Conscious Reality; what is taught, influences and values that shape perception?

This stated, is it possible to consider as example the function of the video camera: the optic nerve, the camera, responds to light waves sensed from through the lens-eye. The computer-brain to the camera translates light waves as electronic pulses affecting a magnetic-field generated pixel, the composite of which replicate that viewed through the camera lens. Could material reality, our existence, be nothing more than this same process but, in reverse?

To explain: waves of energy communicated throughout the universe, received and by brain function, are translate into electronic pulses affecting the optical nerve.

That which is deemed tangible, material reality, is in effect a learned function of the brain as it functions within the time space continuum, that by function of human evolution, it is increasingly agreed that there exist more than three dimensions to the universe and all that comprise it. As the brain evolves its development through the centuries, it gains in ability to perceive the existence of further dimensions not unlike the so called Grey’s of UFO sightings and abductions origins not imagined bur are no farther away than from the end of one’s nose. They differ from us in that they have evolved in brain function to traverse with impunity, the dimensions of the universe ours’ being just one of infinite many. .

In reading this it might be thought that I have digressed from my original conversation regarding life choices but in fact I have not: I am speculating that we have few choices in the course of our life that we are merely playing out the vision the universe has communicated to our individual brains that in basic terms identical hence the significant portion of that we call our reality is substantively the same at any given moment of time but too, we recognize the nuance of difference we individually experience in the same moment of time and space

The nuances I speak to are for example my ability to put thought of mind into a literal form for others to relate to. This is an effortless task for me where others may find it next to impossible to put forward a contextual expression of an idea in a rational format from start to finish. Yet for me to play a musical instrument is not part of my intuitive psyche meaning I could possibly learn to play an instrument but it would not be as accomplished as were I intuitively drawn to that purpose. For me here now, on this keyboard, the words flow unabated, yet I believe, in a rational, expressive fashion.

Is any of this making any sense <every pun intended>?

Life Cycle
The waste from my body, remnant of energy consumed
Disposed, expelled, essential to make more room
For the intake of what makes life unfold
It is a process ancient and millennial old
It is a function on which all things reside
Large, small, even the tiniest that from sight attempts to hide
The Earth itself is one giant eating machine
Taking back for its digestion all that was once seen
Infinite, forever will this cycle flourish
For all things to live, they must be nourished.
Life Eroding Strife
The hard, relentless struggles of the world’s wealthiest few
With all their possessions and riches deciding what next to do
As the majority of nations’ people toil to survive
The wealthy:are left to ponder what next property or gold trinket to buy
Empathy runs deep for these pampered but still troubled souls
Beleaguered by ambitions driven to achieving their chaste set goals
Troubled and pained by not making the list of the `top ten richest’
Or that their philanthropic endeavors are not deemed the biggestO’ what unspoken gains and benefits from being of the poor
To be able to rest on one’s laurels and be labeled a non-doer
To be free of the stresses that comes with the comparative, wealthy life
The avoidance of publicity, notoriety, fame and similar life eroding strife.
Life Given – Taken
There, hanging
Legs, shoe’d feet swaying
Like a pendulum clockTic-toc, tic-tocTicking off the seconds
Since the heart stopped

Tic-toc, tic-toc

Drool pooling, staining
On the floor below

Tic-toc, tic-toc

What is the reason
No one to rightly know

Tic-toc, tic-toc

Life relinquished
By one who’s forgot

The air – deathly silent

Tic-toc, tic-toc.

Life’s Journey And Beyond
Through research I find the answer clear
From where we come and go from hereWithin in each of us born is given a Soul
Wisdom to give and gain its purpose goalAn energy force to life is given
To enjoy this wondrous Earth to live in

Then when our end is to come
Our Soul to return to where it is from

A place where time is of no regard
A universal realm encompassing the stars

A space where all is One
And knowledge beacons bright beyond infinite Suns

So celebrate life for beyond its death
Awaits an existence of limitless breadth

Life Lesson Learned?
Laugh – find humor even in the worst of times
Invigorate your life through motivating activity
Variable, mix it up, try to avoid the ruts of life
Enjoy each moment as were it your lastLearn as much as you can about that which interests
Optimistic approach to life’s challenges
Nutrition should not be a job but a way of life
Generosity repeats great rewards
Educate others to a healthier way of living
Reflective of what has transpired with hopes of improvementHappiness found in the simplest of life’s offerings
Energetic enthusiasm has its rewards
Attention to what your body and mind are telling you
Learn from past experiences that brought on an illness
Thankfulness for the good things that come your way each day
Honor those who share their goodness with you and others
Intuition, an essential tool that should be heeded
Exercise: a little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing
Reward yourself from time to time with something special just for You

Life Of Dreams
Reward is seemingly in the offering
For conquering over a genetic life born
One that if lived was destined to be filled
With other people’s hate and even scornTo have succeeded to this life’s point
Looking back over my many years
I have been honestly deeply challenged
To have fought off all my latent fearsFears born out of pubescent treason
Deemed uncontrollable, given the cellular plan
But a simple matter of putting mind over reason
To a avoid a life felt to be, most assuredly damned

From what ailment does come such long-lived calamity?
That so troubled this life would otherwise seem
It is the love and lust for another of the same sex – homosexuality
A love only experienced through a life of dreams.

This Life To Spirit
Mirror’s image does manifest
The two – which I am
    One to the right – the Other to the left
    The Boy – the Man
    One true to spirit
    The Other
       – to making it fit
Inwardly, battle for dominance prevails
Outwardly fighting – the Other assails
Can this be message from the Spirit Heart to choose?
For in the end – One – or the Other – must loseTo follow the intuitive guide until now ignored
The desire to release One’s immense energies stored
Death to the Other would be my demand
To bring this entity life to Spirit – to One’s command
Life’s Trial
My life is in turmoil
I don’t know which way to turn
I would end it all now
If not for fear in Hell I would burnThe chance for redirection
Is paling fast
Ideas for correction
None have wisdom that would lastEach day’s waking with anxiety
From choices failing to choose
With no sense of piety
I am destined to loose

The construct of my life
Has been in conflict with most others
It is burdened with ambiguity, strife
Tools designed to make one suffer

I attempt to diffuse the wick to this bomb
Through deferral and denial
But this too does not live long
So I suffer to wait the verdict to this life’s trial

A child born innocent, brought into a world of dimensional consciousness, unknowing of what its journey will be, nor knowing of its purpose to being among others of its kind; to be tutored by those who have come before it yet again, unknowing of whom among them, individual or group, is the honest keeper of truth to wisdom of all earthly and spacial wonderment readily observable by given living eyes’ experience, conflicted by personal knowledge gains by direct and inferred experience for reason of purpose, singular and plural, with certainty, never fully comprehended as time’s unfolding toward certain, unpredictable death’s occurrence.
As I walked this cold winter’s day I encounter a humble looking man wheeling with difficulty on the snow and ice laden side-walk, a tattered store shopping cart filled with age-weathered odds and ends. To avoid the narrowing passage-way I raised my hand to indicate my alternate path to which he took as a sign of acknowledgement and, reacted with a quite hello. Sizing up the stranger, wearing a dirt-stained hooded winter coat, he looked to be a man of the street, possibly homeless. We both stopped momentarily if not only long enough for me to gaze into his eyes and observe the hardship pained on his unshaven and age-creased face and, to my astonishment, presuming the harshness of this man’s life-journey, he smiled exposing his failing, decaying teeth, reflective of his beaten state and likelihood of much pain. In those few brief moments of encounter two main thoughts came to mind: firstly, how one who shows all outward signs of a dark, humble and difficult life could/would react to such a brief encounter with another, with a smile and, second; to question if each human, life-journey presents situations of, or by, our making or, a path to fulfill a pre-ordained destiny.
Life’s Providence
Opening doorway’s door through a matrix of rooms
Each new door leading to unknown goodness or doom
The potential fatality of this curtsied course
Is being guided by the same unseen, misguided forceDoor after door flung open, steadfastly making my way
Hoping for measure of gratification to ease what’s paid
Relentless in the pursuit to achieve life’s undefined goal
Before relinquishing from this body, its term of SoulStanding now beleaguered, on time’s fast-aging ground
Consumed by frustration of unwavering resistance to be found
Trying to prove this life’s providence a worth to defend
Only to find the search to its purpose, coming to a fruitless end.

Meaning of Life

Sayers of life’s truth and reason
Tell through rhyme, written and song

Of a greater being of wisdom
ONE that is loving, caring and strong

Whose lesson it is to teach us
With pain, suffering and things gone wrong

That wisdom is the answer to life
That in an instant will be gone.

Reflection Of Life

Simple and to the point is my writing ability
Even at times ignoring prudent civility
As I see it is how I make my call
The words to the page then is what will fall
Inspiration comes from many an unseen source
The method to insight follows no distinct course
For certain what is given may demand cerebral force
The driven objective is want to give rise to discourseThis eclectic collection that has been given birth
Begs a question: To humanity, what is its overall worth?
To the literary world it may even seem dearth
But to this author – it is reflection of life on this Earth.
 The End or maybe just the Beginning!


Troubling Confluence


Photo by Ed Kashi


A recent interview broadcast with Naomi Klein  (Interview) wherein she discusses the background for her new book This Changes Everything, prompted the following poem:

Fragile has become the ground on which humanity treads;
A global decision to pollute and poison chosen instead,
When no longer there are resources by which it is fed
The only conclusion: humanity on Earth forever, will be dead!

Rhetorical scripts pronouncement espousing remedy
That in the end, renders no practical reversal to this calamity,
Pacified by weak measure of corporate promise to indemnity,
State governments fail to prosecute and exercise viable, criminal penalty.

For all its intelligence humanity has proven its ignorance;
For the path it has chosen with seeming indifference,
Eluded by the concept: its presence being a permanence,
Will awaken to the reality: its extinction by this troubling confluence.



Anxiety’s Pain

(Image `Separation Anxiety’  Source:

Residing permanently outside the envelop of popular, common-minds’ reasoning to thoughts derived, instilling a sustainable uneasiness, increasingly difficult to temper; derives condition of ill-defined malaise for which exists remedy to correction beyond medicated, lobotomized cauterizing of synaptic root origins to this illness’ creation, that being: to embody and expel the infused, emotionally derived condition as transformative bursts of reviving energy, formulating unique manners of artistic, creative expression, embodying the full depth of anxiety’s pain.



Blank Page




Blank Page

A blank page lays before me waiting to be blemished with markings representing some semblance of meaning in the form of words that will express my thoughts in a fashion of form and order that will with luck and exposure, conjure a response within the known and ideally yet to be known, spectrum of human emotion (I would include aliens but they’re not suppose to exist) yet to know exactly what those words ought to be is not exactly clear to me so my intention from this point forward is to basically put down the words as they manifest in that part of my brain responsible for such activity with the hope that I won’t forget what those words are by the time they reach the finger tips of my hands that take on the charge of pushing the keys to the keypad with further hope that I don’t misspell or misuse any specific word such that it throws off any potential reader from realizing the relevance of this piece that appears to be materializing to my astonishment, right before my eyes and further, that the imperative of proper grammar and punctuation is appropriately emphasized and not over done as has been known to occur in past writings that unlike this writing were constructed with a premeditated thought of purpose guiding its development be it a poem, prose or even short story that I am known by those who know me, to have written and several of them I may add, though much of them have yet to be widely distributed for critical review, a review that may prove too harmful to my fragile psyche were the critique to be less then flattering potentially giving rise to not writing anything more – full stop


Extraterrestrials and Terrestrials (would u believe?)


Why is the REAL world hidden from view?
Is there TRULY something to hide from me and you?
Science-fictional tales attempt to undo,
What most have come to believe is to be true:

That alternate worlds reside beyond this earthly existence!
Unfortunately, with the wrong people controlling, with resistance,
Guarding centuries-old secrets with deathly persistence,
Demanding Common People to stand up with insistence:

For the vale of futile secrecy for once be lifted,
Exposing the nature of what secret knowledge has been gifted,
So humanity can for once gain from what has already been enlisted
And, to recognize Ex-terrestrials and Terrestrials have and for-ever, co-existed!


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