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Global Truth & Reconciliation: `I’m Tired of Being Lied To’


It is common awareness that a `Lie’, related to any matter of subject or condition, only serves to perpetuate more lying to protect the fact a lie has been perpetrated.

This condition eventually leads to establishing a `Secret’ to protect they who initiated the original lie. Eventually, this leads to conflict between those who become aware of the lie perpetuated versus those who protect the condition of the presence of a lie. For Nations, this generally falls under the classification of `National Security’.

Over the centuries the lies compounded upon lies has manifest to a present state where any subject pertaining to Human existence and the historical conditions from and which it has evolved to this the 21st century become subject to questioning debate.

Unfortunately, the select few who have assumed themselves to be the `rightful holders and protectors to the truth’ to the lies perpetrated over the centuries; fear for the level of anger and hostility that would ensue and foisted upon them by the Peoples of the World were, at this late date, said `truths’ be divulged.

It is with a high degree of certainty that many millions of lives have suffered and lost for the sole purpose and reason: to protect the many critical lies that comprises Human History.

But, this can no longer be tolerated.

All the Peoples of the World must finally rise up and take a stand against centuries of tyranny wrongly imposed upon them, at great cost of human suffering and debasement, by only a very few, select elite families and their political minions. Generations-old establishment that have constructively and strategically, for their own enrichment and empowerment, taken exclusive control to `Knowledge of Human Origins and Antiquity’ that are the rightful property of all Peoples. From ancient history and origins of our species to the purported interventions of `other world’ entities and all relevant matters in-between.

A global `Truth and Reconciliation’ event under the auspices of a Peoples United Nations must be demanded. A year long event where `secrets’ long held from Humanity be openly and unequivocally divulged; brought into the light of day.

`Truth and Reconciliation: A truth commission or truth and reconciliation commission is a commission tasked with discovering and revealing past wrongdoing by a government (or, depending on the circumstances, non-state actors also), in the hope of resolving conflict left over from the past.’

Finally, a loud and vocal revolution, here as yet to be experienced, of seismic proportions is essential to bring a final end to the conflict and suffering common humanity has long and wrongfully endured; to chart a new course allowing for it to finally evolve and prosper well into this 21st Century and beyond. Failure to do so will assuredly lead to its ultimate, unnecessary demise.


Extraterrestrials and Terrestrials (would u believe?)


Why is the REAL world hidden from view?
Is there TRULY something to hide from me and you?
Science-fictional tales attempt to undo,
What most have come to believe is to be true:

That alternate worlds reside beyond this earthly existence!
Unfortunately, with the wrong people controlling, with resistance,
Guarding centuries-old secrets with deathly persistence,
Demanding Common People to stand up with insistence:

For the vale of futile secrecy for once be lifted,
Exposing the nature of what secret knowledge has been gifted,
So humanity can for once gain from what has already been enlisted
And, to recognize Ex-terrestrials and Terrestrials have and for-ever, co-existed!



Where Is The Disconnect?


Of the many issues in this earthly presence to confound any intellect of rational reason the latest has to do with the decades-old debate on the presence of unidentifiable flying objects (UFO’s) and, understandably, before you skip reading the rest of this article, please here me out.

As of late, with the advent of HUBBLE and most recently KEPLER deep-space observation telescopes, the media has been flush with reports of new found galaxy clusters, earth-like planets, etc., etc., suggesting that life, in some form, may exist elsewhere. Supporting these discoveries is a field of dedicated and seemingly rational, intelligent astronomical scientist and physicists who quake in their boots over such marvels of discovery giving high praise to advances in technology that allow such cosmic discovery.

Now here is where my mind goes into spasms for it can be stated emphatically: there are concrete irrefutable, documented evidence (just check out YouTube for the latest) that unfamiliar objects are occupying our skies ie UFO’s.  Whether the origins of these objects is extra-terrestial or not is open to debate but, assuming they are terrestial, of earth-based origin; why has this technology not been made public and utilized for the exploration of space in lieu of very expensive to build, deploy and maintain telescopes and roving robots that conjure more questions then are answered.
The suggestion here: things just do not add up.

Why would learned, intelligent individuals expend their entire careers exploring space for signs of life beyond Earth without at least exploring the presence, origin(s) and purpose to what millions of earth-citizens believe to be true: UFO’s do exist?  Are these scientists purposely blind to what has become pervasively self-evident?

It is increasingly obvious deception and misinformation are designed to keep 99 percent of humanity in the dark not only the topic of UFO’s but too, other equally important life affecting topics. A condition to any concerned citizen is disheartening. It leaves one to question: if the truth to reality; not in the esoteric sense, but in terms of day to day reality, does not exist, why adhere and conform to the principles that purport to sustain civil society?

In the end; what purpose is there in striving for something better when the environment in which we dwell is nothing more then a `fabricated lie’, an illusion?

Where is the disconnect?


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