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Truth: Fact To Reality

The complication that arises from having too much idle time coupled with a curious and inquisitive mind and an Internet access, is the opportunity to garner knowledge that leads to a better understanding, comprehension of the reality that encompasses humanity. A reality of knowing that we, all of humanity, are emersed in a nefarious body of deception and lies that has become so comprehensive and insidious, it obliterates any possibility of knowing Truth. A word that as of this 21st century day, no longer has substantive meaning for any aspect of this realm of human existence.

Ultimately, an individual has only one truth to hold on to:you are born; you die.

The foundation of individual experience, teaching learned, perception to thought and worldly understanding is built upon a lie or contrivance of what was once known as truth. That beyond the stated ultimate truth, every transaction that transpires throughout a human life has a substantive potential to be the fabrication and/or manipulation of the environment of experience.

It is fully expect many would argue against this denunciation of human reality simply because the nay-sayer(s) has not had the opportunity to objectively explore the bubble of deception that comprises this world reality. The convoluting and conspiring that has become so sophisticated as to render the seams and interlacing of falsehoods, invisible to all save for those who take the time to look deeply into the System as metaphorically depicted in the classic movie series The Matrix.

Once the Individual realizes, digests and understands the hypocritic structure of human reality; only then can they shed the obligation and imposed weight of responsibility to participate and serve the System. The caveat to this denunciation is this truth of fact: You will fail in any attempt to disconnect;obliterated by the Administrators via mechanisms strategically entrenched and promulgated by officious, subordinate minions ready to enforce a delusional, false reality. This is an absolute certainty enshrined in the knowledge; those of ultimate position of authority to knowing the true state of humanity’s reality have in place layers of safeguards to ensure that such knowledge not be allowed to infiltrate the masses. Every resource, without limit, will be utilized to insure the primacy of their position.

A moral telling story:

A young man in the course of his worldly journey is told a prophetic tale by as wise looking old man:

One day, in the very near future, all the people of the world will simultaneously go mad, insane of mind

Visibly alarmed by the prospect the young man asked what could he do to prevent this from happening to him?

The old man handing the young man a porcelain flask replied; ‘Drink the water contained in this flask at the first sign of such an event and be saved from the scourge.’

Taking the flask the young man departed never to see the old man again.

Sure enough, true to the wise-man’s prophetic teaching the day arrived; the young man realized over the course of the day people all around were going mad; running about hill and dale, screaming incomprehensibly and nonsensically as the ran about.

Quickly, the young man opened the flask he always held with him, drank the flavourless liquid.

As the clock struck the mid-night hour, everyone within earshot of the young man was raving madly, running in circles, doing irrational things. Everyone had gone stark raving insane of mind as was told to him

As the days and weeks went by, the man in his travels began to realize those around him started seeing that he was different and they reacted poorly to his presence. Soon crowds would gather around him all blathering the same nonsensical gibberish and began to treat him poorly.

As time wore on the young man had come to realize he would have been better not to have drunken of the flask realizing by all around him – he truly, was the one insane of mind.

The moral of course: the more one differentiates their Self from the majority, the more likely they are to be deemed the weaker, problematic, to be subject to their persecution.


Paradoxical Clue


These words of verse offered up for view
In many ways reflect nothing new
But in the end what they are meant to do
Is simply show life understood, can renew

From birth to death, life charts an unknown course
Often just responding to unseen force
That somehow gets to where it need go
Even though the reasons for it, is not to know

Is life an illusion, a dream state fulfilled
Or is it something simpler still?

Maybe the answer lies in this paradoxical clue
See what it means to YOU:

Life is to death, as death is to life, one needs the other, to make all things right

Sentient life is but one organism within a matrix to All
Loss to this understanding is where humanity finds its flaw
It need regress to the state where it first began to crawl
To re-instate its being chosen, amongst the many, to stand most Tall


Voyage to Fate

Upon entering Cabin 612, an eight by ten room
Little did I know, it would be my doom
That water would seep from every crack
Then the moment arrives, I’ll never be going back
Alone I will wait for help to arrive
But none will come, I’ll struggle to survive
As the last light finally flickers out
I’ll be over come with fear and try to shout
But no one will hear, for they have all gone
I nervously start to hum my favorite song
The water will rise leaving just a pocket of air
How much more of this will I be able to bare
With a sudden surge, water filling the room
Little did I know, it would be my tomb

Times like these suggest life is guided by fate
There seems little room for counter debate
Innocent, guided by optimism and pleasure
Life itself offering so much to treasure
Then unbeknownst, unannounced
From out of nowhere death does trounce
In less than an instant all is lost
For no matter of reason, no matter of cost
Times like these you know life is guided by fate
There is no room for counter debate.

A dedication to those who died alone on the
fateful Costa Concordia pleasure cruise


Is All Sanity Lost?

To anyone keen on global politics, the Republican Party presidential nominee primaries has to be at the top of the chart of things to watch and listen.

To date the campaign has been a roller-coaster ride with each of the original field of eight candidate hopefuls having their `kick at the can’ as favorite with the exception of media cast underdog: Ron Paul.

Exiting the most recent primary of South Carolina it would appear of the remaining four: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingerich, Rick Santorum and last but not least, Senator Ron Paul; Newt Gingrich seems the flavor dejour .

Gingrich’s South Carolina win comes as somewhat of a surprise though rumored leading up to the day of voting as likely to unseat rival Mitt Romney who won New Hampshire and seemingly tied with Santorum in Iowa.

As observer to the 2012 GOP nomination process, what is increasingly disturbing, listening to the rhetoric of the three candidates as each takes turn basking in the spotlight of Republican delegates amour, is the unabashed `call-to-arms’ when discussing the perceived Iranian nuclear program. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate countering the `war-mongering’ position.

By virtue of Romney, Gingrich and Santorum sharing the spotlight if not momentarily, as front runner, what is most alarming and should be of concern to everyone around the globe, is the unanimous support suggested by Republican voters support of continued United States hegemonic and interventionist foreign policy and anti=Islamic propaganda. It is as though a significant segment of US citizens have amnesia when it comes to starting war in the Middle East and their cost to life and treasury.

As stated, Newt Gingrich won South Carolina taking 40 percent of the votes cast against Romney’s 28 percent; Santorum and Paul taking 17 and 13 percent, respectively.

With a commanding win by Gingrich,, with the real potential that he be elected 45th President of the United States, it would be intriguing to know more of his political track-record.

Not surprising, Internet search results are more commentary on his marital misgivings then his politics however, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) [] provides a detailed analysis of Gingrich’s path to present glory.

A review of Gingrich’s rise through the mine-laden chasm of politics, it can only be conclude that, despite a concern for Gingrich’s erratic nature and inconsistency in setting policy, the overwhelming concern for all people, should be his stated willingness to pursue military solution to threats and foes to the United States – unilaterally and without consent of its allies if necessary.

The current, greatest threat to world stability is the quagmire of the Middle East: the powder keg being Iran, the fuse Israel, the match, the Untied States. That said, a Gingrich quote taken from the ISP web-site: “waging war against us since 1979,” he has explicitly espoused an emphatic regime-change line, telling CNN in October 2011, “Our goal should be the replacement of the Iranian dictatorship.” should give pause to everyone when considering Newt Gingrich for President.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the United States electoral populace is more then split on issues of policy both domestic and foreign, they are `scattered’. There are many important and relevant issues by which to divide the electorate, namely: declining economy, rising unemployment, financial crisis in the national debt and, foreign policy related to impending war with Iran to name the most significant. However, what is most telling about the state-of-mind of the voting public and reflected by the main-stream-media is the blatant and obvious disregard for the one candidate most consistent in his platform to address all of these issues is Senator Ron Paul.

To an outside observer it is increasingly difficult to understand how the erratic, vacillating, egregiously blatant lying and, documented ‘flip-flopping’ on policy and other matter by the three leading candidates versus Ron Paul’s consistent and grounded platform, does not permeate with a greater majority of voters then he now enjoys.

Though many find Ron Paul’s platform a radical shift in American doctrine both domestic and foreign, confidence should be garnered from at least knowing what he stands for and what he would do as President unlike his opponents whom have demonstrated conclusively their fallibility of consistency and willingness to acquiesce to pressures imposed by Lobbyst over the interests of the citizens of the United States and the balance of the World.

In conclusion, considering the performance of the Obama administration over the last three-plus years in Office and, the President’s obvious departure from the platform on which he was so stridently elected; should any of the three leading Republican contenders ultimately become the 45th President, seems almost irrelevant. The four years following the January 20th, 2013 inauguration and potentially beyond, will undoubtedly be filled with strife, tension, impending if not full-out conflict that will continue to erode any possibility for sane, peaceful well-being for all people, throughout the World.


New Prosperity-Era Of Goodness

Stranded by this moment of divinity
I search my soul for an answer
Looking to the ancient of beings
Whose wisdom and knowledge
Permeates amongst living souls of today
Reflections of the pain that brought us here
Yet unresolved to the matter of the heart
Tribes of humanity on the same path
But blinded by the shared light of ignorance
Lubricated by the concepts of hope and faith
While wallowing in the desires of physical indulgence
Is it these elements that conspire?
To give cause to lament
Restricting progress to purpose
Fusing collective consciousness to a state of chaos
Rendering masters of devious plans contrived
Fueling their power of manipulation
To structure an existence that renders futility
Futility of mind and body
Enslaving the wealth of individual souls
To beckon a higher order of divinity
To wash away these faults of sin
Is to mimic a child’s fantasy
For the power to render a new end
Lies in the depth of each mind
For the charge to this call
Is embodied within each new generation
Stored within the cellular equation
That manifests a worldly direction
A direction implanted by the origins of all
Scripted to an awakening of mind
With language’s meaning encrypted
Encoded to wisdom’s lock
That only time prescribed to understanding
Will find its combination to freedom’s wale
That which lies to manifest upon discovery
Will dissolve the shackles that now bind
Opening the gates of golden light’s enlightenment
Rendering the full power of humanity’s energy combined
To pursue at light-speed to new beginnings
Beginnings as yet undefined by words that exist
That harken a new era of prosperity of goodness
That lies beyond the power of mortal souls to conscript


Whose Spinning the Truth

I produced the following video to speak to the truth that is not being spoken in the course of the Republican Primaries –


Cycle of Ignorance

In approximately seven months from today, the citizens of the United States will vote to elect the 45th President of the United States.

Presently the Republican Party is in the process of defining whom amongst a field of what began as eight presidential hopefuls, to what is now five, of whom one will chosen at the GOP National Convention to start the week of August 27, 2012 to be held in Tampa Bay, Florida. The candidate chosen to challenge seated President Barack Obama at the November 5th, 2012 election.

As of this writing, the six Republican candidates are to face-off in the South Carolina primaries on January 21, 2012. At present straw-polls have Mitt Romney in the lead followed by Rick Santorum even though Newt Gingrich was expected to do well in South Carolina. Ron Paul appears to be hold forth place position just ahead of Rick Perry.

To speculate who will ultimately be the front-running favorite come the GOP Convention given the volatility of what is taking place in the State primaries held to date would be that: pure speculation. That said, as it appears now, Mitt Romney is definitely staying the course set very early in the primary process.

Having followed through televised debates and daily news sources both from the main stream media and alternate namely Internet, media, it is increasingly perplexing as to how it is the Mitt Romney in spite of well documented evidence that his stump-speech can change from one day to the next when challenged on issues of foreign policy, occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and most importantly dealing with the economy. To go into specifics would demand a book not an essay therefore it behooves you the reader to check out the veracity of this claim. But most important about Romney’s vacillating platform is how in general, it does not waver significantly from that of President Obama.

Romney continues to promote hegemonic occupations represented by military interventionist strategies throughout the Middle East, he supports failed Keynesian economic driven monetary policies, increased Defense budget spending and, has a proven track record by his greed-driven ambitions as a private-sector businessman that would put dollars of profit ahead of jobs of middle-class Americans that now face increasing unemployment.

On the subject of taxation, though Romney resists demands to release his tax returns from prior years, he has committed to stating that due to a significant portion of his earnings are derived from investments, his effective tax rate is estimated to be approximately fifteen (15) percent. This would have Romney paying less taxes on a percentage basis then the average bus driver.
To add insult to this, Romney fully supports the Bush Tax cuts to the rich legislated by the
G.W. Bush administration.

To compare the platforms of the five remaining candidates as presented via the many debates held to date, to anyone with a modicum of common-sense, with the exception of one of the five, the one commonality that threads them together is that they all stand for the same basic principles of war, increased military spending, continued interventionist foreign policies and monetary backing of the too-big-to-fail banking institution funded by the Federal Reserve at the expense of the American people’s treasury that in turn, mirrors the platform on which the Obama administration has and would continue to operate post November, 2012.

The one exception of note is none other than Ron Paul.

Senator Ron Paul from the outset of the Republican Party primaries that started May 5,2011 has if nothing else been absolutely consistent in his message the central theme of which has been: restoration of the principles of the American Constitution.

Here again, it would take a book to highlight and delve into the specifics of the Ron Paul election platform but what can be said most stridently is that his doctrine of returning American troops not only from present theater of conflict but from the hundreds of military bases threw-out the world in concert with a revised less interventionist foreign policy; gradual elimination of federal income tax; great individual rights to self-determination; abolishing of the Federal Reserve and central banking system structured upon fiat currency; significant cuts to military budget and elimination of federal departments such as Education, Energy, Housing, Commerce and Urban Development in support of a Trillion-dollar cut in federal spending by the end of the first year in Office.

As stated, to compare Ron Paul’s proposed electoral platform to that of the other four candidates, it is blatantly obvious whose platform most reflects a true and heart-felt, common-sense concern for the common-people. Ron Paul as President-elect will have profound and potential positive implications not for just the American population but, for every citizen on Earth.

So what will it take to break the obvious and in your face apparent cycle of ignorance that holds the American electorate blind and hostage to the same old rhetoric and failed policies of Presidential administrations since Ronald Reagan?

The opportunity has never been greater; the implications for the world have never been more significant, then for the outcome of the November 2012 presidential election.

It truly is an imperative for not just voting American citizens to be aware of what Republican presidential nominees and President Obama stand for but, that every caring citizen of this World take an interest in what has the potential to be the most important election in the history of the World. A flaming match is but inches away from a global powder-keg that if not doused by a rational mind as presented by Ron Paul’s candidacy, there is no telling how extensive the damage will be when the fuse is finally lit. And there will be no one to blame but ourselves.

(Linking to this YouTube posted will provide an opportunity to realize some background history as to why the United States and the world is in a precarious and dangerous state. Viewers should ignore that the video favors Ron Paul but rather take it as a first step of the many, to becoming better aware to the facts and ideally to break the present and pervasive: Cycle of Ignorance)


Naked Truth in Journalism: Is It Time?

The nightly national and international News does a good job in covering and reporting details of the rebellious and violent protests in Syria that blatantly emphasize President Assad’s regime as the perpetrator to repression and killing of Syrian people.

The first question to be asked of the journalistic reporting of the situation in Syria truly objective journalism or is it an editorializing the situation?

One only need spend a couple of hours on You Tube reviewing results of a search using keywords: “police brutality 2011“, to gain an appreciating to see that what is transpiring in Syria is no different then what is happening around the globe.  Simply put: the common man is rising up against the system/regime in the face of stiff and unrelenting repression and opposition by the ruling authority.

Most, especially given the questionable bias in the majority of western media’s reporting of the Syrian conflict, that to make such a statement is ridiculous but, is it?.

The intention of this article is not to condone the obvious and brutal reaction of the Assad government security and military forces upon those who are in revolt, but to highlight the hypocrisy of western reporting media by inferring the government is the bad guy.  As evidenced by the You Tube videos, the brutality exercised by the Assad government is not more or less than what is happening around the globe (though the Assad forces are using real armament, so too are the Israeli forces and in western countries, police in riot-gear are known apply excessive force and the use of rubber-tipped bullets just as effective in injuring or even killing a protestor)

Any attempt to analyze with a common sense perspective what is happening in Syria and anywhere else in our so-called civilized world, is next to impossible. The simple reason for this is the fact: accurate and unbiased information defining any transgression is virtually impossible to attain. Therefore, how is it possible for any one individual or country, observing the situation, able to confidently draw conclusion as to whose cause is right and whose is wrong in the conflict. Then for whom to advocate support in any form, in their respective cause?

Without doubt, any decent Human-being does not wish or want for others of their species to suffer under any form of hardship however, there comes a time, especially in light of the bias and agenda that can and does distort the truth to a situation, that it is possibly best that a non-interventionist stance be taken.  To let the conflicting parties work out their differences no matter the cost in human life or destruction of property that may ensue?

The only reasonable alternative to this callous statement of position is for those who dedicate themselves to reporting as journalist, the events of the world,  that they begin to do so naked to the truth, free of any bias or editorial opinion in order for the listening public to draw an honest conclusion and response as they interpret the situation.

Could it be time that a Nation of Journalism be created populated by those dedicated to observing and reporting the events of the world free of a credential that ties them to the bias’ perpetrated and/or imposed upon them due to a loyalty to their nation of residence?  A body of independent and truly objective individuals to whom the rest of the world residents feel confident that what is reported in the unvarnished and, Naked Truth,


Question To Engendering Consciousness

‘They are free to commit atrocities like the September 11 attacks not only because the laws of America don’t apply to them, but the laws of God as well.’

( )

The above is a statement made in context of the United States signing the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act into law that, in turn, stimulated the following thought:

To think that a world population could be/is oblivious to the total and real power held by those of such supremacy of mind, fearless to anyone, thing or entity, from common man to an atheistic belief in God could be a reality.  Such a Power without remorse or sense of emotional, moral ethics that inhibit an action, an atrocity against any ‘other’ living organism.  This truth’s realization paints a dire and bleak picture for human existence into the future.

With Power so great and seemingly limitless without moral or judicial restraint; what tool of defense can the balance of humanity utilize with any probability of success?

This may prove to be the ultimate Question for humanity to collectively answer before the end of 2012; the heightened state of consciousness purported as integral, though spiritual component, to prophetic legend: Winter Solstice,  2012.

Could it be a possibility the Answer is genetically encoded to All peoples’ mind’s; awaiting the Question posed, giving credence to meaning and resolve, the strength to Action against Power suffering a severe case of amnesia or atrophy to the fact?

The next twelve months whether the mythology surrounding 2012 is realized or not, the year will prove to be one of humanity’s most vibrant and ‘lived’ ever!  Buckle UP!


Humble Author

Empty, pouring my life into words
Words not knowing if ever to be heard
A notion that leaves my mind disturbed
A blight of which never to be cured

Years of days indecently go by
The incessant compulsion I try
To avoid expression, to decry
Feelings, expunged by words to die

Countless are the emotions compiled
Page upon page denoting my trials
Conjuring ghostly images, an obscure smile
More often painting a life defiled

Endless seems this timeless chore to be
Scribing this life passage for others to see
A collective tomb wishfully worthy of thee
As humble author to words given to me

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