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Demanding of Goodness


world divide

Deeper into evil’s darkness as the world recedes;
Disregarding how much its populations are made to bleed;
Inspired by ill-gotten wisdom of those who purport to lead;
Demanding the loud outcry of opposition’s struggle plead.

The forces of evil have found their needed start
By national leaders chosen with deceitful, evil heart
Set to tear all that has been made good, apart;
Demanding remedy capable to outwit, to outsmart.

The future for humankind seems increasingly bleak,
Incarceration of those who attempt to outwardly speak,
Militarized police beating down demonstrations in the streets;
Demanding the full goodness of all humanity for this enemy to defeat.


Naykd Poet


Since December 2011 by this blog, I’ve purged my heart, mind and soul; laying Naykd my thoughts to all, to know but, with time of near four years passage, what most did not grow, is awareness to a wisdom, my words, with hope, would sow. Yet, undaunted I pursue this work, not for the charm of accolade or renown but, for the mere chance of survival from that which ails this world; I feel so emotionally, so profound.  It is my only vehicle to solution short of violent revolution upon the corruptness metastasizing throughout this Human institution but to remain discouraged, by its prolific infusion. `Words can be mightier than the sword’ but, for that truth to be known, the right words need be shown, for the courage of strength, to be sown.



Image result for you

The world feeling stress at the seams;
Truer than life are its worst of dreams;
Hesitant are most to give it a voice;
But there comes a moment, there is no choice.

Every avenue, every domain,
Every institution, established name;
Feeling the pressure, fracturing apart;
Traditions failing those worn closest, to a civil heart.

What remedy, what resolve
Need manifest to this malaise, solve;
Far too great is their weight of dismay,
Leaving loss of hope, to see light of day.

Prophecy of scripture, resigned to by some,
Rendering providence to returning mythical Son;
But reality holds to a much stronger truth:
Solutions reside in the hearts of everyone and, YOU!


Lore’s Truths Hidden

Each generation to human creation dilutes meaning to experience;
History etched in text accounting for pain, blood and life lost
Fade, obliterated from present minds’ tangible suffering
Only to be relived, re-enacted and resolved to be unique,
Yielding but another, duplication, to historical records’ accounting.

What manifestation need arrive to dissolve this endless cycle
Of seemingly pointless toil; to render permanent solution;
Elimination of permanent state of sufferance by the many
Whose wish goal is to purely reside harmoniously; in peaceful
Collaborative purpose and mutual enjoyment of prosperity?

For those with whom resides the mind to seek it,
Telling truths, hidden in ancient lore; wisdom is to be found.
Words that speak not only to the past but, to days yet to come.
Though failing to heed the messages’ veracity to experience lived,
Is reason sure, world peace, yet again, stands to become undone.


Miracle To Change


Given the tumultuous times we increasingly find our world in, it seems appropriate to give this long ago written poem another spin.  It speaks loudly to the want and hope that humanity recognize the trajectory of its present course that only a blind-fool would think it not toward inhuman sufferance; if not its outright demise:

Miracle To Change

As the world spins on its axis tilt
Twenty-four hours of blood to be spilt

Humanity’s participants long for the day
Brutality and evil will have gone away

If history speaks as loudly as it does
Bullets and famine will win to love

Turbulence and chaos reflected in the skies
Surprisingly some still naively ask `why?

Though beauty of flora and fauna still exist
As casket wreaths it spoils their bliss

Mankind towards destruction seems inclined
What miracle to change will it have to find?


New Prosperity-Era Of Goodness

Stranded by this moment of divinity
I search my soul for an answer
Looking to the ancient of beings
Whose wisdom and knowledge
Permeates amongst living souls of today
Reflections of the pain that brought us here
Yet unresolved to the matter of the heart
Tribes of humanity on the same path
But blinded by the shared light of ignorance
Lubricated by the concepts of hope and faith
While wallowing in the desires of physical indulgence
Is it these elements that conspire?
To give cause to lament
Restricting progress to purpose
Fusing collective consciousness to a state of chaos
Rendering masters of devious plans contrived
Fueling their power of manipulation
To structure an existence that renders futility
Futility of mind and body
Enslaving the wealth of individual souls
To beckon a higher order of divinity
To wash away these faults of sin
Is to mimic a child’s fantasy
For the power to render a new end
Lies in the depth of each mind
For the charge to this call
Is embodied within each new generation
Stored within the cellular equation
That manifests a worldly direction
A direction implanted by the origins of all
Scripted to an awakening of mind
With language’s meaning encrypted
Encoded to wisdom’s lock
That only time prescribed to understanding
Will find its combination to freedom’s wale
That which lies to manifest upon discovery
Will dissolve the shackles that now bind
Opening the gates of golden light’s enlightenment
Rendering the full power of humanity’s energy combined
To pursue at light-speed to new beginnings
Beginnings as yet undefined by words that exist
That harken a new era of prosperity of goodness
That lies beyond the power of mortal souls to conscript



Invisible are the intangible senses but one; that which emotes from the beating heart, cascading outward as ethereal energy, enriched and charged, a source to enliven and foster within another yearning soul, a spark of unknown wonderment, inducing a welling tide of goodness, replenishing to overflowing to yet once more, emote: Love

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