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Empathy: defined?

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Recent developments of a family nature have exposed me to a foreign experience, until now: the depth of hostility expressed and anxiety imposed upon an ailing, dying Father by his only and seemingly heartless Son.

What has materialized from this experience is clarity, from my perspective, of the true meaning of Empathy.

Empathy: what the non-suffering need feel for the suffering.

In the broader scope of human experience: it is the sufferance of the suffering for the non-suffering to suffer to realize the true meaning of Empathy.



Tears of Cotton



Tumbling under the tumbleweed,
Watching life from body recede,
Praying for forgiveness to bleed,
Knowing not what truth to believe.

Heaven holds promise to life given,
Forgetting awareness of promises driven,
That life is meant for those bent on liven,
What chance is there they are in fact riven?

Hell provides an excuse to excuse,
Those given to others to abuse,
Or ultimatum to refuse,
What amounts to a  pile of garbage refuse.

Darkness hides from glorious light,
Deceiving what is most given to fright,
To harness the strength to give flight,
Especially when darkness arrives in the night.

What ails in the heart is not to be forgotten,
In the end, it transcends what grows rotten,
That’s why tears are left to be sought then,
Absorbed in ‘kerchiefs, made of fine cotton.


Lore’s Truths Hidden

Each generation to human creation dilutes meaning to experience;
History etched in text accounting for pain, blood and life lost
Fade, obliterated from present minds’ tangible suffering
Only to be relived, re-enacted and resolved to be unique,
Yielding but another, duplication, to historical records’ accounting.

What manifestation need arrive to dissolve this endless cycle
Of seemingly pointless toil; to render permanent solution;
Elimination of permanent state of sufferance by the many
Whose wish goal is to purely reside harmoniously; in peaceful
Collaborative purpose and mutual enjoyment of prosperity?

For those with whom resides the mind to seek it,
Telling truths, hidden in ancient lore; wisdom is to be found.
Words that speak not only to the past but, to days yet to come.
Though failing to heed the messages’ veracity to experience lived,
Is reason sure, world peace, yet again, stands to become undone.


Todd’s Secret – a short story


My eyes opened for just long enough to see my mother’s face and just long enough to hear her say with a crying sob, `Todd is dead’. Then, the next I knew, I awoke in my room, in my bed.

My name is Jake. At the time of writing this I just turned twenty-seven but what happened took place about a year ago. It has taken me this long to deal with what I am about to tell you. Why I am here and Todd, my best friend, is dead.

I’ve known Todd all my life it seems. But it wasn’t always that way. What I mean is after graduating from high school Todd and I went our separate ways and well, time, money and great distance can break-up the best of friendships. What brought us together once again was just the combination of a falling economy and coincidence, really.

Like I said, after high school I may have seen Todd the odd holiday but for the better part of four or five years, we never saw each other until that fateful day.

I may not have mentioned it but, after graduating from university majoring in the humanities, there were few jobs around and becoming desperate, I went to the Employment Center in hopes of finding a temporary job at minimum wage even. So there I was in line with about a dozen other desperate souls when this guy bumps into me and would you know it, it was Todd.

The funny thing about seeing him, in that moment, was; it’s as though the years apart were suddenly erased and somehow, I could sense Todd felt the same way.

I was first to get through the process but I anxiously waited until Todd came out into the center hall, I waved him down and suggested we go for coffee to catch up.

Todd looked as good as the last time I saw him, just before leaving for university. He’s kept the same crew cut, spiked at the front and he had obviously just been in the tropics because his tanned skin made him that much blonder with those thick, bushy eyebrows and crystal blue eyes that joyfully twinkled when he smiled. I am and always have been in love with Todd, beautiful Todd.

We must have talked for hours given it was bright sunshine when we arrived and it was now pitch black outside. He told me about his college years and his on and off again love affairs and once graduated, he got a good job with an investment firm. Todd got his degree in economics and it landed him a job in the Bahamas hence the tan and sun-blonde hair. But then, unfortunately, it was a Ponzi-scheme setup and it got busted. Fortunately for him he was so low on the totem pole that he was not criminally involved but nonetheless, unemployed with no benefits hence, being at the Employment Center. Then fate took its course.

Over the ensuing weeks, Todd and I got together nearly every day each, mutually interested to get back into the groove of our old friendship. We both laughed and cried at how, while still in high school, we would fantasize about what great, important and high-paying jobs we were going to have by going to university and here we were; me at twenty-five and Todd being one year younger, we were both unemployed and living in our parents’ basements. It was then we made a pack to the effect: if the system didn’t want us then, WE DON’T WANT THE SYSTEM! Then committed to getting organized to tread the globe far and as wide as we can make it.

I don’t honestly know how we did it but between the two of us, we were able to scrounge up about five thousand bucks that, along with getting odd jobs along the way, we figured we should be able to go pretty far. And far we did get.

Let me say one thing: beauty begets! Being in the company of Todd given his good looks, calm demeanor and, boyish charm; it goes a long way. Now that is not to say I am a slouch in the looks department, I am a ok looking but, next to Todd, everyone is diminished in the looks department and not just if you are a guy. Yes, he was that good looking.

Well we weren’t one month into our travels from home in Cleveland that we had already gotten to Costa Rica. Beautiful and exotic Costa Rica with its miles of white sandy beaches with some of the most powerful white-foaming surf slamming hard against the shore. And what got us there was Todd’s infectious smile.

From across the room in this small bar in Tepic Mexico were a young guy and girl in their early twenties; we later came to know them as Kenny and Melissa, Mel for short. They were brother and sister. Let me rephrase that introduction; they were spoiled rich brother and sister who decided, not unlike Todd and I, to travel the world but unlike Todd and I, were doing it as lavishly as their Black American Express could take them. I told Todd I thought they were phony’s and the credit card didn’t exist, that Platinum was the card rich people carried. Todd said I was only partly right; only the super-rich had the black card. He learned that fact from his days working for the shysters running the Ponzi scheme.

It was obvious from the start that Kenny and Mel were both infatuated with Todd and they insisted he, we, joy them on their dime to where ever we wanted. And without a second breath they both screamed out Costa Rica with a flutter of their tongues.

We were met at the airport by a chauffeured Land Rover and taken to a resort situated in the tropical rain forest. It was absolutely exquisite replete with every conceivable convenience of the best quality ruggedly set with bamboo cabanas, lush hammocks suspended between huge, luscious Queen Palms and the constant natural and magical cries of wildlife emanating from the jungle. It truly was paradise. I said it was the Garden of Eden re-manifested just for the four of us, as there were no other guests. The only other people were the resort’s staff who were more than discrete. I learned only later; Kenny and Mel paid out the resort for as long as we wanted to stay. These guys were obviously very, very rich. And unfortunately, as it turns out, that can be a bad thing.

After the second week of just lounging I started to get a bit bored and wanted to move on but the others including Todd wanted to hang on for a while longer. I think he was having sex with both of them but from what I could gather neither Kenny nor Mel seemed to know it. Todd was playing both of them and it would be an understatement to say I was jealous of the two of them for coming between Todd and I. In the end I decided, reluctantly, to move on, on my own, with plans to meet up again in Guatemala City. Although I was super mad and angry with Todd, I didn’t let him know it. I wanted to part on good terms in hopes that when we meet up again in a couple of weeks, things will get back to normal. I should probably make it known that although I love Todd a whole hell of a lot, and he is Gay, I’m not. At least not on a sexual sense, I just love Todd and being with him. If that makes me Gay, well then I am Gay too.

I have to admit those two weeks that followed by leaving were the longest; loneliest I had spent in a long time. All I could do was think about Todd and what he might be doing with Kenny and Mel or, they with him, and where they might be.

Before I left we planned that Todd was to send me an update on things, when and where he’d be joining up with me. He was to send a fax to the American Express office in Guatemala City before the end of the second week from when I left him. I went to that office every day for the whole week and nothing. I was both disappointed and confused because I didn’t know what next to do. Do I just sit there in the city and wait? What if he never writes, what if I never see him again? All of a sudden I was feeling very lonely both for him and for myself.

Another week went by with no news from Todd. I was getting desperate hoping something bad had not happened to him. Those two spoiled self-indulgent brats. Just the thought of them again makes me so angry. I was having enough of Guatemala City by now especially given that I was feeling almost sick with worry for Todd. As a last ditch effort I decide to try the American Express office one last time then, if no news I was probably just going to head back home. The joy of travel has been bled from me.

When I approached the front service counter the young Guatemalan girl who knew me well by now jumped with joy and a smile waving a piece of paper. She gleefully said in English that my long awaited fax had arrived. I could not believe it. The relief was over whelming. I quickly reached for it over the counter and read it feverishly.

Todd was still in Costa Rica. He had a bad parting of ways with Kenny and Mel to which he would tell me later, happened because Mel finally caught he and Kenny going at it heavy in the swimming pool late one night when she was supposed to have been in a alcohol and drug induced coma. Frankly I don’t know how he managed to keep up the rouse for as long as he did. Things couldn’t have been that bad in their parting at the airport in San Jose, they left him with two, prepaid, first-class, round the world, open tickets as gesture to the fun they did have together. I was to fly to San Jose a.s.a.p. then we’d fly out, together, from there. What made me forget all the bad things I felt about Todd over those three weeks alone was his closing remark: `I’m sorry buddy! See you soon. Love Todd.’

(To be continued….maybe?)



An eclectic expose’ of poems with the common element: `A’

A Bond Born

Freely dancing in the tall grass glade
Memory music shared – reality fades
Wild flowers – vivid colors cascade
Happiness in this moment made

Summer heat on naked skin beams
Lover’s passion kisses – those of dreams
Senses nourished ‘til ecstasy screams
Drifting afloat waves silent – serene

Entwined bodies mimic wind’s spiral
Sharing life energies with no denial
Promises made to test their trial
A mutual bond born beyond defile


A Final Curtain

`A brokered peace
It is meant to bring harmony to conflicts in the Middle East
A phrase we have heard so many times before
But if history does truly speak, we all know what is in store

The seemingly endless conflict chronicled in our world’s history
Its repetitive cycle infuses a global mental lethargy
So many power brokers have gloatingly spoken this phrase before
But in the end, all that comes, is the continuing destructive wars

What ultimate solution will bring about wanted civil peace?
When nations’ peoples are separated by religious beliefs
A conflict measured in centuries and countless deaths
Will it be total inhalation, the taking of the last living breath?

For sure this is not a question to be answered by any type of gods
It is a mortal answer that will induce boisterous, resounding applause
However, if there is one aspect to this all, that is absolutely certain
In this generation’s lifetime, don’t expect to experience a final curtain.


(12-11-07 m-d-y)

I sit here in my Florida rented apartment on the second day of my vacation. And not unlike my time at home, I reside here alone. And though the apartment is pleasant I continue to question why I am here. I knew before I left for this vacation that there is a strong likelihood that nothing will change by taking this trip however; I was committed to try and challenge the obvious. So far, and I don’t realistically expect that it will change, I am right in my earlier assumption. People here are friendly enough to acknowledge but for the most part, they are all cloistered in their little concrete bunkers called motels and hotel seemingly never to come out. As for myself I sometimes feel I am at the start of a bad dream. The days ahead anticipated to be void of purpose or planned adventure, to be spent alone and lonely. I try not to resign myself to depression by encouraging my mind to a better time ahead but it is a practice that is of questionable success. It would seem that this exercise of writing my thoughts serves two purposes: to expel my inner, negative thoughts and second, to consume the time I have to exist.


A Friend’s Pain

I heard today of the pain you are in
Nullifying mine when akin
To think other, would be a sin

Life moves in mysterious ways
Why to some, then to others, does suffering play?

I struggle to understand why it is so
Are we to blame fate or secrets of the cosmos?
Who can tells us?
Or, to a divinity do we trust?

I heard today of the pain you are in

I wish I could wish it away


A WARNING: To those faint of heart, the following is a departure from those above as it contains sexually explicit language

A Titillating Scottish-brogue

Seduced by the distinctive roll of his Scottish-brogue
That sent titillating shivers from my head to my toes
Not to mention how my cock stood as it rose
Anxiously awaiting fulfillment of flirtatious rumors told

His brawny masculine presence softened by a certain gentile
Made my want for his powerful embrace to feel
For in that moment my heart he did easily steal
But it was his sexual innuendo; I needed be made real

Standing tall above my prone naked self
His engorged, wicked cock, the first thing I felt
Caressing my body I succumb to his spell
His full lips falling to mine, it was then I knew full well

That I was lost to all his erotic, sensual commands
As he groped and probed with experienced, knowing hands
Determined to show me amorous love by another man
And in turn, subdued, be as compliant as I can

His deft moves brought me to unknown sexual heights
Our mutual, wanton pleasures taking spontaneous flight
My desire unleashed, wanting it to last beyond the night
Submitting to his stealth penetration, seduced with delight

Feeling his engorged, hardened cock fill me now
I yielded my tight manhole for him to mercilessly plow
Its enormous breadth and length spawned a moan out-loud
Succumbing to ravenous ecstasy, removing any prudence shroud

The growing sweet perfume, essence of mingling body sweat
Its pheromone quality yielding abandonment’s threat
Lost to a burning desire for climax treasure to get
A moment realized when our devious, devilish eyes met

Harder, faster his furious fucking rhythm grew
Our lips savagely locked, it was then I knew
Gripping the swelling cock tight, in me, his hot cum I felt spew
Spontaneously erupting orgasmic pleasure, I willfully did cum too.



I am reading prose and poetry from a random book
Much of what I read does not warrant a second look
Then I come upon one within this tome
That stands on its own – alone
The vision it paints the intent of meaning
Leaves my mind absolutely reeling
The author whose true intent of word is unknown
Leads me down a path for my mind to roam
To explore an experience, a thought, a vision
To give me pause, to consider revision
To the world, things, and the people I see in it.

For this I give thanks to these explorative minds
That makes words of meaning sing with rhythm and rhyme
To illustrate an idea, emotion or thought
A talent that cannot be bought
For it takes an observant, visionary mind
To contemplate the words that composes a line.

Therefore, to those of you whom befit the class?
To you: I raise my glass
In toast of tribute of a special kind
For your sort are few, hard to find.

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