An eclectic expose’ of poems with the common element: `A’

A Bond Born

Freely dancing in the tall grass glade
Memory music shared – reality fades
Wild flowers – vivid colors cascade
Happiness in this moment made

Summer heat on naked skin beams
Lover’s passion kisses – those of dreams
Senses nourished ‘til ecstasy screams
Drifting afloat waves silent – serene

Entwined bodies mimic wind’s spiral
Sharing life energies with no denial
Promises made to test their trial
A mutual bond born beyond defile


A Final Curtain

`A brokered peace
It is meant to bring harmony to conflicts in the Middle East
A phrase we have heard so many times before
But if history does truly speak, we all know what is in store

The seemingly endless conflict chronicled in our world’s history
Its repetitive cycle infuses a global mental lethargy
So many power brokers have gloatingly spoken this phrase before
But in the end, all that comes, is the continuing destructive wars

What ultimate solution will bring about wanted civil peace?
When nations’ peoples are separated by religious beliefs
A conflict measured in centuries and countless deaths
Will it be total inhalation, the taking of the last living breath?

For sure this is not a question to be answered by any type of gods
It is a mortal answer that will induce boisterous, resounding applause
However, if there is one aspect to this all, that is absolutely certain
In this generation’s lifetime, don’t expect to experience a final curtain.


(12-11-07 m-d-y)

I sit here in my Florida rented apartment on the second day of my vacation. And not unlike my time at home, I reside here alone. And though the apartment is pleasant I continue to question why I am here. I knew before I left for this vacation that there is a strong likelihood that nothing will change by taking this trip however; I was committed to try and challenge the obvious. So far, and I don’t realistically expect that it will change, I am right in my earlier assumption. People here are friendly enough to acknowledge but for the most part, they are all cloistered in their little concrete bunkers called motels and hotel seemingly never to come out. As for myself I sometimes feel I am at the start of a bad dream. The days ahead anticipated to be void of purpose or planned adventure, to be spent alone and lonely. I try not to resign myself to depression by encouraging my mind to a better time ahead but it is a practice that is of questionable success. It would seem that this exercise of writing my thoughts serves two purposes: to expel my inner, negative thoughts and second, to consume the time I have to exist.


A Friend’s Pain

I heard today of the pain you are in
Nullifying mine when akin
To think other, would be a sin

Life moves in mysterious ways
Why to some, then to others, does suffering play?

I struggle to understand why it is so
Are we to blame fate or secrets of the cosmos?
Who can tells us?
Or, to a divinity do we trust?

I heard today of the pain you are in

I wish I could wish it away


A WARNING: To those faint of heart, the following is a departure from those above as it contains sexually explicit language

A Titillating Scottish-brogue

Seduced by the distinctive roll of his Scottish-brogue
That sent titillating shivers from my head to my toes
Not to mention how my cock stood as it rose
Anxiously awaiting fulfillment of flirtatious rumors told

His brawny masculine presence softened by a certain gentile
Made my want for his powerful embrace to feel
For in that moment my heart he did easily steal
But it was his sexual innuendo; I needed be made real

Standing tall above my prone naked self
His engorged, wicked cock, the first thing I felt
Caressing my body I succumb to his spell
His full lips falling to mine, it was then I knew full well

That I was lost to all his erotic, sensual commands
As he groped and probed with experienced, knowing hands
Determined to show me amorous love by another man
And in turn, subdued, be as compliant as I can

His deft moves brought me to unknown sexual heights
Our mutual, wanton pleasures taking spontaneous flight
My desire unleashed, wanting it to last beyond the night
Submitting to his stealth penetration, seduced with delight

Feeling his engorged, hardened cock fill me now
I yielded my tight manhole for him to mercilessly plow
Its enormous breadth and length spawned a moan out-loud
Succumbing to ravenous ecstasy, removing any prudence shroud

The growing sweet perfume, essence of mingling body sweat
Its pheromone quality yielding abandonment’s threat
Lost to a burning desire for climax treasure to get
A moment realized when our devious, devilish eyes met

Harder, faster his furious fucking rhythm grew
Our lips savagely locked, it was then I knew
Gripping the swelling cock tight, in me, his hot cum I felt spew
Spontaneously erupting orgasmic pleasure, I willfully did cum too.



I am reading prose and poetry from a random book
Much of what I read does not warrant a second look
Then I come upon one within this tome
That stands on its own – alone
The vision it paints the intent of meaning
Leaves my mind absolutely reeling
The author whose true intent of word is unknown
Leads me down a path for my mind to roam
To explore an experience, a thought, a vision
To give me pause, to consider revision
To the world, things, and the people I see in it.

For this I give thanks to these explorative minds
That makes words of meaning sing with rhythm and rhyme
To illustrate an idea, emotion or thought
A talent that cannot be bought
For it takes an observant, visionary mind
To contemplate the words that composes a line.

Therefore, to those of you whom befit the class?
To you: I raise my glass
In toast of tribute of a special kind
For your sort are few, hard to find.

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