Poem For Our Time: 2012 and Beyond Institutionalized Fear; Forever Absolved?

Man-made, ego-inspired Tradition upon which culture of Institution is built;
Though the long standing pillars of strength to humanity’s civilized presence,
Upon current examination, finds these foundations of such institution; crumbling.
The tens of decades of countless decrees enacted by purchased, elected officials
To enshrine their immutable laws, entrenching their conspired course of dominance;
A scheme of surreptitious intent for the subjugation of humanity’s true purpose;
Now, in this 21st Century, has manifest pervasive and corrupt conditions;
A virulent illness that, if left to metastasize, will erupt into global, uncivilized, chaos.

No global institution of human design is without this tarnish-taint and blemish,
Be it judicial, legislative, financial; even religious institution, all seem to have succumb;
Infected by the same symptoms of disease: corruption; manifesting insatiable wealth to
Position the few, the one-percent, to solely garner the acclaim of dynastic  power
That panders, with banality of concern; espousing merits of social causes
For a better humanity, the 99 percent; whose activist, tyrants, revolutionaries;
All labels of denunciation subscribed to them by the all knowing yet elusive power force,
Courageously rally and rant words denouncing unrelenting, imposed, systematic abuse; and,
Who selflessly suffer the oppressive bludgeoning batons of militant, jackbooted police;
Remain resolute knowing their messages, seeded in spilled blood, are beginning to bear fruit
Advantaged by the tentacle-reach of  social media technology; announcing a global call
That is harvesting an awakening of those once ill-informed and meek, to amass in assembly,
To encroach and occupy a demonstration encampment, to make their public presence known
To the Powers That Be;  and, by these populations increasing globally each day; proclaim their Resistance.

Internationally the Occupy Movement is determined, with strident resoluteness and resolve,
To broadcast a global Manifesto of Change; to make known that the pervasive impoverishment of humanity will no longer be endured.
By demonstrating with loving passivity and willingness to suffer the brutal wrath of judicial and intentional, forcible eradication;
Embolden others to this incipient movement; to spawn a greater awakening of common minds; and,
A cohesive willingness to withstand, united, against the tyranny of malicious injustices to endear countless millions more of humanity
To muster  the strength and courage to confront these lofty perpetrators and their contrived oppression;
Unified in allegiance to a commitment to march together armed with rudimentary sticks and stones;
Even in the face of the oppressors’ bullet fire; fueled by the true realization of their diminishing hope;
Ignoring the hollow promises espoused by political rhetoric; to offer up their seemingly empty lives
If only to pronounce, once-and-for-all, in a loud and increasingly omnipresent, proletariat voice:

Every women, man and child, young and old; will stand defiant against institutionalized, intimidating fear, forever absolved.

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