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Armed by the reflective knowledge of the immediate present; confirmation of this truth provided solely by the imprint of the preceding letter comprising the anticipated future structure of a yet to be secreted composition of thought already born to its own virtual reality of presence in space and time; a latent product of future transcendence, manifestation to the present, physical reality of form; an imprinted structural composition of meaning to unknown future minds interpretation dwelling in an unrealized future moment of their own present; to be digested into a contextual past of cerebral memory to an as yet unknown future reality; of this yet to be composed evidence of historical passage of personal time and occupant of manufactured space that awaits to manifest to the present though past to the future of its anticipated direction; I know I am alive.


A-lien Face?

A face: intuitively came to mind
A face: drawn with eyes blind
A face: instinctively reverent and kind
A face: known by a different time?

A face: different then that known
A face: that spoke of once a home
A face: of happiness and love shown
A face: meant for me alone?

A face: lips full and eyes blue
A face: I know, once I knew
A face: that beckons to renew
A face: from whom I grew?


Jewel Amongst Stones

Innocent amongst the stones lay a jewel; precious yet unassuming, wanting for nothing of mention to its beauty though beautiful it is;  honoring all the essence of nature’s glorious offerings to the beholder’s sense of sight; who in turn, can relish, if but for a moment, with awe, in  the unique, unheralded presence so unabashedly announced by virtue of its being amongst those found present.



Cat, strident, independent by nature yet flourishing by its company; reluctant expresser of thankfulness for the gift of nurturing given without demand, yet appreciative for its presence by periodic, limited display of affection with sole, rational reason: to attract and capture the attention of its host whose presumed want for gratification is justifiably pacified rendering a promulgation of purpose to its continued service as provider without question; server and keeper to not only the basic needs for survival but too, the gilded embellishments expectant and present, to all glorified deities.

Dedicated to my CAT: Smorse

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