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While watching my cute, furry little buddy as he slept, eyes moving about under closed lids and the occasional twitching of his hind and front paws, gave me pause to wonder what is going on inside his little head, what dreams of might is he conjuring to stimulate his otherwise woken world of domestication? Hence the following:



heavy, eyes slumber from this world of domestication
to enter a nether world of dream’s creation
here as hunter, master of dens procreation
ruler to this land, championing challenge altercation

fed by the bowels of pray fallen by cunning
fear instilled onto others by presence stunning
senses staying acute even in restful sunning
the sudden lurch of power loins see them running

a sudden noise, sensory twitch commands immediate attention
awakening evolution script to assess the situation
muscles involuntarily poised to danger, a confrontation
manifesting only to be human master’s feeding subjugation



Cat, strident, independent by nature yet flourishing by its company; reluctant expresser of thankfulness for the gift of nurturing given without demand, yet appreciative for its presence by periodic, limited display of affection with sole, rational reason: to attract and capture the attention of its host whose presumed want for gratification is justifiably pacified rendering a promulgation of purpose to its continued service as provider without question; server and keeper to not only the basic needs for survival but too, the gilded embellishments expectant and present, to all glorified deities.

Dedicated to my CAT: Smorse

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