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FYI: Russell Brand featured advocating change to the present legislative political, financial institutions making it possible for members of banking institutions and their wealthy elite clients to evade prosecution for financial criminal activity while the majority of civil society suffer financial burden of imposed recession.


Climate Change: 21st Century Tool for Eugenics?

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As if humans are not doing a good enough job killing one another by means of ceaseless war on the spectrum scale of regional, civil unrest to full-out international war; now there is the prospect of massive global extinction due to man-made climate change.

As the political or scientific debate whether human industrial and/or civil expansion erodes the natural elements essential to support life, be that human or animal, one aspect of the direction the purported climate change scenario suggests taking humanity which evades discussion: could this be part of an elitist plan to systematically reduce global human population? What eugenicists euphemistically refer to by their motto: “Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution”.

As ridiculous as this may sound, realistically, is it beyond the scope of the super-rich, the one-percent, not to consider the significant opportunity changes/shift in global ecology to render a depletion of human life, on a significant scale?

Whom amongst the greater global population has the financial, physical means and, incentive to see this happen? And, amongst them are the greatest proponents to climate change denial: right-wing conservative politicians whose campaigns for election and re-election are funded by the said one-percent.

Arguably, climate change is a global concern involving more than western politicians advocating or against the effects of climate change, however, the tentacle influence(s) of the super-rich supersedes national boundaries combined with the pathological mindset of career politicians, moot becomes the argument.

Though this suggestion falls within the realm of `conspiracy theory’, much, since the advent of the Internet, has been made public regarding massive underground bunkers throughout the globe being constructed and supplied for no significantly apparent reason other than anticipation of a major unforeseen, global event. The theory on these bases has been purposely or not, convoluted with the presence of extraterrestrial beings and the UFO conspiracy.

As with any and all extremist concepts promulgated and premised on hypothetical and unsubstantiated evidence relegating it to the realm of conspiracy theory, ideas such as that being presented here can only await the test of time to render a verdict to its veracity. In the mean time extreme weather conditions, droughts, massive human migrations due to erosion of cultivated lands, incidences of blithe and decease will be fodder for the mainstream media to report as natural occurrences and, for independent journalist and authors to fill pages of unread books.


1.The motto “Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution” was part of the logo of the Second International Congress of Eugenics, held in 1921. Popular Eugenics: National Efficiency and American Mass Culture in the 1930s Susan Currell, Christina Cogdell Ohio University Press, 2006 – History – 406 pages
2.Google Search `Underground bases”:

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