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Creation’s Ineffable Future


The crimson blood sport of chasing menopausal lure infusing the womb of creation by seed of celestial god’s making for want to promulgate a presence hitherto unknown by all that circumvents the establishment by virtual espousing rant authored by unknown cleric of ancient origin timelessly iterated epoch to epoch immemorial beheld by the present incarnation as pursuance toward an ineffable future



Encountering the work of artist Thijme Termaat ( I Paint ) via his YouTube posted video titled `I Paint’, I was quite impressed by his talent. Hours before I had started to write the following poem but it wasn’t materializing into anything I thought meaningful but then, subsequent to watching `I Paint’ and visiting Mr. Termaat’s website, I was inspired to complete the poem to represent all forms of artistic, creative talent :


Staring onto the blankness of the canvass page,
Watching as mysterious images take stage;
Not knowing their meaning, how to gauge,
Whether to be happy or, succumb to rage.

One by one, ceaseless, markings take on form,
Shaping contours that challenge a norm;
Imagination conspiring conflict with artisan’s forum,
Compelled to quell this brewing, mind-filled storm.

Hopeless to the helplessness of a moment pause,
To interpret translation by material, though fluid laws;
Rendering a final decision to what manifests, befalls,
To effect a meaning that has potentially, no true cause.

Cerebral energy transitions to a machine-like phase,
Inducing movement while the mind’s noiseless melody plays;
Pigmented colors of meaning, beyond just black and greys,
Capturing an image-thought, before it fades.


Nature’s Ceaseless Crawl


Snow flakes fall from a crying sky
Each sparkling crystal tells of time going by
The blanket of glistening white does not belie
Natural cycles of nature, begins from on high

Soon to come, billows of warm Spring air
Melting ice and snow, water for all to share
By  brooks and streams meandering everywhere
Turn buds into blossoms with help of Sun’s energy glare

As the days grow long and temperatures rise
Spectrum of color abound, a feast for the eyes
Cascading fragrances waft about the skies
Summer, a time of charm, delight and surprise

The feast filled harvest bounty evidence to the coming Fall
The prelude period to Season’s last call
With temperatures dropping beckoning a sleepy lull
Announceing Winter’s arrival to Nature’s ceaseless crawl


Body and Soul

realitySome among us achieve their dream goal, I’ve come to believe it’s because they’ve realized the secret of connection to:

Body and Soul

The human body, open to suggestion,
Given by cerebral mind projection;
Will by this, achieve wanted perfection,
Gaining ultimate skill, given by their connection.

The impediments to attaining this desireable goal
Are often taught by formal education, its potential price toll
A system structure that can alienate body from Mind-Soul
The true secret to what makes a human whole

Few in life realize the gift of this wondrous understanding,
Their achievements reflect it by perfomance outstanding,
More the reason all humanity should be commanding;
Reform to enhance education, with loud voice demanding.


Unyielding Hope


Pursuance of lofty, dreamt life goals
Falling as casualty to whim’s realty,
Forgotten to past time domain
Yet, given chance, can be resurrected,
To again see light of promise
Transcended by strength of unyielding hope,
That tomorrow bares fruit; to see a brighter day.


Two-tier Legal System:

blindThe ubiquitous access to wireless, electronic information raises increasingly relevant questions and concerns to what belongs to the People’s Common-wealth specifically; does the legal defense of government sponsored, corporate profit gain supersede the People’s right’s and freedoms to access all forms of digitized knowledge categorized as intellectual property?

The duplicity and hypocrisy of the legal system in dealing with cases of fraud, theft and ethical business practice is no better illustrated then in the prosecution of  offenses under the criminal code of the land, as that pertaining to the Internet (cyber-crime) and the institutionalized, financial banking system.

Two recent cases within the media can no better highlight the existence of a TWO-TIER LEGAL SYSTEM:

Case A: Aaron Swartz paid the ultimate price in defense of his right to access, utilizing what was at the time free and legal for his doing so, professional articles licensed by  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) via on-campus, wireless and connected technology. The charges brought against him were for essentially ‘hacking’ into the MIT system for unauthorized downloading of numerous articles. .  The Prosecution was seeking a maximum 35 years in prison however, claims, a plea-bargain for a guilty plea to the charge would reduce this to a six month term.  Though not fully understood why, the two-year long proceeding is blamed to be cause for Mr. Swartz to take his own life but many dispute this claim.To delve deeper reference:

Case B: The HSBC Bank (, found guilty of aiding and abetting money laundering for drug cartels; negotiating and process to sanctioned Iran and numerous other criminal activities that could have amounted to loosing license to practice in the United States were ultimately find 1.4billion dollars. An amounted reputed to be recoverable by HSBC in a matter of four weeks of banking activity. The conclusion of the prosecution in not pursuing the ultimate penalty is the claim that such would dramatically and drastically affect the financial and banking interests, both domestically and internationally, having disastrous affect on an already tenuous economic recovery. In the end no banking official at any level within the organization was criminally prosecuted and imprisoned for their involvement and promulgation of the crimes committed.  In essence HSBC is too big to indite for any present and or future criminal activity rendering them carte-blance to do as they please.

These are but two cases that should rile any law-abiding citizen to rally against the legal system of the United States and other western nations that are willing and obliging to follow suit in these matters.


Wintery Gale


the winds howl, lightening followed by thunder roar,
the house shaken violently to its foundation  core.
snow laden pines sway to wind’s unabated force,
this wintery night is taking a viciously charted course.

sparkling crystal droplets of moisture reflect street lantern light,
their unbridled, swirling dance making for a wondrous sight delight
offsetting the harsh storm drama being played out this night,
abating even a shaken pet cat’s spontaneous fright.

cast in frozen watery cocoon of snow and ice,
all nature’s creation left clutched in winter’s vice,
defying its foreboding the picture created being visually nice,
it remains an experience not want to see happen twice.



While watching my cute, furry little buddy as he slept, eyes moving about under closed lids and the occasional twitching of his hind and front paws, gave me pause to wonder what is going on inside his little head, what dreams of might is he conjuring to stimulate his otherwise woken world of domestication? Hence the following:



heavy, eyes slumber from this world of domestication
to enter a nether world of dream’s creation
here as hunter, master of dens procreation
ruler to this land, championing challenge altercation

fed by the bowels of pray fallen by cunning
fear instilled onto others by presence stunning
senses staying acute even in restful sunning
the sudden lurch of power loins see them running

a sudden noise, sensory twitch commands immediate attention
awakening evolution script to assess the situation
muscles involuntarily poised to danger, a confrontation
manifesting only to be human master’s feeding subjugation


Voyage to Fate

A dedication to those who died alone on the
fateful Costa Concordia pleasure cruise 01-13-2012

ImageUpon entering Cabin 612, an eight by ten room
Little did I know, it would lead to my doom
That water would seep from every crack
Then the thought arrives: ‘Will I ever be going back?’
Alone I wait for help to arrive
But none will come, I’ll struggle to survive
As the last of lights finally flicker out
I’ll be over come with fear and try to shout
But no one will hear, for they have all gone
I nervously start to hum my favorite song
The water will rise leaving just a pocket of air
How much more of this will I be able to bare
With a sudden surge, water filling the room
I now know, it has become my tomb

Times like these suggest life is guided by fate
There seems little room for counter debate
Innocent, guided by optimism and pleasure
Life itself offering up so much to treasure
Then, unbeknownst, unannounced
From out of nowhere, death does trounce
In less than an instant, all is lost
For no matter of reason, no matter of cost
Times like these you know life is guided by fate
There seems no room, for counter debate.



Podcast: Espisode 2 – Literary Award

Episode 2 of Narrated Poetry: Literary Award

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