Encountering the work of artist Thijme Termaat ( I Paint ) via his YouTube posted video titled `I Paint’, I was quite impressed by his talent. Hours before I had started to write the following poem but it wasn’t materializing into anything I thought meaningful but then, subsequent to watching `I Paint’ and visiting Mr. Termaat’s website, I was inspired to complete the poem to represent all forms of artistic, creative talent :


Staring onto the blankness of the canvass page,
Watching as mysterious images take stage;
Not knowing their meaning, how to gauge,
Whether to be happy or, succumb to rage.

One by one, ceaseless, markings take on form,
Shaping contours that challenge a norm;
Imagination conspiring conflict with artisan’s forum,
Compelled to quell this brewing, mind-filled storm.

Hopeless to the helplessness of a moment pause,
To interpret translation by material, though fluid laws;
Rendering a final decision to what manifests, befalls,
To effect a meaning that has potentially, no true cause.

Cerebral energy transitions to a machine-like phase,
Inducing movement while the mind’s noiseless melody plays;
Pigmented colors of meaning, beyond just black and greys,
Capturing an image-thought, before it fades.

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