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It’s been quite cold and windy for several days
So indoors is where I’ve tended to stay
To pass the idle hours with lack of things to play
I’ve taken to write, to have my say
So with nothing standing in my way
These thoughts I wish to convey:

The world has become a convoluted place
Six billion plus souls comprised of many a race
Let’s not forget, and of every kind of faith
Both source to acts of human evil and disgrace

Turmoil and chaos seem incessant and growing
Instant communications has everyone knowing
That money and blood are things most flowing
And backward seems progress is truly going

Fiat currencies seem to have met their match
Ponsi schemes to wealth are becoming unlatched
Thieving bankers getting richer and unable to catch
Well the common man runs out of `scratch’

Technology the scourge of automated wars
Politicians and lobbyists obliging whores
Consumerism still the ultimate lure
Global bankruptcy might become the final cure

Progress’ pollution disputed as foul weather’s cause
Yet it continues despite enforcement of countless laws
The question to be asked: what will be the last straw?
To show humanity it is the cause, the flaw!

Sorrowful is this bit of verbal tripe
Of how I’ve come to view this dire, modern life
It is not spoken out of any kind of spite
It is to wish for something to make it right.









Things To Come

crystal ball

Upon reflection of the words that I have written
I can admit that I have been smitten
By the need to express my view
To communicate a message to all and you

I know they are common words, simple at times
And they annoyingly seem to rhyme
But that should not dismiss the message
The vestige – Of things to come

I hold many secrets within my self
Many that could render extreme wealth
Yet I do not hold to these material things
For it is not joy of life they bring

The Earth revolves with unending vigour
Its meaning in space is for its inhabitants to figure
But not to be dismissed as routine of presence
But to question its perceived infinite significance.

I channel this wisdom from unknown place
Unknown too is why I am so graced
I leave the reason for others to contrive
Knowing it will continue as long as I am alive

Others my find my spelling hard to heed
Best they will or assuredly bleed
The blood that fuels mankind
Ground soaked will be left behind

There exists a destiny of less dismay
Will humanity give it chance to play?
Present greed of power, anger and hate
Leaves little to debate

Hindsight is often the test
Differentiating speculation from the rest
My virtue of mind and wrote
Is mine before death to gloat?


Pathology to Society’s Psychopathic State-of-Mind

Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, they lack conscience and empathy, making them manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal. They are an object of popular fascination and clinical anguish: psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment. (‎)

Reflecting upon the seemingly incessant, global conflagrations and transgressions instigated by foreign policies of predominately western, democratically elected governments; hence with the concurrence and acquiescence of its populace; wars, sanctions and similar persecutions inflicted upon lesser nations and its Peoples, reasoned as humanitarian and altruistic in their motivation; is it unjust to identify the behavior of western civil society over the past, several decades as psychopathic in nature?

Examination of history documenting the motivations that instigate conflict, be it regional or international, often produces a conflicting picture of accountability of reason and responsibility given that such history is more often than not, written by the victor. This potential for biasing the factors for resolve of conflict undermines deriving the truths to its rational justification. Therefore, what remains to decipher rationale leading to justification and validity for past conflict(s) is/are the manner and method(s) of its execution/resolution. Namely, the balance of destructive power versus diplomatic resolution.

It is easy to recognize that the reasons/rationale that contribute to conflict, to any degree among nations, most often is not a simple binary matter of dispute. Too, conflict as physical war typically, is represented publicly as the least probable of potential responses. However, it is here the basis for evidence of psychopathic behavior is most likely to be found.

Ultimately. war to any degree. by virtue of its enormous human and financial cost, disruption if not dissolution of civil social order, is easily definable as psychopathic. It remains therefore, to which of the parties to the conflict is more psychopathic than the other.

To explore this assertion, the turmoil that has enveloped the globe commencing with the attack on the World Trade Centre infamously refereed to as 9-11; as prime illustration to pathology of psychopathy is the reaction to 9-11 as exhorted by governments of the United States, and its Coalition allies such as Great Britain, France, Germany and other lesser Nations but not to exclude Israel and their mutual allies throughout the Middle East, principally Saudi Arabia.

To detail  the evolution of the conflicts arising from the United States’ direct retaliation for 9-11, primarily against countries comprising the Middle Eastern region, would take a book.  However, what can be gleaned from the pathology of events commencing with the immediate bombardment of Afghanistan in a failed attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden and his band of warriors known as Al Quadi, the purported principal perpetrator of 9-11; and, the later March 2003 `Shock and Awe’ attack of Iraq on erroneous justification Saddam Hussein both assisted in the 9-11 event and, had attained the ability to produce nuclear weapons hyped as `Weapons of Mass Destruction’ or, WMD’s for short; is a product of a psychopathic mindset of all parties responsible for crucial decisions by officials of national governments leading to the malaise that exists not only throughout the Middle East, but globally today.

It is clearly evident the individuals comprising the American neoconservative (neocon) establishment are to be deemed responsible for goading the Bush-Chaney Administration into attacking Iraq under false pretense, it is too clearly evident they met with little to no resistance but were in fact, emulated for their efforts. Further, the abdication of international mass-media’s responsibly to journalistically report factually the circumstances that eventually led to invasion of Iraq; the Joint Chiefs of Staff advising and directing the coalition war machine are but a few to be name as responsible. However, though the names of those directly responsible fade from human consciousness, these same individual, human souls must bear the label of `psychopath’ for the false wisdom and leadership that’s contributed to global events that continue to unfold.

Essentially, as of the date to this writing, twelve plus years have lapsed since 9-11 and the turmoil, bloodshed and massive destruction of established civilizations not only continues, but is expanding throughout the Middle Eastern region and beyond with little hope for its ending in sight.

In conclusion; it is as much to state, with a degree of pessimistic confidence, the entire global population by its seeming  acquiescence to the actions of global leadership, revolves within a pathetic, psychopathic state of mind.


THORIUM: Nuclear Future?

thoriumThorium Fueled Concept Car


THORIUM named after the mythical God of Thunder THOR

So? You may ask: What does it have to do with the fabulous looking futuristic car pictured here?

Simply put: the FUTURE!

Unless you were off-planet during the massive 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan March 11, 2011, leading to a massive tsunami consuming the Fukushima nuclear power plant that to this present day, represents the largest nuclear catastrophe beyond that of Cherrnobyl of the former Soviet Union and now Russia. Given the nature of the disaster for which mitigation has yet to be resolved and, the potential for global nuclear pollution due to fallout if not adequately rectified; much global debate and scrutiny to the future of nuclear power generation has ensued.

At the core of this debate is recognition that several of the existing nuclear power generation plants globally, are exceeding their original economic and, safe functioning design life-cycle.
Further, this discussion is taking place in context with climate change, dwindling fossil fuels and renewable energy technology development. The result is a multi-faceted, multilevel and complex debate serving as wide a spectrum of stakeholders most important of whom is the general global population.

So again; what does this have to do with Thorium besides being named after the Thunder God Thor?

Thorium is a radio-active Element (source a Periodic Table for symbol `Th’) much like Uranium, the present nuclear fuel used by nuclear power plants however, it has well documented and proven properties that make it superior to uranium as a nuclear fuel. (For brevity’s sake, reference  and view the videos for a full explanation of Thorium’s properties and advantages versus Uranium).

As explained by the principals of Thorium Energy Alliance; technology in support of using Thorium as a nuclear fuel is not new; it dates back to the 1950’s. However, as with most innovated technologies that fly in the face of established technologies (Tesla vs Edison) that generate massive corporate profits, much opposition is encountered from affected corporations which lobby governmental legislative and regulatory authorities to impede access to available R&D funding leading to the eventual abandonment of new and innovative technological development.

Such has and continues to be the case for Thorium as a practical resource for clean, efficient and cost-effective, safe nuclear electrical energy production .

So you ask: What can I do about it?

The sole purpose to this essay is to bring to the attention of the many whom are otherwise unaware of the existence and properties of Thorium as potential, viable and readily available, alternative nuclear fuel resource to the present, highly radio-active and, extremely dangerous use of Uranium.  Too, as highlighted by the videos; China, India, Norway and other nations are actively pursuing exploration and development of this technology with the ambition to dominate the field with the goal of establishing proprietary rights to the technology.
Every nation has ready access to the Element Thorium however, as best is known, to-date, none have sole-propriety to the technology to maximize this potential.

Research and development of the potential for Thorium is essential here in Canada if we are to save falling behind that of named nations resulting in our having to be dependent on their achievements. So, spread the word amongst all you know of this potential and ideally our politicians will become aware of the chatter and ideally, the needed development and funding for this alternative to the status-quo will materialize before it is too late.


Powerful Eagle


Stealthily, an Eagle soars high above swift and fast,
Surveying lands below for prey, its talons to grasp.
No regard for its brutal, death-inflicting pain;
Its power to rule, imposed – over all – to reign.

The innocent cower from seen threats on high,
Scurrying loved ones to hide, to stay alive;
Futile are their efforts, seeking shelter in their domain,
The Eagle’s determination; emblazoned by its name

Scavenged carcass’ lay in its wake
Evidence to its power – make no mistake
Bold and beautiful though this emblem icon may be
The evil masked within its soul – goes beyond what we see

With impunity, this creature of dominance is free to strike;
Taking what it favors, discarding what it dislikes.
Perched on high, invincible though it would seem,
Its weakness may lie in forces not otherwise seen.

The realm on which the Eagle has long relied to feed,
Its roots beginning to rot, decay, to slowly recede;
By design, nature’s resources are for all to share
But, the Eagle’s selfish greed has taken most, with little care.

Perched on high the Eagle continues to reign its domain
But, what meager value is there when no prey remain?
The lands now barren of food for feed
Soon too, into oblivion, the powerful Eagle, will recede.





Stephen Harper, Prime Minister & Israel


Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, recently accepted the invitation of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) where he was honored by its members and Prime Minister of Israel,  acknowledging Harper as a `real leader’ for his unyielding support for the State of Israel. To forever commemorate such support a bird sanctuary is to be named Stephen Harper [bird sanctuary]. (Ironically fitting since Harper, by his support of apartheid Israel `shitting’ on the lives of countless Palestinians, he, in due course, if not in name only, is to be shat upon by the birds occupying his sanctuary).

Canadians, by extension of their Prime Minister’s actions, effectively sanction and  support Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the expansion of Jewish settlements that is effectively driving Palestinians from their homelands.

The question that need be asked is: Why?.

Why is the Canadian government supporting the obvious criminal and inhuman treatment of Palestinian Peoples?

What does Canada gain by doing so and why are we not at worst, non-committal to the situation rather than supporting once side of the politic?

When did Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada, gain the unanimous consent of Canadians, not the minor majority of an election, to align Canada with apartheid state of Israel?

How can Canadians stand idle and let our proud nation, respected in past decades as a peace keeping nation, sanction and allow in our name, to let this go on?

Recent statements reported by the United Nations cites Assad of Syria for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the current civil conflict, to be serious enough to warrant recommending the International Court take up the issue. Why is this not the case in the matter of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians? What teflon coating of international acquiescence applies to the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Harper’s alignment with the interests of Israel and his support by the members of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), effectively garners the acceptance by Canada and its citizens, of the crimes committed by the Israeli state. Did anyone bother to ask Canadians if they wanted their hands soaked in the blood of thousands of dead and the continued persecution of Palestinians? If so, they seemed to have missed asking me?

It raises the bigger issue of what `hold’ does Israel have over major western nations that they willingly, turn a blind-eye to the obvious criminality of the Israeli state? This tiny little swath of land that has the credulity of democratic and human rights respecting nations demands the answer to the question: WHY?


Tangible Disconnect

dimensions shadow3


A schizophrenic mind
Is broadly deemed to be in decline
When compared to the normal kind
But exploration to a truth will find
That it is more rightly inclined
To garner life viewed in poly-time

This life’s view with multiple perspectives
May not be want by all even if elective
Though it offers an alternate directive
Of what might be the subjective
To make the correct choice selective
By evidence that might be less suggestive

Reality can be a tangible disconnect
When limited to that seen as correct
For dimensional constructs that inter-connect
Broadens an entity’s view upon which to reflect
Warranting a degree of intellectual respect
And not to be deemed a societal mental reject


Fringe Being:


 thought; not to be thought, question; not to be questioned, speak; not to be spoken, hear; not to be heard,

see; not to be seen, explore; not be explored, seek; not to be sought, belief; not to be believed,

life; not to be lived.

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