Stephen Harper, Prime Minister & Israel


Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, recently accepted the invitation of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) where he was honored by its members and Prime Minister of Israel,  acknowledging Harper as a `real leader’ for his unyielding support for the State of Israel. To forever commemorate such support a bird sanctuary is to be named Stephen Harper [bird sanctuary]. (Ironically fitting since Harper, by his support of apartheid Israel `shitting’ on the lives of countless Palestinians, he, in due course, if not in name only, is to be shat upon by the birds occupying his sanctuary).

Canadians, by extension of their Prime Minister’s actions, effectively sanction and  support Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and the expansion of Jewish settlements that is effectively driving Palestinians from their homelands.

The question that need be asked is: Why?.

Why is the Canadian government supporting the obvious criminal and inhuman treatment of Palestinian Peoples?

What does Canada gain by doing so and why are we not at worst, non-committal to the situation rather than supporting once side of the politic?

When did Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada, gain the unanimous consent of Canadians, not the minor majority of an election, to align Canada with apartheid state of Israel?

How can Canadians stand idle and let our proud nation, respected in past decades as a peace keeping nation, sanction and allow in our name, to let this go on?

Recent statements reported by the United Nations cites Assad of Syria for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the current civil conflict, to be serious enough to warrant recommending the International Court take up the issue. Why is this not the case in the matter of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians? What teflon coating of international acquiescence applies to the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Harper’s alignment with the interests of Israel and his support by the members of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), effectively garners the acceptance by Canada and its citizens, of the crimes committed by the Israeli state. Did anyone bother to ask Canadians if they wanted their hands soaked in the blood of thousands of dead and the continued persecution of Palestinians? If so, they seemed to have missed asking me?

It raises the bigger issue of what `hold’ does Israel have over major western nations that they willingly, turn a blind-eye to the obvious criminality of the Israeli state? This tiny little swath of land that has the credulity of democratic and human rights respecting nations demands the answer to the question: WHY?

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