Powerful Eagle


Stealthily, an Eagle soars high above swift and fast,
Surveying lands below for prey, its talons to grasp.
No regard for its brutal, death-inflicting pain;
Its power to rule, imposed – over all – to reign.

The innocent cower from seen threats on high,
Scurrying loved ones to hide, to stay alive;
Futile are their efforts, seeking shelter in their domain,
The Eagle’s determination; emblazoned by its name

Scavenged carcass’ lay in its wake
Evidence to its power – make no mistake
Bold and beautiful though this emblem icon may be
The evil masked within its soul – goes beyond what we see

With impunity, this creature of dominance is free to strike;
Taking what it favors, discarding what it dislikes.
Perched on high, invincible though it would seem,
Its weakness may lie in forces not otherwise seen.

The realm on which the Eagle has long relied to feed,
Its roots beginning to rot, decay, to slowly recede;
By design, nature’s resources are for all to share
But, the Eagle’s selfish greed has taken most, with little care.

Perched on high the Eagle continues to reign its domain
But, what meager value is there when no prey remain?
The lands now barren of food for feed
Soon too, into oblivion, the powerful Eagle, will recede.




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