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This Earthly Global Community


All citizens that occupy the lands of perceived democratic freedoms have, and continue to be anesthetized by the incessant, contrived rhetoric spewed from the mouths’ of political and corporate ambition, stridently and without compunction, regurgitated by purchased journalistic entities to camouflage the truth to the worldly reality borne by those whom equally suffer the wrath of repressive, dictatorial regimes which too, collude and contrive with those whom, with their stolen economic and financial powers, through the might of blind enforcers, deny this earthly global community the benefits of its common-wealth of resource and enaliable right for and to which all humanity is meant to be borne.


Humanity’s Blithe

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Global forces of evil seem of late, to be winning the fight; a fight against those of our world who struggle to make things right; the right to freedoms for all to live a life free from strife; the strife that comes from fear of being taken in the night; the nights darkness that conceals tyranny’s flight; flight at the cost of humanity’s blithe




A short series of poems that speak to a new period of human evolution the impetus to which arises through revolution against the foundational institutions that inhibit and impede its fruition to reality:

Human Revolution

Different realities co-exist in the same time and space
Each marked by the goodness of love or pain of suffering, faced
A global view of the world’s condition at any second of the clock
Increasing enlists feelings of great sadness and horrifying shock
Injustices expressed by the few of power on the impoverished many
If not soon curtailed, of life on Earth, there will not be any
Rhetoric espoused by those whom the populace elect
Promise, once in political office, these problems they will correct
Yet decades into centuries continue to unfold
And yet the same original story continues to be told
What will it take to derive these problems final solution?
As things stand in this moment – only an uprising – a Human Revolution


Progress: Evolution to Beyond

Rescue me from this seemingly infinite cavernous pit occupied by credulity of mind to the simplistic and inane concept that presence is limited to institutionalized tangible parameters conceived from  refutable, ancient, established principles of energy’s ineffable influence on the equational structures formulated in the contextual measures of reality’s limited senses impeding at tortoise speed, humanity’s evolution to the beyond.


Humanity’s Gain

Stumbling upon the realm of the lost, disenfranchised
Their words expressive, abusive to the Man’s lies
Many voices choir the same message song
Repression and hatred can no longer live on
Banding together a force not to be denied
The power of their words bullets can’t belie
Revolution of mind is the strategy best to play
Fueled by love and compassion to clear the way
Once divided, designed to throw off course
Women, men united as one power force
Oligarchy House built on humanity’s foundation
Will crumble and fall, driven into annihilation
No longer will civilization place its faith in a power elite
The common good and riches must be shared by all complete
Destruction of fiat currencies fictional ball and chain
To excise the limits imposed upon humanity’s happiness gains


Is It Still Raining?

Clearly the rain is falling
Confirmed by the pitter-patter on the roof

The ground is soaked from constant rains past
How much longer will this foul weather last?

Like the biblical forty days and forty nights
This much rain instills a palpable fright

Is this sign of the Earth’s demise?
Saying finally `Open your eyes!’

Open your eyes to what you have done
To Earth’s environment that is fault of everyone

Everyone who believes mankind has progressed
When in reality we have created one huge mess

A mess by ignoring the tell-tailing signs
Egotistically thinking technological development is `just fine’

Only to realize there is a significant price to be paid
Leaving human evolution to be just a bit delayed!


Thin Veil Of Secrecy

Contrived darkness conspired behind secrecy’s impenetrable viel
Witnessed by the mire beneath cautiously stepped foot
Left to presume its softness an infusion of citizen’s blood
For the echoes of bullets hail still carries with the wind
That wafts with the smell of death’s decay
Intellect deciphering that war has made its way

Cries of protest calling for regime legitimacy
In protest to imposed dictatorial stolen powers
Committing to paying the ultimate price
To regain freedoms inherent to breath of life
With willingness to share in the richness common
That such belief be the inheritance of those not born

This goal truly a meager ambition of a balanced world
Long stolen and made perverse by few psychotic minds
Their lineage cowering protected, behind walls of force
Financed by the life-blood from whom it is stolen
On the strength of false fears of their mischievous creation
Placating their ambitions by veneer of false goodwill to all

Revolution of mind and soul to its original purpose
Will find humanity living its original destiny in history
To be in harmony with all that is energy’s creation
On this spatial island, co-habitant to a universal realm
That by its infinity diminishes the strength evil power held
By those who continue to inflict their pain of dominance
This perspective of mind need be regained to garner the strength
Ultimately destroying the thin veil of secrecy to illuminate the rightful way.


Dignity And Honor

What ultimate cause can be given to world economies in decline?
To explore the channels of global communication, one would be inclined
To look to the financial power of J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs
Places like these, fueled by greed of power that take and never look back
Conspiracy theorists are shrewd to summarize: global dominance is their decree
The ultra-rich, the elite that feed through tentacles suckling on the human sea
Their insidious plan derived by hunched-back, long nosed, decrepit evil souls
Has now blossomed and flourishes for to them, humanity’s lives are owed

It would seem from this dark foreboding that has risen
That for generations to come a life of slavery is a given
But their resides a `chink’ in the financial hegemony’s amour
The power of each living souls’ dignity and honor
Collectively the power of the many outweighs that of the few elite
It is time to take this power not to demonstrate, but to defeat
No longer should the richness of this Earth be given to these few
It is a common wealth for all of this Earth to pursue

What spark will ignite this essential fuse of revolutionary change?
The answer is one only each individual can claim.

All poems copyright of Naykd Poet 2011-12


The Chosen

My mind anchored in the soil of reality
Yearns for its uprooting from this domain
Broad and wide the search to the answer
Presence of its promise by witness to others
Given the wisdom to its seeing, a gift to behold
But not from words can it be told

Floundering on this plain of mortality
Desperate to enter the light of its knowledge
Yet left feeling dismayed, not being of the chosen few
Those who have `eyes’ to its seeing,
Ears to hear its call,
Wisdom to know its reading,
Before death to incarnation, takes its toll.


Warriors of the Covenant

`Journey, Awareness, Redemption, Rapture’

It came to pass in the beginning, contrary to orthodox belief in the Genesis of human-kind on this Earth, that a demon false god cast with a fury, Adam from the Garden for his indiscretion in eating from the Tree of Knowledge, reserving for Eve and her progeny, by impregnating her with his fertile seed, the infinite curse to promulgate Evil throughout generations of human-kind to be borne, that their numbers become a billion fold, to be soldiers awaiting the return of this demon god, to rise up, empowered by the full energy of darkness, like a black hole.

Adam, having eaten of the Tree of Knowledge thus possessing the Truth of Divine Light was taken by Angel messengers to the true Divine Creator God who took from him a rib as to create a second Eve so that their union would carry the Seed of Knowledge given Adam, to be carried forth throughout generations of human-kind, yet to be borne.

Thus was the genesis of Light versus Darkness that has come upon this Earth, the seeming infinite battle of good versus evil.

Yet now into this the second millennium, amongst the many, comes one man driven by unseen forces to discover this knowledge of truth such as to give him strength to seek and gather those whom, upon sharing in this Divine truth, join in the conquest to confront those souls borne to darkness of evil, that they too, through death, may once again, be borne to the Truth of Light.

A vessel of Knowledge
Contained, preserved
Hidden from the masses
The truth to all – the Word

A soldier of ignorance
Starved from dearth in knowledge
Craved to drink, to feed
To fulfill a driven need

Blind guidance did direct
The soldier of promise to find
The secret of the vessel to beget
The fruit within to feed his mind

The sustenance – the imbibe
Knowledge to the Truth – the Light
To the soldier’s wisdom did reside
Purpose being made right

The solder armed with Truth to profess
Spoke until an army had risen
The Enlightened – those confessed
Evil from whom was driven

The Spirit of Light given to shine
Their soul to life did spark inside
Giving mind and body combined
To God to reside

The Soldier – Knight of Light
On winged steed of power did ride
Sabers of Truth drawn to Fight
Legions of Goodness, to his left, to his right

Charging toward Darkness
An army of Evil contrived
By demon god’s Genesis
Solders of blackened heart inside

Fierce battles of Darkness to Light
Bloodied swords slay down spears of pain
Countless century’s destiny to fight
For Goodness in human-kind to sustain

Death of Evil given to a Rebirth
Of Soul’s spirit within
For All of this Earth
Be Forgiven, to absolve, Mortal Sin.

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An eclectic expose’ of poems with the common element: `A’

A Bond Born

Freely dancing in the tall grass glade
Memory music shared – reality fades
Wild flowers – vivid colors cascade
Happiness in this moment made

Summer heat on naked skin beams
Lover’s passion kisses – those of dreams
Senses nourished ‘til ecstasy screams
Drifting afloat waves silent – serene

Entwined bodies mimic wind’s spiral
Sharing life energies with no denial
Promises made to test their trial
A mutual bond born beyond defile


A Final Curtain

`A brokered peace
It is meant to bring harmony to conflicts in the Middle East
A phrase we have heard so many times before
But if history does truly speak, we all know what is in store

The seemingly endless conflict chronicled in our world’s history
Its repetitive cycle infuses a global mental lethargy
So many power brokers have gloatingly spoken this phrase before
But in the end, all that comes, is the continuing destructive wars

What ultimate solution will bring about wanted civil peace?
When nations’ peoples are separated by religious beliefs
A conflict measured in centuries and countless deaths
Will it be total inhalation, the taking of the last living breath?

For sure this is not a question to be answered by any type of gods
It is a mortal answer that will induce boisterous, resounding applause
However, if there is one aspect to this all, that is absolutely certain
In this generation’s lifetime, don’t expect to experience a final curtain.


(12-11-07 m-d-y)

I sit here in my Florida rented apartment on the second day of my vacation. And not unlike my time at home, I reside here alone. And though the apartment is pleasant I continue to question why I am here. I knew before I left for this vacation that there is a strong likelihood that nothing will change by taking this trip however; I was committed to try and challenge the obvious. So far, and I don’t realistically expect that it will change, I am right in my earlier assumption. People here are friendly enough to acknowledge but for the most part, they are all cloistered in their little concrete bunkers called motels and hotel seemingly never to come out. As for myself I sometimes feel I am at the start of a bad dream. The days ahead anticipated to be void of purpose or planned adventure, to be spent alone and lonely. I try not to resign myself to depression by encouraging my mind to a better time ahead but it is a practice that is of questionable success. It would seem that this exercise of writing my thoughts serves two purposes: to expel my inner, negative thoughts and second, to consume the time I have to exist.


A Friend’s Pain

I heard today of the pain you are in
Nullifying mine when akin
To think other, would be a sin

Life moves in mysterious ways
Why to some, then to others, does suffering play?

I struggle to understand why it is so
Are we to blame fate or secrets of the cosmos?
Who can tells us?
Or, to a divinity do we trust?

I heard today of the pain you are in

I wish I could wish it away


A WARNING: To those faint of heart, the following is a departure from those above as it contains sexually explicit language

A Titillating Scottish-brogue

Seduced by the distinctive roll of his Scottish-brogue
That sent titillating shivers from my head to my toes
Not to mention how my cock stood as it rose
Anxiously awaiting fulfillment of flirtatious rumors told

His brawny masculine presence softened by a certain gentile
Made my want for his powerful embrace to feel
For in that moment my heart he did easily steal
But it was his sexual innuendo; I needed be made real

Standing tall above my prone naked self
His engorged, wicked cock, the first thing I felt
Caressing my body I succumb to his spell
His full lips falling to mine, it was then I knew full well

That I was lost to all his erotic, sensual commands
As he groped and probed with experienced, knowing hands
Determined to show me amorous love by another man
And in turn, subdued, be as compliant as I can

His deft moves brought me to unknown sexual heights
Our mutual, wanton pleasures taking spontaneous flight
My desire unleashed, wanting it to last beyond the night
Submitting to his stealth penetration, seduced with delight

Feeling his engorged, hardened cock fill me now
I yielded my tight manhole for him to mercilessly plow
Its enormous breadth and length spawned a moan out-loud
Succumbing to ravenous ecstasy, removing any prudence shroud

The growing sweet perfume, essence of mingling body sweat
Its pheromone quality yielding abandonment’s threat
Lost to a burning desire for climax treasure to get
A moment realized when our devious, devilish eyes met

Harder, faster his furious fucking rhythm grew
Our lips savagely locked, it was then I knew
Gripping the swelling cock tight, in me, his hot cum I felt spew
Spontaneously erupting orgasmic pleasure, I willfully did cum too.



I am reading prose and poetry from a random book
Much of what I read does not warrant a second look
Then I come upon one within this tome
That stands on its own – alone
The vision it paints the intent of meaning
Leaves my mind absolutely reeling
The author whose true intent of word is unknown
Leads me down a path for my mind to roam
To explore an experience, a thought, a vision
To give me pause, to consider revision
To the world, things, and the people I see in it.

For this I give thanks to these explorative minds
That makes words of meaning sing with rhythm and rhyme
To illustrate an idea, emotion or thought
A talent that cannot be bought
For it takes an observant, visionary mind
To contemplate the words that composes a line.

Therefore, to those of you whom befit the class?
To you: I raise my glass
In toast of tribute of a special kind
For your sort are few, hard to find.


Poem For Our Time: 2012 and Beyond Institutionalized Fear; Forever Absolved?

Man-made, ego-inspired Tradition upon which culture of Institution is built;
Though the long standing pillars of strength to humanity’s civilized presence,
Upon current examination, finds these foundations of such institution; crumbling.
The tens of decades of countless decrees enacted by purchased, elected officials
To enshrine their immutable laws, entrenching their conspired course of dominance;
A scheme of surreptitious intent for the subjugation of humanity’s true purpose;
Now, in this 21st Century, has manifest pervasive and corrupt conditions;
A virulent illness that, if left to metastasize, will erupt into global, uncivilized, chaos.

No global institution of human design is without this tarnish-taint and blemish,
Be it judicial, legislative, financial; even religious institution, all seem to have succumb;
Infected by the same symptoms of disease: corruption; manifesting insatiable wealth to
Position the few, the one-percent, to solely garner the acclaim of dynastic  power
That panders, with banality of concern; espousing merits of social causes
For a better humanity, the 99 percent; whose activist, tyrants, revolutionaries;
All labels of denunciation subscribed to them by the all knowing yet elusive power force,
Courageously rally and rant words denouncing unrelenting, imposed, systematic abuse; and,
Who selflessly suffer the oppressive bludgeoning batons of militant, jackbooted police;
Remain resolute knowing their messages, seeded in spilled blood, are beginning to bear fruit
Advantaged by the tentacle-reach of  social media technology; announcing a global call
That is harvesting an awakening of those once ill-informed and meek, to amass in assembly,
To encroach and occupy a demonstration encampment, to make their public presence known
To the Powers That Be;  and, by these populations increasing globally each day; proclaim their Resistance.

Internationally the Occupy Movement is determined, with strident resoluteness and resolve,
To broadcast a global Manifesto of Change; to make known that the pervasive impoverishment of humanity will no longer be endured.
By demonstrating with loving passivity and willingness to suffer the brutal wrath of judicial and intentional, forcible eradication;
Embolden others to this incipient movement; to spawn a greater awakening of common minds; and,
A cohesive willingness to withstand, united, against the tyranny of malicious injustices to endear countless millions more of humanity
To muster  the strength and courage to confront these lofty perpetrators and their contrived oppression;
Unified in allegiance to a commitment to march together armed with rudimentary sticks and stones;
Even in the face of the oppressors’ bullet fire; fueled by the true realization of their diminishing hope;
Ignoring the hollow promises espoused by political rhetoric; to offer up their seemingly empty lives
If only to pronounce, once-and-for-all, in a loud and increasingly omnipresent, proletariat voice:

Every women, man and child, young and old; will stand defiant against institutionalized, intimidating fear, forever absolved.

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