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Naykd Poet


Since December 2011 by this blog, I’ve purged my heart, mind and soul; laying Naykd my thoughts to all, to know but, with time of near four years passage, what most did not grow, is awareness to a wisdom, my words, with hope, would sow. Yet, undaunted I pursue this work, not for the charm of accolade or renown but, for the mere chance of survival from that which ails this world; I feel so emotionally, so profound.  It is my only vehicle to solution short of violent revolution upon the corruptness metastasizing throughout this Human institution but to remain discouraged, by its prolific infusion. `Words can be mightier than the sword’ but, for that truth to be known, the right words need be shown, for the courage of strength, to be sown.


Lore’s Truths Hidden

Each generation to human creation dilutes meaning to experience;
History etched in text accounting for pain, blood and life lost
Fade, obliterated from present minds’ tangible suffering
Only to be relived, re-enacted and resolved to be unique,
Yielding but another, duplication, to historical records’ accounting.

What manifestation need arrive to dissolve this endless cycle
Of seemingly pointless toil; to render permanent solution;
Elimination of permanent state of sufferance by the many
Whose wish goal is to purely reside harmoniously; in peaceful
Collaborative purpose and mutual enjoyment of prosperity?

For those with whom resides the mind to seek it,
Telling truths, hidden in ancient lore; wisdom is to be found.
Words that speak not only to the past but, to days yet to come.
Though failing to heed the messages’ veracity to experience lived,
Is reason sure, world peace, yet again, stands to become undone.


Miracle To Change


Given the tumultuous times we increasingly find our world in, it seems appropriate to give this long ago written poem another spin.  It speaks loudly to the want and hope that humanity recognize the trajectory of its present course that only a blind-fool would think it not toward inhuman sufferance; if not its outright demise:

Miracle To Change

As the world spins on its axis tilt
Twenty-four hours of blood to be spilt

Humanity’s participants long for the day
Brutality and evil will have gone away

If history speaks as loudly as it does
Bullets and famine will win to love

Turbulence and chaos reflected in the skies
Surprisingly some still naively ask `why?

Though beauty of flora and fauna still exist
As casket wreaths it spoils their bliss

Mankind towards destruction seems inclined
What miracle to change will it have to find?


Challenges To Distraction


Is uniformity to an abiding person inclined
If, always found, they colour between the lines?
Or, in this age of perceived subversion, we find;
The increase in surveillance, demands it be, critically defined.

Lexicon to this 21st Century, conspires to set the stage;
For the eclipse of the past, be it with a whimper or through rage;
The margins of tomorrow will go beyond the written page;
Ear-marked for destruction or, possibly, left living in a Cage!

Challenges to distraction, are losing to the bid;
Manufacture to its reasons: perception to forbid;
Rendering future minds naive, relentlessly morbid;
Pledging a society chaotic and, grievously sordid.

This query-story need not end on so dire a note;
There is gradual rise to reasonable minds espousing hope
But, there is the pervasive mental lethargy of the many, to cope;
For without so doing, it may become a downward slope!


born to a dark mind

A post-Halloween toast:

Tale To Freight

Composing dark and unsavory tales to freight
The lurid, cursed words to raise a strange delight
Telling of what is oft hidden from the sight of light
The unsavory mention of what goes `bump in the night’

A tale that speaks of twisted minds that plan and scheme
One that consumes the darkest of nightmarish dreams
Rendering a victim’s  most heart-wrenching  scream
A callous evilness for emotional gain,  than to be seen

This manner of expression intent on gaining vicarious reward
To be given to those that would likely faint at fear’s door
To garner adrenalin’s rush, demanding one to read more
Of the bloodied and dead, void of suffering the pain and sore.


Honed Steel Blade

Lothe of darkness, left to dwell
What tale this bloodied knife could tell
Born from a tainted mind, lured by cursed spell
Expressed by its master, servant of Hell
For the deathly evilness deed, its presence did befell

A torrid carnage wake of death and defiance
Shear morbidity and twisted execution of contrivance
Meant to defy laws of human compliance
And to confound the realm of forensic science
This crafted tool, life-ending appliance

Razor-sharp, honed steel blade, used for evil’s gain
Marks its course of deed, with blood-flowing stain
The death-still carcass, a persistent memory to remain
Negates its true purpose of service, forever to defame
Tainted, civil-minds brandish bias toward its disdain


Silent Fart

the taint odorous plume grew as it rose
its toxic vibrancy scared as it flowed
no whimper of mention gave it a show
the tacit reaction given; a tweak of the nose
lending credence only its originator knows
the response;  retreat, all affected, chose


Humanity’s Blithe

Click On Image to View Video Link

Global forces of evil seem of late, to be winning the fight; a fight against those of our world who struggle to make things right; the right to freedoms for all to live a life free from strife; the strife that comes from fear of being taken in the night; the nights darkness that conceals tyranny’s flight; flight at the cost of humanity’s blithe


Warriors of the Covenant

`Journey, Awareness, Redemption, Rapture’

It came to pass in the beginning, contrary to orthodox belief in the Genesis of human-kind on this Earth, that a demon false god cast with a fury, Adam from the Garden for his indiscretion in eating from the Tree of Knowledge, reserving for Eve and her progeny, by impregnating her with his fertile seed, the infinite curse to promulgate Evil throughout generations of human-kind to be borne, that their numbers become a billion fold, to be soldiers awaiting the return of this demon god, to rise up, empowered by the full energy of darkness, like a black hole.

Adam, having eaten of the Tree of Knowledge thus possessing the Truth of Divine Light was taken by Angel messengers to the true Divine Creator God who took from him a rib as to create a second Eve so that their union would carry the Seed of Knowledge given Adam, to be carried forth throughout generations of human-kind, yet to be borne.

Thus was the genesis of Light versus Darkness that has come upon this Earth, the seeming infinite battle of good versus evil.

Yet now into this the second millennium, amongst the many, comes one man driven by unseen forces to discover this knowledge of truth such as to give him strength to seek and gather those whom, upon sharing in this Divine truth, join in the conquest to confront those souls borne to darkness of evil, that they too, through death, may once again, be borne to the Truth of Light.

A vessel of Knowledge
Contained, preserved
Hidden from the masses
The truth to all – the Word

A soldier of ignorance
Starved from dearth in knowledge
Craved to drink, to feed
To fulfill a driven need

Blind guidance did direct
The soldier of promise to find
The secret of the vessel to beget
The fruit within to feed his mind

The sustenance – the imbibe
Knowledge to the Truth – the Light
To the soldier’s wisdom did reside
Purpose being made right

The solder armed with Truth to profess
Spoke until an army had risen
The Enlightened – those confessed
Evil from whom was driven

The Spirit of Light given to shine
Their soul to life did spark inside
Giving mind and body combined
To God to reside

The Soldier – Knight of Light
On winged steed of power did ride
Sabers of Truth drawn to Fight
Legions of Goodness, to his left, to his right

Charging toward Darkness
An army of Evil contrived
By demon god’s Genesis
Solders of blackened heart inside

Fierce battles of Darkness to Light
Bloodied swords slay down spears of pain
Countless century’s destiny to fight
For Goodness in human-kind to sustain

Death of Evil given to a Rebirth
Of Soul’s spirit within
For All of this Earth
Be Forgiven, to absolve, Mortal Sin.

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