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Naykd Poet


Since December 2011 by this blog, I’ve purged my heart, mind and soul; laying Naykd my thoughts to all, to know but, with time of near four years passage, what most did not grow, is awareness to a wisdom, my words, with hope, would sow. Yet, undaunted I pursue this work, not for the charm of accolade or renown but, for the mere chance of survival from that which ails this world; I feel so emotionally, so profound.  It is my only vehicle to solution short of violent revolution upon the corruptness metastasizing throughout this Human institution but to remain discouraged, by its prolific infusion. `Words can be mightier than the sword’ but, for that truth to be known, the right words need be shown, for the courage of strength, to be sown.



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The world feeling stress at the seams;
Truer than life are its worst of dreams;
Hesitant are most to give it a voice;
But there comes a moment, there is no choice.

Every avenue, every domain,
Every institution, established name;
Feeling the pressure, fracturing apart;
Traditions failing those worn closest, to a civil heart.

What remedy, what resolve
Need manifest to this malaise, solve;
Far too great is their weight of dismay,
Leaving loss of hope, to see light of day.

Prophecy of scripture, resigned to by some,
Rendering providence to returning mythical Son;
But reality holds to a much stronger truth:
Solutions reside in the hearts of everyone and, YOU!


God – A Computer Hack?

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The energetic human brain, transducer to the cosmic message emanating as protons from the central core of the galaxy is limited to manifest a three-dimensional perception reality construct within the parameters of observable frequencies within human consciousness that is only one order of dimension within the complex order of an infinite, matrix of realities present. Transitioning to alternate, higher order dimension enlists a perception to higher frequencies of consciousness that potentially exist within the material brain but yet to be permanently initiated through evolutionary, genetic unlocking of human DNA. The unlocking mechanism is encoded within the cosmic messaging structure so as to manifest in the same order as human evolution allows for its understanding. This falls into the same conundrum as the `chicken and the egg’. The genetically advanced brain as the transducer to higher frequencies need be made advanced by the same frequencies it is genetically modified to perceive. As example; the case of any computer: new operating software need be uploaded to the central processor (the brain) in order that subsequent applications can be readily interpreted and processing applied to manifest the subsequent reality. As with computer advancement, each new generation of human advances the operating system (DNA) to recognize new operating parameters that permit development (perception) of new applications (realities). The `advanced software’ is already present within the DNA chain but demands the influence of the cosmic messaging germinating from the galaxy’s core (black hole). For those who believe in a higher order of existence (God) one can look to any advanced computer programmer as being the next best thing.


What is Wrong With Humanity?

humanity balanceAt some point in this conversation the words, message, however you may want to term it, will undoubtedly begin to sound as a `rant’. That said, a concerted effort will be made to defer that potential conclusion at all cost to the privilege of your attention to this piece.

Humanity’s presence on this celestial body to which it has been given the unclarified privilege to inhabit for an indeterminate period of time to the present has as history will support, been mired in conflict. Aggression is and, seemingly always has been, at the forefront of this earthly occupation. A condition possibly attributable to the primordial, animalistic, component to living DNA: the innate struggle for all living entities to survive at all cost. But what this does not account for in the case of Humans is the `sentient’ aspect that purportedly differentiates it from other living entities it shares the planet.

So, `what is wrong with humanity?’

According to the Wikipedia’s reference on the topic of `Civilization

“The earliest emergence of [human] civilizations is generally associated with the final stages of the Neolithic Revolution, culminating in the relatively rapid process of state formation, a political development associated with the appearance of a governing elite.

If this holds to be accurate, approximately 9000 BCE was the start of humanity’s evolution to the present era commonly referred to in this the 21st century as the Information Age. A transition period of over 11000 years or, put another way: considering twenty years for each generational cycle – 550 generations.

It is certain many would argue that humanity has progressed substantially to behaving in a more civilized manner meaning, co-existing but, is this accurate?

The underpinning principle to any civilized culture is the `rule of law’. The formulation and establishment of rules and codes of conduct – behavior, a grouping of humans collectively and mutually agree to accept to guide the development and growth of their civilized grouping.

The evolution of this basic principal has undoubtedly met its share of resistance manifest in a variety of ways from the lone-gunman holding up a local bank to corrupt legislators and whole governments often culminating in regional, national and international conflicts.

Examination of the history that brings humanity to its present state now, in the formative years of this 21st century, it becomes evidently clear there is but one principle that truly dictates the course of humanity’s evolution: POWER of FORCE.

The phrase taken from the infamous Star Wars saga: `May the force be with you’ takes on a different connotation in the context of human socio-economic development and advancement where FORCE is derived from two fundamental elements: Money and Bullets. The presence of either or both, in any context of their application, is widely evidenced and proven to supersede the `rule of law’ that underpins a civilized organization.

Ironically, as the presence of humanity surpasses 7-billion and expected to approach 10-billion by mid-21st century, the power of influence increasingly, is residing in the hands of but a few powerful individuals and family dynasties. A situation where 0.7% (32 million) of the global population retain 41% of global wealth (US98.7tn).


This small super-elite group who, through secretive organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, hold high security, suggestively clandestine, conferences at Davos Switzerland to chart the course the remaining 99.93% of humanity will take over the coming decades.

What supports and is essential for this global wealth pyramid to exist and prosper is a myriad and matrix of individual pyramids of power that ultimately support the overall structure of power and influence. Be that by individuals, governmental institutions and/or, private organizations.

All equally share in the application-enforcement of the same two basic elements: money and if necessary, bullets, to acquire, establish and retain such force of influence.

Ultimately the true value of individual human life in the context of such power has to be deemed negligible. The death of countless millions of innocent lives over the last and into the current century is clear evidence to this harsh statement.

A current and living example of all that is being spoken of here resides in the financial dissolution of Greece, a member state to the Eurozone and the European Union.

Without going into the specific details of the Greek situation, suffice it to say the majority of the Greek population are being held captive to punitive, extreme austerity measures imposed by fellow Eurozone states namely Germany and France, for the documented excesses of the minority, Greek elite-wealth establishment.

Emanating from the global financial collapse of 2007-08, Greece amongst other Eurozone member states such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy, has been embroiled in negotiations to restructure payment of its massive national debt that presently exceeds 200% of Gross National Production (GDP). A level of debt that is unsustainable and never fully repayable when it exceeds the realistic potential of generating revenue to do so.

This dire situation of harsh austerity measures crippling the country since 2009 resulted in the 2015 election of new left-leaning State government party: Syriza on the platform to reverse regulations imposed by Eurozone member states. This mandate is further re-enforced by a 61% majority, national referendum in support of the stated platform even at the cost of leaving the Eurozone but staying within the European Union. This would constitute returning to the Drachma currency from the current Euro.

It is not evidently clear as to the true reasons for it but, the Syriza Party and the Greek Parliament have failed to institute the clear mandate given them by the majority of the Greek populace and have in fact, resigned to even harsher austerity measures than those imposed at the outset of this dire saga.

So again, it begs the question: `what is wrong with humanity?’

Clearly, the super-elite hold the power of money by which to acquire and control a power of the bullet to easily impose and control a power of force upon the majority into sheepish submission.

It would seem self-evident, with a ratio of 9.93:>1, the ability to change the present system to a more equalitarian structure would/should be relatively easy. So why has this not happened and what will it take to do so?

The simple answer is Fear. The fear of disrupting a civilized order as harsh as it may be; to delve into the chaotic and destructive nature of revolution. The types of revolution being played out in theatres of conflict as in the Middle East: Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.., the Israeli occupation of Palestinians of Gaza and West Bank. In these conflicts all that appears to being accomplished is death and displacement of thousands of innocent lives that once flourished in established civilized communities now abandoned and laying in ruin; possibly for decades.

In conclusion, if one can be drawn, the super-elite will maintain their austere hold of the majority of humanity unless the ways, means and courage, as yet unfathomable, manifest. Failing such a miracle, the road travelled for most occupants and their progeny to this celestial body, seems less than inviting contrary to the prophetic projections of wealth and goodness professed by contrived, propagandist, entertainment-centric and complicit global, mass media.

May time prove this wrong!


Miracle To Change


Given the tumultuous times we increasingly find our world in, it seems appropriate to give this long ago written poem another spin.  It speaks loudly to the want and hope that humanity recognize the trajectory of its present course that only a blind-fool would think it not toward inhuman sufferance; if not its outright demise:

Miracle To Change

As the world spins on its axis tilt
Twenty-four hours of blood to be spilt

Humanity’s participants long for the day
Brutality and evil will have gone away

If history speaks as loudly as it does
Bullets and famine will win to love

Turbulence and chaos reflected in the skies
Surprisingly some still naively ask `why?

Though beauty of flora and fauna still exist
As casket wreaths it spoils their bliss

Mankind towards destruction seems inclined
What miracle to change will it have to find?


Challenges To Distraction


Is uniformity to an abiding person inclined
If, always found, they colour between the lines?
Or, in this age of perceived subversion, we find;
The increase in surveillance, demands it be, critically defined.

Lexicon to this 21st Century, conspires to set the stage;
For the eclipse of the past, be it with a whimper or through rage;
The margins of tomorrow will go beyond the written page;
Ear-marked for destruction or, possibly, left living in a Cage!

Challenges to distraction, are losing to the bid;
Manufacture to its reasons: perception to forbid;
Rendering future minds naive, relentlessly morbid;
Pledging a society chaotic and, grievously sordid.

This query-story need not end on so dire a note;
There is gradual rise to reasonable minds espousing hope
But, there is the pervasive mental lethargy of the many, to cope;
For without so doing, it may become a downward slope!




A short series of poems that speak to a new period of human evolution the impetus to which arises through revolution against the foundational institutions that inhibit and impede its fruition to reality:

Human Revolution

Different realities co-exist in the same time and space
Each marked by the goodness of love or pain of suffering, faced
A global view of the world’s condition at any second of the clock
Increasing enlists feelings of great sadness and horrifying shock
Injustices expressed by the few of power on the impoverished many
If not soon curtailed, of life on Earth, there will not be any
Rhetoric espoused by those whom the populace elect
Promise, once in political office, these problems they will correct
Yet decades into centuries continue to unfold
And yet the same original story continues to be told
What will it take to derive these problems final solution?
As things stand in this moment – only an uprising – a Human Revolution


Progress: Evolution to Beyond

Rescue me from this seemingly infinite cavernous pit occupied by credulity of mind to the simplistic and inane concept that presence is limited to institutionalized tangible parameters conceived from  refutable, ancient, established principles of energy’s ineffable influence on the equational structures formulated in the contextual measures of reality’s limited senses impeding at tortoise speed, humanity’s evolution to the beyond.


Humanity’s Gain

Stumbling upon the realm of the lost, disenfranchised
Their words expressive, abusive to the Man’s lies
Many voices choir the same message song
Repression and hatred can no longer live on
Banding together a force not to be denied
The power of their words bullets can’t belie
Revolution of mind is the strategy best to play
Fueled by love and compassion to clear the way
Once divided, designed to throw off course
Women, men united as one power force
Oligarchy House built on humanity’s foundation
Will crumble and fall, driven into annihilation
No longer will civilization place its faith in a power elite
The common good and riches must be shared by all complete
Destruction of fiat currencies fictional ball and chain
To excise the limits imposed upon humanity’s happiness gains


Is It Still Raining?

Clearly the rain is falling
Confirmed by the pitter-patter on the roof

The ground is soaked from constant rains past
How much longer will this foul weather last?

Like the biblical forty days and forty nights
This much rain instills a palpable fright

Is this sign of the Earth’s demise?
Saying finally `Open your eyes!’

Open your eyes to what you have done
To Earth’s environment that is fault of everyone

Everyone who believes mankind has progressed
When in reality we have created one huge mess

A mess by ignoring the tell-tailing signs
Egotistically thinking technological development is `just fine’

Only to realize there is a significant price to be paid
Leaving human evolution to be just a bit delayed!


Thin Veil Of Secrecy

Contrived darkness conspired behind secrecy’s impenetrable viel
Witnessed by the mire beneath cautiously stepped foot
Left to presume its softness an infusion of citizen’s blood
For the echoes of bullets hail still carries with the wind
That wafts with the smell of death’s decay
Intellect deciphering that war has made its way

Cries of protest calling for regime legitimacy
In protest to imposed dictatorial stolen powers
Committing to paying the ultimate price
To regain freedoms inherent to breath of life
With willingness to share in the richness common
That such belief be the inheritance of those not born

This goal truly a meager ambition of a balanced world
Long stolen and made perverse by few psychotic minds
Their lineage cowering protected, behind walls of force
Financed by the life-blood from whom it is stolen
On the strength of false fears of their mischievous creation
Placating their ambitions by veneer of false goodwill to all

Revolution of mind and soul to its original purpose
Will find humanity living its original destiny in history
To be in harmony with all that is energy’s creation
On this spatial island, co-habitant to a universal realm
That by its infinity diminishes the strength evil power held
By those who continue to inflict their pain of dominance
This perspective of mind need be regained to garner the strength
Ultimately destroying the thin veil of secrecy to illuminate the rightful way.


Dignity And Honor

What ultimate cause can be given to world economies in decline?
To explore the channels of global communication, one would be inclined
To look to the financial power of J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs
Places like these, fueled by greed of power that take and never look back
Conspiracy theorists are shrewd to summarize: global dominance is their decree
The ultra-rich, the elite that feed through tentacles suckling on the human sea
Their insidious plan derived by hunched-back, long nosed, decrepit evil souls
Has now blossomed and flourishes for to them, humanity’s lives are owed

It would seem from this dark foreboding that has risen
That for generations to come a life of slavery is a given
But their resides a `chink’ in the financial hegemony’s amour
The power of each living souls’ dignity and honor
Collectively the power of the many outweighs that of the few elite
It is time to take this power not to demonstrate, but to defeat
No longer should the richness of this Earth be given to these few
It is a common wealth for all of this Earth to pursue

What spark will ignite this essential fuse of revolutionary change?
The answer is one only each individual can claim.

All poems copyright of Naykd Poet 2011-12


Paradoxical Clue


These words of verse offered up for view
In many ways reflect nothing new
But in the end what they are meant to do
Is simply show life understood, can renew

From birth to death, life charts an unknown course
Often just responding to unseen force
That somehow gets to where it need go
Even though the reasons for it, is not to know

Is life an illusion, a dream state fulfilled
Or is it something simpler still?

Maybe the answer lies in this paradoxical clue
See what it means to YOU:

Life is to death, as death is to life, one needs the other, to make all things right

Sentient life is but one organism within a matrix to All
Loss to this understanding is where humanity finds its flaw
It need regress to the state where it first began to crawl
To re-instate its being chosen, amongst the many, to stand most Tall

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