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The world feeling stress at the seams;
Truer than life are its worst of dreams;
Hesitant are most to give it a voice;
But there comes a moment, there is no choice.

Every avenue, every domain,
Every institution, established name;
Feeling the pressure, fracturing apart;
Traditions failing those worn closest, to a civil heart.

What remedy, what resolve
Need manifest to this malaise, solve;
Far too great is their weight of dismay,
Leaving loss of hope, to see light of day.

Prophecy of scripture, resigned to by some,
Rendering providence to returning mythical Son;
But reality holds to a much stronger truth:
Solutions reside in the hearts of everyone and, YOU!


This Reality – A Mind-bending Quest

Mind bend

Marching toward the threshold of insanity,
Through the doorway to madness’ bliss,
Giving to schizophrenia; a duality,
Painted in shapes and colors, hard to resist.

A conspired fiction intertwined by questionable reality
Both being hallucination,  chemically induced.
Which presence of mind does  contrive banality;
Which illusion, can most truth be deduced?

What barb-hook catches want from  this fall,
For the truth to this reality is waning at best?
To an inevitable state that is sure to befall,
Rose colored glasses toward a mind-bending quest.


Try This: Visual Trip

Wearing a pair of dark-lense sunglasses with the Sun at your face,  pull the frames away from your face just enough to catch the full reflection of your eyes; make the reflection as large and as focused by moving back and forth incrementally. Once you have this reflection, make it parallel with your own eyes so that you are looking directly into the reflections Pupil. Try to stay focused and concentrate on the reflections focus. Continue until something (if anything) starts to happen; continue to focus deeper into the image that (hopefully) will manifest. I won’t tell you what I saw as not to bias your experience but, hopefully, those who try this will comment on what they experienced (even if that disappointingly, happens).


Illusion’s Window Opened


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