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Youthful Inspiration


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The occasional encounter with young persons who infuse a realistic sense of hope toward the fulfillment of human potential is an inspiring experience for those of an older generation:

The young, youth, who are given to inherently inspire,
Infusing an enthusiastic drive, ambition-fire;
Driven by lifestyle, most only imagine to aspire,
Yielding more than just wishes, to take one higher.

Beauty of body and intellect cosmically given ideals
Humbly exercised, knowing what matters in life is to be real;
With compassion of empathy to what others may feel,
Ignoring fain accolade, this given essence, to humbly conceal.

Service to others, a cause celebre,
Pursuing what others most disregard or serve to dread;
Taking the challenge to lead rather than to be led,
In pursuit of true purpose to what lies for humanity, ahead.


Try This: Visual Trip

Wearing a pair of dark-lense sunglasses with the Sun at your face,  pull the frames away from your face just enough to catch the full reflection of your eyes; make the reflection as large and as focused by moving back and forth incrementally. Once you have this reflection, make it parallel with your own eyes so that you are looking directly into the reflections Pupil. Try to stay focused and concentrate on the reflections focus. Continue until something (if anything) starts to happen; continue to focus deeper into the image that (hopefully) will manifest. I won’t tell you what I saw as not to bias your experience but, hopefully, those who try this will comment on what they experienced (even if that disappointingly, happens).

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