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Anxiety’s Pain

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Residing permanently outside the envelop of popular, common-minds’ reasoning to thoughts derived, instilling a sustainable uneasiness, increasingly difficult to temper; derives condition of ill-defined malaise for which exists remedy to correction beyond medicated, lobotomized cauterizing of synaptic root origins to this illness’ creation, that being: to embody and expel the infused, emotionally derived condition as transformative bursts of reviving energy, formulating unique manners of artistic, creative expression, embodying the full depth of anxiety’s pain.



This Reality – A Mind-bending Quest

Mind bend

Marching toward the threshold of insanity,
Through the doorway to madness’ bliss,
Giving to schizophrenia; a duality,
Painted in shapes and colors, hard to resist.

A conspired fiction intertwined by questionable reality
Both being hallucination,  chemically induced.
Which presence of mind does  contrive banality;
Which illusion, can most truth be deduced?

What barb-hook catches want from  this fall,
For the truth to this reality is waning at best?
To an inevitable state that is sure to befall,
Rose colored glasses toward a mind-bending quest.

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