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Empathy: defined?

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Recent developments of a family nature have exposed me to a foreign experience, until now: the depth of hostility expressed and anxiety imposed upon an ailing, dying Father by his only and seemingly heartless Son.

What has materialized from this experience is clarity, from my perspective, of the true meaning of Empathy.

Empathy: what the non-suffering need feel for the suffering.

In the broader scope of human experience: it is the sufferance of the suffering for the non-suffering to suffer to realize the true meaning of Empathy.



True Captains


A thunderous boom echoed from a cloudless sky
Summoning the shrill of an unknown baby’s cry
Sending a shiver of fear hard to deny
With wonderment of question: `Why?’

Soon the streets filled with curious minds
Looking upward and outward for telling signs
But none were visible or made blind
Leaving an answer to the question hard to find.

Those of pious belief fell in prayer to their knees,
Atheists and the agnostic took to cowering under trees
Finding no reason to solution, source of fear to relieve;
Taking this sign as an ominous warning, one to be believed.

Next, the sunlight of day became hauntingly dark,
The blackness of night full, consuming, stark;
Artificial light failed to counter its sudden, complete embark,
Confirming to all, this strangeness is not to be deemed a lark.

Ancient prophecy has long spoken of such a coming event
Taken by most to be of an old zealot’s religious invent;
Poised as reason for all sinners toward a godly entity, to repent,
To gain a promise of such calamity, to wishfully prevent.

Intellectual voices of science took strides to explain
The Earth is passing through its Galaxy’s cosmic plane;
A natural, phenomenal cycle that occurs time and again
Ensuring reason toward humanity’s ails is not the source to blame.

Three days, three nights the darkness full did cause
Thousands to wait in fear, confused by whose `laws’
To believe to be this earthly calamity’s true cause
But, what is certain; Humanity is given good reason to pause.

On the fourth day sunlight once again made for a blue sky,
The cry of relief echoing loud, fervently far and wide;
From this, it became evidently clear and impossible to deny,
Earth, a cosmic vessel, is given for all humanity, on which to fly.

No longer encumbered by divisive, omnipresent rules of religious fear,
Humankind realizes they are the true Captains to this earthly ship to steer
Through the voidness of cosmic space knowing the path to be made clear
Is through intellect of mind and, love for each other, to hold most dear.


AI: Virtual Reality: Why?



AI: Virtual Reality:

The Virtual Reality adventure is driven by the need to achieve a Utopian, Humanist realm to supplant the as yet, seemingly, unattainable true reality that is human existence.




HISTORY: Comprehension of the Present Future


The further one recedes into the history of global economic development and, the politics that have and continue to direct its course, the fuller one is able to comprehend the present and future, potential state of global conflict and, the factors that continue to contribute to it.

The Empire Files, an investigative journalistic News reportage exposes the crucial history of how empires of the early 19th and 20th centuries, feeding off the wealth of resources in the region of Africa now known as the Congo, can be considered responsible for present day conflict in the form of civil, regional and proxy wars.

The early meddling of Belgian monarchy with the sole purpose to exploit the resource riches of the region while publicly expressing the desire to educate and make more civil the indigenous Peoples can be reasonably projected to the rise in terrorism being experienced today.

Too, western empire nations such as the United States, Britain and France by way of clandestine, political subterfuge administered by the CIA and MI-6’s convert activity over the decades, with the sole objective of capturing and securing the wealth of resources offered by the Congolese region of Africa, can be deemed responsible for the militaristic and terroristic turmoil suffered by the Peoples of the region.

Of particular attention is the conversation up to and including the 15-min. mark referring to the democratically elected leader to the Congo; his assassination and permanent disposal of his body. A treatment procedure repeated more recently in history with the goal to stifle any potential for the future veneration of those who fought in opposition to western, economic and political interests.

The current presidential election cycle in the guise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are ceremoniously unveiling the corruptness of western, corporate-driven politics and the destructive influence such interests are having not only for the United States but too, the globe in general, by way of corporate driven foreign policies shaped to secure the wealth of undeveloped and developing nations by means of political subterfuge or outright military force.

The world by any standard is in upheaval and disarray: civil, regional and proxy wars throughout the Middle-East; millions of migrants fleeing the regions of strife only to be confronted by nationalistic driven xenophobia; strident financial inequality diminishing the economic influence of the middle and lower classes of all nations; obfuscation of climate change, global warming and their all to present destructive effects; etc., etc..

Not until members of the infamous 99% realize what has transpired in the past, initiated and executed by those who were politically and economically influential in achieving their greed driven enrichment, still all too present directing the course of global affairs by the hands and minds of bought and paid-for elected officials administering world governance today, will change ever see the light of day.

The outcome of the 2016 Presidential election will be a hallmark to the quality of life, for global civil-society, well into this 21st Century!


State of Global Human Affairs:


Criminal minds, political and the wealthy who sustain them; stationed atop the human populace occupying this Earthly domain to orchestrate and direct the legitimate and illegitimate national policies that ultimately incite life-ending carnage upon the innocent. The betrayal of the wisest amongst the rest, naively intrusted to share a wisdom directed toward the betterment of all humankind, to establish a worldly agenda fostering an equalitarian attitude when considering the common resources availed to the benefit of all and not the few. Hypocrisy left to run rampant to fuel misgiven, corrupt ideologies designed to give permanence of domain relegating common-sense, rational reasoning, reflective of the wishes of the many, in continuous, war fairing conflict with the gainful few, to be wilfully promulgated and sustained. This, the state of global human affairs in this 21st Human Century.


Promise Bound


For all Global Nations: a growing concern:
Racism and hatred beginning to flourish;
An underbelly of dissension prominently exposed;
State to State chaos, becoming much easier to discern.

Left versus right seems less a divisive issue;
It’s Race vs Race that is coming to the fore;
Politicians and wannabees, espousing explosive rhetoric;
Amidst ill-advised supporters brandishing burning torches too.

The level of hatred fast encompassing the world
Likely no different from that experienced in times past;
But, biased 24/7 media with Internet, redefines current history’s tome,
Leading to the conclusion: global inhalation is bound to be incurred.

The outcome of coming conflict, this time around,
With proliferation of nuclear force willingly at the ready,
Will, for this generation of children be theirs to inherit:
A lifetime of earthly misery and suffering promise bound.



A Work In Progress





Story Treatment

Title: Creation – Origins and Beyond (the De Vinci Code)


It is the last days of the advanced civilization that, through its greed and egocentric evolution, brought itself past the brink of annihilation. In an attempt to manipulate the atmosphere to compensate for global warming through excessive levels of carbon dioxide, the scientist triggered an irreversible chain of events that has led to the slow but certain loss of the life-sustaining atmosphere. It was projected, the entire atmosphere would escape, to dissipate into space, within a two eclipses of the blue star planet and the light star known as Energy. This would not be sufficient time to construct vessels of sufficient capacity to be meaningful so, it was decided, the effort would be devoted to saving the essence of the their civilization by developing the science to produce thousands of crucible pods, each to contain the DNA of all things living on their planet that they would survive the tortures of being flung into space with the hopes and dreams by all that were to perish, would befall another place fertile and conducive, to the seeds contained within. To take root, evolve once again, to become a new civilization that would reflect those who were chosen, but wiser in their way.

The fateful moment had arrived; the second eclipse of the blue star planet was about to happen. All the crucibles, each inscribed with the story of this proud but failed civilization indelibly etched in the hard metal sheath, lay beneath a heat resistant coating of minerals to protect it through its unknown journey to unknown places. It was hoped the outer sheath, being super heated upon entering an atmosphere, would collapse and fall apart upon hard impact with the planetary surface. However, this was all scientific conjecture for little was known of space and other planets. In the last century they successfully sent probes to the blue star planet on which they felt confident new life could be sustained. To that end they knew to fire the starship laden with the crucibles, at the precise moment of full eclipse of the Energy star and the blue star planet. Once into appropriate orbit of the blue planet, the starship would release the elliptical shaped pods, each being just forty centimetres in diameter, allowing the momentum of inertia to direct and project them toward the surface of the planet, in the same manner as had been done with the previously sent probes.

In the last days, telepathic energies of the suffocating and dying inhabitants was directed to the journeying probes, psychically encouraging their success of endeavour and dismembered success of their continued existence. Particular psychic focus was lauded a small group of select crucible pods, for within these were the elemental seeds that, should just one successfully meet its fate, would one day, flourish into special beings by whose guidance and influence, the future of the new civilization would rest.

Viewed from the darkness of space, like a cluster of several hundred small orange red stars, the pods drawn by the gravity of the brilliantly blue star planet, the outer shell of the crucible glowed with the heat of entry into the upper atmosphere, falling toward an unknown, climatic end, to a long journey.

Of the several thousands of pods originating from the now fully collapsed and dead planet, only several hundred survived the journey through space and, only a smaller number of these survived the passage through the thick atmosphere of their new home. Of these, scattered throughout the planet, some came into contact with hard surfaces and others fell into the liquid that gave the planet its dominant color – water. It was only these latter few that survived to release their sustenance into the salty, warm liquid. Once emptied, the metal pods, with the story of their origin, floated to the surface to be dispersed by the waves to one day be found by the future civilization to which it gave seed.
Chapter One:

James Carson an amateur geologist and aspiring archaeologist was dangling precariously as he swung his pick axe to the ice encrusted layer of sediment the strata of which represented a mysterious period in the history of Earth’s evolution. He was a student of Immanuel Velikovsky who purported that Earth’s evaluation was an explosive and catastrophic one as evidenced by mysterious and yet unanswered questions about what preceded and, as important, what caused the formidable glacial movement of the Ice Age. And how was it that in the furthest reaches of northern Siberia, where little else can flourish or thrive, the pristine remains of wholly mammoths and other unrelated and now extinct species of mammal and vertebrae are found huddled together in the deep recesses of otherwise inaccessible caves and ridges. Seemingly, flash frozen with stomach contents of grasses and other vegetation known to be foreign to the regions of their obvious demise.

What attracted Carson’s attentions so much as to risk his life off the end of a nylon climbers rope secured only by a four inch spiked clip, was what looked through the rough, black ice, a shiny metallic object.

With each blow of his axe to the hard wall propelled him equally as far away from the wall swinging him dangerously back and forth. Too much of this same action could cause the rope safety clip to work itself loose with the fatal result of plunging him to the bottomless crevice. But Jason was both stubborn and obstinate and, ignoring the pleas of his guide to give up his quest before it was too late.

Yelling out in defiance, Jason took one last hard swing with his axe aimed directly at the unknown object. The power and force caused a huge junk of ice to break free while simultaneously propelling Jason away from the wall. On the return leg of his pendulum swing, he was able to stop and hold himself to the wall by jamming the pointed end of the pick into the newly created cavity. What his eyes saw in that moment would forever change the course of Jason Carson’s life and that of humanity on Earth.

Chapter Two:

Two months later, while attending a lecture of friend and renowned archaeologist and paleontologist Edmund Swartzkoff, Jason could barely contain his excitement any longer. To that moment, he had not shared with anyone any detail of his mysterious find. This was for two reasons namely, he was not sure of what it is that he found and secondly, given the strata of sediment from whence it was discovered, it had to be several million years old. It had to be important!

Swartzkoff’s eyes nearly blew from his skull when Jason finally exposed the metal, elliptical shaped object that lay caressingly within a foam lined metal box. Anxious to make a closer examination of the object, Swartzkoff reached into the box only to be thwarted by Jason who pulled the box from the table, claiming the object was not to be touched or handled. Resenting the limitation imposed, Swartzkoff moved in closer toward the box still in Jason’s possession.
Chapter Three:

It was hard enough for Jason to maintain secrecy about his mysterious object. Swartxkoff unlike him, was not as capable to contain his excitement about what the find meant and mumbled about his observation of the object to fellow colleagues promising them that a profound find was to soon be unveiled by a young, up and coming archaeologist. And when pressed for a name, caved in divulging that it was Jason Carson.

The media were relentless about wanting to know more and the ISAP, International Society of Archeological Prospection imposed sanctions on Jason with threats of banishment unless he made public his find.

In a negotiated compromise, Jason agreed to display his find to a select assemblage of esteemed archaeologists, paleontologists, and even theologians given the potential nature of the object.

The presentation was to be attended to by the select few professionals at Indiana University renowned for its research interests in the archaeology of human origins and, the evolutionary ecology of early hominids, not to mention, it is Jason’s graduate school.

Huddled around an old oak table, the murmurings of the dozen men and women, filled the small, dank poorly lit room in the basement of the anthropology department building. Hardly a prestigious environment for such an important announcement however, Jason wanted to be sure that the meeting was held in a space that could not be penetrated or spied upon by the unwanted public media. The room had no windows and only one entrance way – down a long narrow corridor to the one room where all present sat anxiously awaiting a look at what was deemed the find of the millennium. The room came to abrupt silence as the door jarred open.

Jason guardedly entered through the doorway, the wooden box conspicuously tucked under his arm, closed the door with his foot, not taking his eyes off the twelve sets of eyes glued to every movement of he and the box in his possession.

Coyly, Jason moved to the head of the table, reverently placing the box before him. Looking up at his audience, he was momentarily at awe by the transfixing nature the box had. Seemingly hypnotizing all present. Then, with little to no fan fare or introduction, Jason turned the box 180 degrees so that it would open toward the group of men and women. And in one motion, pulled open the lid to expose his find.

At first there was utter silence. The scientist needed the few seconds to digest what it was that they were seeing. Then, the excitement seemed to sweep through them like a wave. The first to move toward the object was Dr. Leonard King, a leader in ancient artifact. As he moved closer and was about to handle the object, Jason slammed the lid shut, almost catching the over zealous doctor’s fingers, causing him to recoil and fall back into his chair.

Jason, hands still holding the box shut, repeated one of the prior conditions of the presentation: that no one was to touch or handle the object. It was his desire to not have any human hands touch the object to maintain its pristine condition, void of human contact. He himself had not directly touched the object since he found it. When discovered, he used the pointed end of his pickaxe to pry the object free, to have it literally tumble directly, into a sterile bag used for such situations. It was only after swab samples of the surface moisture and elements were carefully taken and stored for investigation, did he place the object into the specially designed, sterile-foam lined box that hermitically seals out air when the box is closed.

With unanimous agreement to respect the condition, each scientist using a large magnifying glass, took turns examining the object from within the box. They could not contain their excitement as they moved the glass back and forth over the hieroglyph-like shaped inscriptions etched into the metal-looking surface, claiming all the while, that the object had to be the work of an intelligent species but, definitely, not of any known terrestrial species. Then, turning to Jason, the obvious question was asked: what about confirmation of its age. How old was the object?

Jason pulled from his attaché case a file folder. Confident that he had gained the attention and seeming respect of the assemblage, he proceeded to report on the analysis of the swab samples taken from the surface of the object. These findings, and the accepted consensus of the age of the strata from which it was discovered, though not the age of the object itself, placed it at approximately four million years. The object itself is of inexplicable origin and indeterminate age. It could be into the billions of years.

`Astonishing!’ was the only word that fell from the lips of all presnt. `Simply: astonishing!`

Chapter Four:



RE-UNION – Script


© COPYRIGHT 2015-16 This script may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author



Marshall, a 51-year-old, single, gay male and, 24-year-old, attractive gay Justin while attending Marshall’s best friend Brad’s 50th birthday party, are soon to find their flirtatious gestures of mutual physical attraction harbours a 20-year-old surprise of unimaginable emotional consequence that neither could have possibly imagined.


Standing in the middle of the well-appointed living room, surrounded by a small number of well dressed partiers, fifty-one year old Marshall, holding a bottle of beer, congratulates Brad who is celebrating his 50th birthday

Congratulations Brad, who’d of thought we’d make it this far ah? (pausing) The big five-0, damn!

Thanks man, yah, who’d of believed it. Frankly, I don’t feel it – I mean, in here (points to his head) I’m still 20 years old

(shakes his head, clinks
glass to Marshall’s bottle)

Thanks and thanks for throwing
the surprise party (drinks)

Marshall drinks while scanning the room then pauses when he spots an attractive young man (JUSTIN) talking to another partier


Brad, who’s that hot look’n kid

(gestures bottle in direction toward Justin)


Who, which guy? Coz, if he’s
good looking he’s mine! Remember,
it’s my birthday party!

(looks to direction pointed)

I don’t know, I’ve not seen him before,
he must have come with someone but, if
he’s not attached he’s mine!

(both laugh at the speculation walking away in different directions)


(Marshall walks into kitchen to get a beer from the fridge, Justin follows behind and leans against the kitchen counter next to the fridge.)

(surprised to see Justin)

Hi, how’s it goin?

(coyly and speculative)

Not bad, and you?

(nervous tone)

Good, and you.. (pauses) I mean great!
(pauses) So you a friend of Brad’s, I’ve
seen you before?


No, no I came with Angie
(gestures with drink toward living room)

She and I were out for coffee this
morning and she invited me to come along

(turning toward living room)

Yah, I know Angie. How did you come
to know her. She’s kinda old for
you isn’t she (subtle laugh)

(smiling at the comment)

No, no, she’s just a friend. I met her
at acting class. We had to do an impromptu
together and we just hit if off – she’s
great. (Turns to face Marshall)

How about you, what brings you to Brad’s
birthday party?

(leans against the counter next to Justin)

Who me, o shit, I’ve known Brad for over
twenty years now. We’ve to hell and back
together. (pausing) Frankly, we are both
surprised we’re still kicking at fifty.

(flirtatiously questioning)

What, you fifty? Come on, you don’t look a
older than forty-nine (laughing)

(Marshall turns abruptly and fains a punch to Justin’s gut. Justin responds by grabbing Marshall. The two jostle playfully until Brad enters the kitchen)

(jokingly, questioning)

Ok you two, no fighting in the Kitchen.
I thought you didn’t know each other, either
that or you’re getting there

(leans into Marshall’s, whispering angularly)

I thought I told you he was mine!

(Marshall shrugs his shoulders)


What, what’s goin on between you two?

(looking directly at Marshall)

Oh nothing, nothing..just a private joke

(turns to Justin coyly)

So, my name is Brad, I am the birthday boy.
And who might you be? (extends hand-shake)

(shaking Brad’s hand)

I’m Justin, I came with Angie. We..

(Marshall interrupts)

(turning to Justin)

Oh, right.. I never did introduce myself

(Brad abruptly leaves the kitchen pissed
at Marshall who introduces himself to Justin
in the background)


(annoyed, sarcastically)

So you, Justin; seems you both hit it off.
You gonna be seeing more of him?


Look Brad, I’m sorry. I know it’s YOUR birthday
and I know YOU’RE upset with me but, shit man, I
didn’t expect that to happen. It just did.
And no, I mean I don’t know if he’s truly even interested. I mean he’s just a twenty-four year old kid, what would he want with an old-fart like me? But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it wouldn’t be great but…(pauses and embraces sulking Brad)


(Marshall, asleep in his bed, gets abruptly woken by the sound of his cell-phone ringing. Looking at the alarm clock reading 9:30 he becomes annoyed at being woken so early after such a late night before.)


Yah, who is it…what do you want?

(nervous, apologetic)

Oh, sorry, did I wake you? It’s me Justin


Oh, Justin, hay sorry for that, it’s
just that I got home late and hoping to
sleep in…sorry. So, how are you? How’d
you get my number by the way? (laughs)


Sorry Marshall, shou, should I call back? (pauses)


No, no it’s ok Justin, so…

(mildly anxious)

I got your number from Angie, I hope you
don’t mind??

(slightly elated)

No, no problem, in fact it’s good to hear
from you, I’m glad you thought to call
even if it is early. So, what’s up?

(mildly flirtatious)

Well, I was thinking, especially now that
I’ve got you up; you wanna get some breakfast?
I know a great little spot – Dunk’n cafe’.
You know it?


Yah, 31st and Queen right?


Right, for eleven, I’ll meet you there?


Sounds good, see you there, at eleven!

(Marshall leans back into the bed pausing to take in what just happened then, looking at the alarm clock, realizes he better get moving. Joyfully jumps out of bed for the bathroom.)


(Marshall, greeted by the Hostess, sees Justin waving, walks to his table trying not to look outwardly as excited as he felt inside. He couldn’t help but notice Justin’s stunning blue eyes. His wearing a tight-fitting, robin-egg blue T-shirt, making them even bluer. Fidgeting, he tried desperately to conceal his joy in having met such a good looking young man who, apparently, wants to get to know him better.

Marshall’s last relationship of ten years ended just two years prior and figured at fifty-one, the likelihood of ever meeting someone and falling in love was unlikely if not improbable. Especially with someone as young and wholesomely good looking as Justin.)

(nervously putting napkin on his lap)

So Justin, surprise! I didn’t
expect to hear from you so soon, and
I don’t just mean early (laughs nervously)


Yah, sorry about that. It’s just, I
enjoyed meeting you yesterday, and, so
I hope you don’t mind?


No, not at all. If anything, I should be
grateful. Besides being a beautiful sunny
morning, I get the pleasure of breakfast
with a good looking young man!


Well thanks, and I with a hot looking man.

(Waitress appears at the table to take their order.)


(shyly questioning)

So Justin, that was great. So, what’s up
for the rest of this glorious day?


Well, not really sure. I promised
Angie I’d help get her new apartment
organized. (laughing) The price I have to
pay to get your number out of her.
I promised I’d do anything she asked
to get it. But it’s been well worth it!


I hope I’m not being too forward<?>

(Marshall is surprised when Justin embraces and, gives him a slight kiss on the cheek before pulling away)

(sheepishly hesitant)

So, can we see each other again? I’d really
like to if you do?

(trying to hide enthusiasm)

Great! Yah, I’d like that, anytime. Give me a
call and we can set something up.

(Justin turns to walk away, pauses, then turns back, facing Marshall, slight hesitation, gives a quick kiss on the lips, pauses, looks into Marshall’s eyes for a reaction, turns and walks away smiling. Marshall, a bit dumbfounded sheepishly waves goodbye, watches Justin walk away.)




Thanks Marshall for showing up. I can’t
believe the mess just ten people can create
after just a few drinks. I mean look at this

(scans the messy apartment)

(poking through the clutter)

Not a problem Brad, the least I can do since
we couldn’t do it at my place


Right, I know, the renovations. When’s
that shit gonna be finished?

(shaking his head)

Yah, I know, seems it’s been going on forever
but look, I need to talk to you about that kid
Justin, he..


What? Don’t tell me, not already? You just met the
kid last night and there’s already drama

(continues cleaning, shakes his head)


Well no! There is no DRAMA. It’s just that I really
don’t know how to react to him.


What do you mean, he is coming on to you<?> I’d
say go for it! It isn’t every day a hot young
guy is gonna want to jump those old bones (laughs)


Ha, ha, ha.. have your laugh. No, really it’s more
than that. Look, we met for breakfast this
morning – his idea not mine. Well, when we’re saying
our good-byes sort of thing; he up and kissed me on
the lips..


So! What’s the big deal? The kid obviously likes


Well it’s just that; when he kissed me, something about it seemed kinda of strange. Almost like I had been kissed by my brother or something, I don’t know..


What? Get a grip man, you’ve just been on your own for a little too long and your scared. Maybe you just have
to take the lead and slow him down a bit. I know if it were me he’d be knowing the colour of my bed-sheets by now.


Again, very funny. Well, what ever it is I know there is something odd about this whole thing.


Bottom line: do you like him? And if you do I’d say; just go with it and see what happens. After all he is just twenty and you could just be the soup d’jour


Thanks! You’ve been a great help.. Bastard!




So look, Marshall I want you to come over tonight


Justin we were just out last night?


But I’ve got a surprise for you.. And no it’s not that… (sexy, mischievous laugh)




Ok, then tomorrow night, be here for 8 sharp

(hangs up before Marshall can respond)



(Marshall arrives at Justin’s apartment to find an envelope tacked to the door with his name on it. He opens the envelope to find a note: “ MARSHALL, surprise: the door’s unlocked, come in, follow the arrows Love Justin”)


(Marshall enters, the room has enough light to just notice paper arrows taped to a path of arrows that lead to Justin’s bedroom – he opens the closed door, it’s dark, he enters the room, lights flash on.)

(laying naked on the bed)

SURPRISE! Now come here you big hunk of man

(taking off clothes)

Justin, what the…


(Marshall and Justin naked, making out but Marshall visibly having difficulty)

(rolls away, troubled)

Justin, stop for a minute, wait


What, what’s the problem Marshall? Is it too soon?
I know you wanted to hold off but,


No, no, it’s not that, truth: I don’t know, something else. Give me a minute….

(Marshall pulls a bed sheet around his waist and goes out the bedroom. Justin sitting up in the bed, looks confused and left wondering what was wrong. Marshall exits bedroom and walks to the living room. As he passes a bookshelf he sees a picture of a women. Taking a closer look, the women seems strangely familiar to him. Taking the picture back to the bedroom.)

(inquisitively, holding the picture up)

Justin, who is this picture of?


That’s my mother, she’s living in Winnipeg, why?

(slightly anxious)

What’s your mother’s name?


Rachial. Why? Marshall what’s goin on? Tell me

(Marshall does not reply, places picture on night-table, puts on his clothes and abrutly leaves)

(pleading, naked, running)

Marshall? What’s going on, what did I do?

(Justin, still naked, crying, stands at hallway door watches Marshall leave.)



(Marshall rummages through old boxes, pulls out old picture album dated 1980-90. Scouring through pages – comes to a picture of him with and the girl he met during a business trip to Winnipeg. Peeling picture from the album then turns picture over to see written: `Me & Rachial – Winnipeg – 1983’)


SHIT! Shit, shit, shit…


(sitting at bar with drink)

My turn I guess, thanks for coming.

(just seating at bar)

A friend in need. And let me guess..


Cut it out, shut-up, and just listen: without
going into all the sorted details I think I know
what’s holding me back with Justin ..

(turns to face BRAD)

He’s my son!



What! What the fuck are you saying? How do you know this?

(Marshall pulls picture from pocket, throwing on the bar in front of Brad)

(takes, inspects picture)

Wow, you were pretty good looking back then, what happened? (laughs)


Not me you idiot, the girl. The girl in the picture is Justin’s mother – Rachial, the same Rachial I had sex with while on a business trip to Winnipeg back in the early eighties.

(shocked, surprised)

Holy shit man, fuck! Are you certain? How could that be? I mean what the fuck are the chances?

(looking at picture)

Beats the fuck out of me!



(Marshall doing a facebook search `Rachial Dawson, Winnipeg, Man.’. Rachial Dawson profile picture same as Justin’s picture. Makes a phone call)


Hello, Rachial Dawson? (pauses)


Yes, whose calling? Hello..

(hesitant, voice shaking)

Rachial, I don’t know if you’d remember
me but, back (pausing) god, years ago
we met, there in Winnipeg. It’s me
Marshall, Marshall Hewitt. Do you recall?


Marshall? How could I forget? But why,
why now, after what: twenty, twenty-four
years ago?


Well Rachial, it’s hard to explain on
the phone but, I need to talk to you
and, and if you don’t mind, I’d like
to come to Winnipeg.


You Winnipeg? Marshall, what is this
about, please tell me?


Well I guess. Let me just say it has to
do with us back then, that night we met
and…, well you know, we had sex and..

(whispered, sullen)

I see, I see. So when?


The next possible flight. Don’t worry I
will call you when I arrive and we can
set up a time a place to meet. If that
sounds alright with you?

(whisper, quiet)

I guess. Let me know. (hangs up)

(Marshall hears phone disconnect, waits, listens to dial tone)



(Marshall anxiously awaits Rachial whom, to recognize is only recall of Justin’s picture. She walks into the small diner [he sees the image of the Rachial as he knew twenty-years earlier but then morphs to the late forty-year-old women she is today] He greets her with a wave, a hug-friendly kiss on the cheek. They both sit nervously…)


So good.. You too, how..

(both laugh nervous)

(growing anxious)

Sorry Rach…, as you can guess I’m pretty


Relax, I’m a mess inside and; after
your call, it conjured up thoughts
I’d thought long forgotten. So…


So. So, yah well where to start.. Let’s see,
Justin! Yah, Justin, why don’t we start there?


What, what do you know of Justin, my son?


You mean OUR son! You, me, that night
we had sex. Why didn’t you tell me you
became pregnant, had a boy, my boy!


What are you saying? How do you know this,
how do you know Justin?


We, he, me we met at a friends birthday
part. My best friend Brad. It was his
50th birthday and seems Justin knows a
mutual friend of Brad’s.


So, so you met Justin there. How did you
come to find out that he was my son?

(quiet, saddened )

What you don’t know Rachial,
after us, I came out; I’m a gay man.

(quiet sardonic laugh)

(questioning – hurt)

What are you smirking at? And so is your son!
There, smirk at that! Yah. Your son, our son,
is Gay! And, and he doesn’t know it yet, but,
he’s in love with me – his father!

(sullen, sad, reclining)

There! Have your little laugh.

(quietly crying)

I’m sorry. How, why, what are you saying?
First, I know Justin is Gay and, (slight laugh)
I, after we met, thought you might be too.


What?! Why??

(calm, explanation)

That’s not important now but, at the time
when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted
to call but, I thought then; you might be Gay. That you wouldn’t want the burden
of knowing.

(sad, apologetic)

I’m sorry, I guess I was wrong. But, you
said Justin was in-love with you. How?
You and Justin?

(calm, explanation)

Well, as you can imagine, when I first
met him I had no idea of any of this.
He was just this good looking boy,
friend of friend and, well we got to meet
and things kind of happened.

(shocked, concerned)

You slept with…



No! No! We, he, well, it seemed we had
immediate chemistry. I mean as much as
I was attracted to him I knew, I knew
something was wrong about it.

(calmly inquisitive)

So, when did you realize he was my son, our son?


I saw your picture, at his apartment.
He planned a surprise. It was to be
our first time. I couldn’t. He had
your picture on a shelf. I wasn’t sure
it was you ‘til I asked your name. I
found the picture we took that night.
Though it seemed to be, I had to call you,
just to make sure.


I guess I owe you an apology<?>


Big time!



(anxiously, inquisitive)

So, how did it go with her; Rachial?
Is it true? Is he your son?


Yaup! Seems it’s true! Justin is my boy!


Ho-ly Shit! Marshall – a dad and with his little…

(interrupts, slightly angry)

Don’t! Don’t you. It’s bad enough without
you mocking the situation. You think I
want this? You don’t know the half of it!


Sorry man, just seems like out of the Movies.
So what are you gonna do? Are you going to tell him?


Well therein lies the rub. Rachial filled
me in on what Justin was like without a
father. She never spoke of it but Justin
always questioned it. He grew to resent and
bad-mouth even the idea of a father. She knew
it was his way to deal with the emptiness.

(pensive pause)

But face it, I have to tell him either way.


Yah. I guess your right. Sorry!



(answers cell excited)

Marshall, hay, good to hear you. How was the trip?
Did you get your work done?


Hi, Justin, yah, no problem. The trip went well.
Hay, look what are you doing tonight?


Hmm, let me see<?> I think I have a date
with a hot man… hold on, oh yah, I’m
Talking to him now! Hello… (laughs)


Ha, ha, ha, very funny. Well look then;
Let’s meet up at Dunk’ns, say seven? Good?


Sure seven, good but, what’s up? You
sound a bit upset. Is everything alright?


Yah, fine, no problem – see you at seven.





(Marshall and Justin engrossed in heated conversation. As Marshall explains, Justin becomes visibly upset. The more Marshall explains the more Justin becomes angry and crying, lashes out at Marshall and storms out of the restaurant. Marshall embarrassed, sitting alone… (others look toward the commotion))




(Unknown to Justin, Marshall had called Rachial asking if she would come to Toronto, to help straighten out the situation. She feels obliged to come and goes directly to Justin’s apartment.)

(opens door, surprised)

Mom! Holy shit, what are you doing here?!

(enters apartment)

Well I think you know the answer;




Yes, Marshall – your father! Whether you like it or not. In a way this is really all my fault; I should have told you about him long ago but, frankly, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought all this to happen. But, it has and now it’s my time to set things straight (slight laugh) no pun intended


(Justin opens the door to find Marshall waiting, both return to living room where Rachial greets Marshall with a hug and both turn to Justin looking a bit perplexed by it all. Then all three have a group hug)


CLOSING VIDEO MONTAGE (Soundtrack to be selected)

(Series of short clips reflecting the aftermath of the reunion between Rachial, Justin and his new found father Marshall. Then enters Brad who has always had his sights on Justin and is now striking up a friendship. All live happily ever after)



© COPYRIGHT 2015-16 This script may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author





Greedy Money-Changers

Taken with pain from the face of the Earth
Consumed, distraught by compassion’s dearth,
Witness to humanity increasingly divided by ethnicity’s worth,
Knowing monetary inequality lies at the root of this growing curse.

Infusing slavery by way of shackle’s contemporary definition:
`Grow a consumer class’ in service to the elite’s global mission,
To parley sovereign rule to stave off national wealth’s extradition,
By in-Corporation trade agreements that usurp electoral decision.

Deepening, darkening has become this downward spiral,
Fewer are left, the human values of goodness to defile,
As one by one, discarded, thrown into a dead and decaying pile,
Tended to by greedy Money-Changers wearing scornful, sneering smiles.


United States 2016 Presidential Campaign: Where Will It Lead?



The seminal experience: the attack and destruction of the World Trade Centre September 11th, 2001, has yielded a level of dysfunction in global politics unseen in current human history. The dissemination of the global human collective on the lines of ethnicity, religion and political affiliation has never been as pronounced and, continues to be amplified as the world advances through this, the second decade, of this 21st Century.

Increasingly, the world is witnessing a menacing rise of divisiveness instigated by the march of humbled Middle Eastern or North African refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Peoples brutally torn from their former tranquil lives by the scourge of political and civil unrest wanting only for the perceived safety of shelter in the sanctity of European nations only to be rebuffed by a vocal segment of the established populace of affected nations such as Greece, Germany and even Sweden, particularly against those of Muslim faith.

Adding to the embroilment of human discontent is the hardship arising from the meltdown of the global financial system ignited by the collapse of Wall Street in 2007-08, the implications and hardships that continue to affect the balance sheets of nations globally to this day. The citizens of European nations suffering from imposed, harsh austerity measures to counter losses of wealth suffered, respond vehemently and vocally to the erosion of their political sovereignty worsened by the infusion of immigrants and refugees invading their porous borders.

In such troubling and tumultuous times of the past, the world’s populace turned to great nations such as the United States and Great Britain for balanced and dogmatic leadership to aid in deriving peaceful resolve and as when necessary, military intervention, to quell the rising storm of insurgency as was the case with the rise of Germany’s Führer-State in the 1930’s under Adolf Hitler that manifest as global conflict that ended in the western nation’s allied victory of 1945.

Unfortunately, unlike the era that preceded the execution of World War II when the United States in particular, was viewed as the globe’s most stalwart of economic, socio-political stability, able to aid in the defeat the rise of Fascism, today in 2016, as evidenced by the execution of the Primary process to select each major party’s candidate to run in the 2016 Presidential election, such could not be farther from the case.

Of particular concern is the foment arising from the campaign of Republican nominee candidate Donald J. Trump.

Video:Donald J. Trump

The crux of Mr. Trump’s campaign is to amplify the level of fear garnered from the rise of terrorist factions outside of the United States though they are perceived by his ardent and often misinformed followers, as being a direct threat to their security. As well, he instigates hatred toward undocumented immigrants charging them, without substantiation, as taking away the jobs and livelihood of his often low-wage earning campaign supporters.

With respect to the Democratic party’s campaign to nominate a 2016 presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders’, a Socialist-Democrat, too, is gaining support from what is effectively the same segment of the United State’s electorate as Donald Trump however, for decidedly less inflammatory reasons such as economic and social inequality derived from the power and influence of `big money’ Wall Street financiers and, corporate lobbyist in the political process.

Video: Bernie Sanders

In light of what has been said, all-be-it in brief form, it behoves not only the citizen-electorate of the United States to pay attention to the developments arising from the 2016 presidential elections but for reasons illustrated by the following video, the global population need be concerned. The eventual outcome in the election of next President of the United States may have irreversible and devastating consequence for the entire Peoples of the World:

Video: Rise of Fascism

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