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Paradoxical Clue


These words of verse offered up for view
In many ways reflect nothing new
But in the end what they are meant to do
Is simply show life understood, can renew

From birth to death, life charts an unknown course
Often just responding to unseen force
That somehow gets to where it need go
Even though the reasons for it, is not to know

Is life an illusion, a dream state fulfilled
Or is it something simpler still?

Maybe the answer lies in this paradoxical clue
See what it means to YOU:

Life is to death, as death is to life, one needs the other, to make all things right

Sentient life is but one organism within a matrix to All
Loss to this understanding is where humanity finds its flaw
It need regress to the state where it first began to crawl
To re-instate its being chosen, amongst the many, to stand most Tall

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