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Cause Célèbre

With trenchant words, raising of symbolic clenched fist;
Calling for others of conscience, to readily enlist;
To stir and fight against mounting, shackling flaws;
Of imposed servitude beneath burden of legislated laws.

Laws conspired by those whom have assumed control;
Enacted by electoral minions whose soul they’ve stole;
Their devious, social, global plan long ago contrived;
For dominance of power through wealth, kept, eternally alive.

This fallacy of dominance held, can no longer be sustained;
Increasing numbers of humanity are unwilling to be gamed;
Ancient tools for control employed over centuries past,
Are no longer effective, their time to end has come at last.

Exposure to hidden knowledge has unlocked the shackles;
No longer is humanity willing to be treated as wealth’s chattel;
Society’s undoing will be this 21st century `cause célèbre’;
A period those whom now reign, will come to dread.


This Ancient Cabal Exposed


As the curtain rises to the second decade of this 21st century play,
Self-appointed actors to an ancient cabal, in want for their position to stay,
Perform scripted roles penned to climax in a whirlwind of chaos’ confusion;
Enthralling humanity, a gullible audience, to applaud infusion of contrived delusion.

Insipid yet insidious are the maneuverings of the elevated few;
Spawned from ancestral prophecy, of ancient hope, to future’s due.
To stir up in the belly of the common man, a militarist fervor;
Sparking a patriotic flame, the call to be the nation’s preserver.

The seeds to disparity were sown in the fertile minds of early men;
Lost to certainty of reason, though desperate for want to defend.
Succumbing to subterfuge of wisdom professed by those of devious goal;
To devalue natural born intuition, relegating it to folly, a fallow field to sow.

As repugnant and cynical this worldview held, may be to others;
This truth herein spoken lies evident, exposed, without faintness of cover.
Though it is to eyes open and, with mind not yet diluted or constrained;
To know the seeds of disparity meant to divide, giving rise to battle, is for powers of the wealthy to be sustained.

Praise of common goodness over evil is demanded for global humanity to survive,
To shed the devious propagandist notion of what it means to be truly alive;
By challenging this unscrupulous cabal, to redeem future generation’s salvation;
Once and forever, delivering the evil-doers to realm of permanent damnation.



Watch Citizenfour (2014) Online

CITIZEN FOUR – if you are not familiar with the title be aware it is the recently released documentary filmed directed by Laura Poitras. The documentary details the EDWARD SNOWDEN affair of unselfishly and bravely exposing the massive and secret surveillance programs National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States and its international allies collectively conduct on the global population regardless of national origin.

The significant importance of journalistic reporting on the part of Glenn Greenwald, when the story broke reporting for the Guardian Newspaper of London, England and now, a part of the INTERCEPT, a newly formed, self-financed investigative journalistic group committed to continue reporting the SNOWDEN story and similar types of important international stories.

Fortunately there are true journalist such as Greenwald, Poitras, Jeremy Scahill and, the News agencies supporting them, to bravely pursue the type of News coverage and reporting main-stream media have long supplanted with peaches and cream tripe that is of no importance to anyone save for the gullible naive mass audience willing to blindly ignore what is important to their lives and those of future descendants.

The frightening aspect of watching this documentary: it plays like your typical fictional spy/espionage film but then you realize: THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

It is for this reason everyone MUST, for the sake of the freedoms democratic nations purport to entitle its citizens, not just now but, for generations to come, watch this documentary and share the link:

A link to watch this documentary online:


Video Book of Reflective Poetry


A video book: Reflective Poetry

Utilizing the various media tools to our disposal, here is a further attempt to get a volume of writing out, exposed to the whims of those whom come upon it; a consolidation of works from the last few months:


revolt to the system



The following is in response to the  attached video from Acronym independent News channel discussing the coming economic instigated Peoples’ revolution.

Following are writings I produced over the past several years raising the same alarms and thought I would share them to gain YOUR response to what you feel is to be the outcome of growing economic in-equality:


Revolt To The System

Limitless is the breadth and width of the mind
When thought to word one does find
Speaking to injustice and despair be inclined
For others to hear, your words they find
Truth to their meaning, evidence defined
Not messaged to serve up as kind
But brutal at times, if not to remind
That revolt to the system, may have found its time


Human Revolution

Different realities co-exist in the same time and space
Each marked by the goodness of love or pain of suffering, faced
A global view of the world’s condition at any second of the clock
Increasing enlists feelings of great sadness and horrifying shock
Injustices expressed by the few of power on the impoverished many
If not soon curtailed, of life on Earth, there will not be any
Rhetoric espoused by those whom the populace elect
Promise, once in political office, these problems they will correct
Yet decades into centuries continue to unfold
And yet the same original story continues to be told
What will it take to derive these problems final solution?
As things stand in this moment – only an uprising – a Human Revolution

Last Chance Revolution – Lost?

In the shallow shadow of the conspiracy theorist, I submit to you the following scenario:

Firstly, I think we can all admit and accept the planet no, more accurately, the planet’s tenants are becoming increasingly agitated. It is evident in every sector and system that affects our daily lives: weather, finance, economy, morality, etc, etc.. The debate that has ensued is, `Is this by design or destiny of fate?’.

In an attempt to address this question from the perspective of the present 2010 looking retrospectively forward, one might conclude: by design!

The impetus to all that appears to be occurring is the sublimation to servitude achieved by perpetrated, induced fear of a ghostly threat, only to achieve the ultimate goal of `imperial control’. That gives rise on how best to achieve this end.

The inception of the Internet has to be the grease that turned this massive wheel of deception and tyranny.

Through out history especially modern history, the government intelligence community is easily traced to assassinations, coups, and other mischievous activities to attain the goals of the ruling power (democratic or otherwise). Well it is well known to all how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have had their hands dirty by the most insidious and corrupt affairs of both domestic and international politics that leads to the focus on domestic political affairs within the realm of the global oligarchy. In effect who is controlling whom?

To make the point clearer I suggest the analogy of the `ponsi-scheme’ that I am sure in light of the current financial system debacle most are familiar with the term; well, that is what the global oligarch from the top-down, represents that is, a myriad of power groups are layered ever upward to yet another, then another to in the end does anyone know who controls whom since the membership amongst the very senior of these strata are all of the same family lineage – an inter-marriage of power through ultimate, yet yielding to when enforced upon, power.

By introduction and retailing of the Internet saw the incredible growth in both the software and hardware industry increasingly geared toward `social networking’ whereby the unbridled, unconscious relinquishing of typically sensitive, private and confidential information on the deception of being close to family and friends. The growth of global tracking or geosynchronous positioning satellite system and technologies or G.P.S., compounded by electronic banking and diminishing of hard currency transactions at the retail, consumer level, all in combination had the general populations masses totally under there control. The next step was the installation of the `fear factor’.

The icon date: September 11, 2001 infamously known as 9/11, was the catalysts to this objective. The destruction of the United States financial icon of global financial superiority rivaling that of Wall Street, along with a reputed three-thousand fatalities, was horrific enough to the then coddled, protected and naive to the horrors of conflict general population, they immediately succumb to the whims and wants of the powers that be, from that date forward. The two major conflicts that followed against Iraq and Afghanistan were precipitous to the financial collapse of the fiat monetary system and the major world banks up to but not including the international, central banks putting the entire global financial, monetary and economic power in the hands of the oligarchy.

The obvious question that comes to mind is where were the people during this time – the activists, the rebelling youth of the time, how did they allow this to flourish? The few youth of the new millennium that saw through the charade were too few in number to stand-up effectively against the increasingly militarized, interwoven departments of police and military security under the central control of the Homeland security establishments. The majority of youth were oblivious to what was happening around them being far too consumed with Internet based networking socializing, video games and other diversionary, established activities. One could say they unwittingly submitted to the slaughter of the civil and human rights coached there by mindless diversions.

Given what has been stated above, the following is my hypothesis of what is yet to come:

The present year is 2010 and the current western demographic has the majority of adult population being those born post WWII. The average age of this group is between their early to mid-sixties. This group is comprised typically of well-educated and financially successful and established individuals of means and those who are most immediately venerable to the uncontrollable effects of down-sizing affected by design, by the oligarchy as per the above outline. It is this group that I believe are the last hope to initiate or motivate a revolt on the increasingly evident plans for dominance by the oligarchy. Yet sadly it is my belief this group, having grown fat, satisfied and mentally lazy are about to too, relinquish any form of resistance to what they consider a power too big to fight.

In summation, the prospects for dark and forlorn days ahead is only in the eyes of those who `see it coming’ yet are to few in number to change this perceived course. All those remaining are oblivious as will be their prodigy, not sensing or aware of the changes that are taking place as they naively consume a contrived, virtual life existence: the fuel energy to power the oligarchy machine (not unlike that depicted in the movie `The Matrix’).

Things To Come

Upon reflection of the words that I have written
I can admit that I have been smitten
By the need to express my view
To communicate a message to all and you

I know they are common words, simple at times
And they annoyingly seem to rhyme
But that should not dismiss the message
The vestige – Of things to come

I hold many secrets within my self
Many that could render extreme wealth
Yet I do not hold to these material things
For it is not joy of life they bring

The Earth revolves with unending vigour
Its meaning in space is for its inhabitants to figure
But not to be dismissed as routine of presence
But to question its perceived infinite significance.

I channel this wisdom from unknown place
Unknown too is why I am graced
I leave the reason for others to contrive
Knowing it will continue as long as I am alive

Others my find my spelling hard to heed
Best they will or assuredly bleed
The blood that fuels mankind
Ground soaked will be left behind

There exists a destiny of less dismay
Will humanity give it chance to play?
Present greed of power, anger and hate
Leaves little to debate

Hindsight is often the test
Differentiating speculation from the rest
My virtue of mind and wrote
Is mine before death to gloat?


If you find these writings inspirational or wish to read more on the topic my self-published book HOMAGE TO A WORLD LOST would be of interest to you. You can check it and other of my BOOKs



Rebellion Threatens?

Darkening skies progressively envelops the world
As a growing, calamitous rebellion threatens to unfurl
Awaiting the spark to light the cannon fuse to imperil
Global, social civil-order collapsing in a downward swirl

World-wide austerity an IMF* invention
Usurping a nation’s wealth through monetary intervention
By central banks acquiescence without contention
Leaving tax payers lowered wages and depleted pensions

Fourteen years and growing
This global turmoil élite oligarch have been sowing
Their intent: to stimulate what is showing
A people’s uprising to an end they’ve long been knowing

Militarized police forces readied and in the waiting
Frothing for the conflict instead of political debating
Lives to be lost and arrests just for congregating
Main-stream-media the cowardice tool for infuriating

A rude awaking awaits the many, unaware masses
Manipulated, lost to electronic social-media’s rose-tinted glasses
When suddenly, their insular, virtual world finally collapses
Leaving them dumbfounded, lost and, flat on their gullible asses.

*International Monetary Fund




reality asserts itself

Borrowing from The Real New Network’s ( interview series titled: REALITY ASSERTS ITSELF and, in reaction to a new series of interviews titled: Hedges and Binney on Obama NSA guidelines – Reality Asserts Itself Pt.1 :

Reality Asserts Itself

An increasingly disturbing Reality, not to belie
Though a subversive body of exaggerated wealth
A global-cabal, is adamant to try.

The role of political national governance
Goes beyond the pale;
This duly elected, legislative body,
Increasingly considers humanity a viable sale.

The unabashed power of the central few
Gather with public eyes wide shut;
To discuss secretively, what next to do,
While the mass-consumer digs deeper, a debt-laden rut.

Conspiratorial voices clamber to sound the alarm
Of the growing tyranny of a global fascist regime;
Producing irrefutable evidence of truth to freedom’s harm;
While mainstream media stays lost, promoting their delusional dream.

Technological distractions designed to placate a disturbing reality
To counter any mass-ambition to take-a–stand, to fight;
The growing dissolution of individual freedoms and liberty
Questioning: Where will it all lead, what end is in sight?


In The Wake of Extreme Violence


The events of the past week with the Boston Bombings serves to re-awaken questions regarding sacrificing personal freedoms and social liberty for what can only amount to a  `false’ sense of security as simply illustrated by the event occurring.

The United States since 911, likely more than any other nation, has spent billions on increased security, surveillance and technology yet senseless acts such as Boston’s proves this point.

Canadian politicizing of the Boston Bombing event reared its head when a National News interview with newly elected Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, was posed the hypothetical question: how, if prime minister, would he respond in the after-math of such an event? .

What the question ultimately served to illustrate was not so much Trudeau’s hypothetical ability to correctly perform or respond but, the irrational, short-sighted logic of our currently elected officials in particular: Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Harper’s rebuttal to Justin Trudeau’s view on addressing social violence ie terrorism, is clear evidence to this by stating the following:

The PM claims ` do not sit around trying to rationalize it or make excuses for it or try to figure out its root causes‘ .  It is the last part of this statement that most reflects the depth of stupidity of our elected government.

This is tantamount to saying: if your house keeps getting broken into by the poor kid down the street the solution is to get a security system and demand more police and prisons. Don’t bother to ask why is the kid poor causing him to resort to stealing.

This short-sighted approach to not only societal problems but to all problems confronting government is what leads to levels of frustration and anger by the disenfranchised leading to outlandish and violent acts as happen in the US.

Harper-government’s policies framed on the ill-logic illustrated by this example – potentially here in Canada too.


Tommorow’s End?


As living witness to decades of global history in the making, present to experience several international, national and regional military wars and civil conflicts, human rights abuses; obvious environmental polluting and dissemination through strip mining, deforestation and, similar industrial-commercial level agricultural activity; the fundamental cause and purpose has been by the design and reasoning by those elected and/or appointed to objectively serve in the best interest of  majority of fellow earthly inhabitants but in truth, ultimately, represent a minority, monetarily powerful, greedy and, self-interested élite cabal.

History well documents the political rhetoric and spilled blood of past revolutionary uprising spawned by cycles of repression by those whom believe it possible to cultivate a socio-economic climate that renders majority of a nation’s Peoples a life of submission and servitude while reaping the major benefit of its productivity. Though the current global economic and social crisis seems ripe for instigation of a contemporary revolution, it need first face an increasingly invasive and purvasively intrusive advanced communication technology and security infrastructure, a malevolent response to contrived, counter-terrorism fears that are willingly embraced by naïve, il-informed, consumerist motivated generation of youth.

In direct response to the global financial melt-down commenced 2007 that persists to date, is the Occupy Movement. A spontaneous collaboration of predominantly middle-class citizens of all ages and disciplines, the poor and down-trodden marching, demonstrating in defiance to the greed and criminality of the financial institutions directly responsible for the crisis and, the ineptness of national governments to  equitably and lawfully hold said institutions accountable.  Truly, a national and global revolutionary movement against the world’s elite, captioned the ‘one-percent’, versus the `99-percent’ of global citizens represented by the Movement.

Political leaders of all affected nations wasted little time to make universally known; their allegiance is to the power élite by quashing the Occupy Movement  as quickly as it had started.

For any one person to not recognize and acknowledge the strategic state of chaos being manufactured and imposed under the guise of global terrorism and immanent financial collapse demanding the full submission and rendering of human-rights of all common People’s to the will and control of the power élite and their political minions, is to acknowledge their dire-state of ignorance and abdication from responsibility to allow for such a state.

Every sector comprising global, civil-society is in a dire state of flux: elected governmental authority, guardians to the rights of the People, are impudent in their leadership, unwilling to defy the tyranny of global financial institutions grown too large and powerful as to supersede even the force of civil-law; religious institution in the name of the Vatican, crumbling under the weight of scandal leading to the sudden retirement of the Pope, only to have occurred once ever before over 600 years ago; unrelenting pursuance and decimation of ‘whistle-blowers’, those among us whom moral state of consciousness demands they speak out against the establishment engaged in illegal, inhumane and immoral propriety.

It is the collective of all that could be wrong and corrosive to a healthy, well-functioning, morally free civil society that has embraced itself with and by consent of the few whom have usurped their authority and taken control.

The power of the ‘ill-doers’ is heavily entrenched, buttressed with an increasingly militarized police authority to support their definition of civil order; a heavily intrusive surveillance mechanism to thwart discontent at its inception; an acquiescent judicial and media community to dismay `whistle-blowers’ from speaking out; and, full control and manipulation of economies and money supply.

Given these dire and seemingly insurmountable odds against majority of humanity ever regaining their inalienable right to equality and pursuance of freedoms for a quality life and liberty to which all are born leads to ask: Is this witness to Tomorrow’s End ?.




I am pleased to announce the pre-release of my latest book of poetry titled:

REFLECTION – RESPONSE  through the voice of poetry.

As an introduction, this collection of poems is premised on reflection of the many important and diverse issues facing the global human community today and, through the voice of poetry, express my personal response to a perceived affect these issues are having on human, societal evolution.  Interspersed amongst these poems are several reflecting a personal philosophy toward life, sexuality and the environment.

I hope you would take a few moments to visit my Self-publishing website to review the contents of this book and I would be further honored if you found it worthy of comment.  It will soon be available in a variety of print format including, as an e-book for I-pad and tablet.

Thank you in advance for your time in this regard.




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