Rebellion Threatens?

Darkening skies progressively envelops the world
As a growing, calamitous rebellion threatens to unfurl
Awaiting the spark to light the cannon fuse to imperil
Global, social civil-order collapsing in a downward swirl

World-wide austerity an IMF* invention
Usurping a nation’s wealth through monetary intervention
By central banks acquiescence without contention
Leaving tax payers lowered wages and depleted pensions

Fourteen years and growing
This global turmoil élite oligarch have been sowing
Their intent: to stimulate what is showing
A people’s uprising to an end they’ve long been knowing

Militarized police forces readied and in the waiting
Frothing for the conflict instead of political debating
Lives to be lost and arrests just for congregating
Main-stream-media the cowardice tool for infuriating

A rude awaking awaits the many, unaware masses
Manipulated, lost to electronic social-media’s rose-tinted glasses
When suddenly, their insular, virtual world finally collapses
Leaving them dumbfounded, lost and, flat on their gullible asses.

*International Monetary Fund



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