Universal Prayer: Oneness To All

Referencing Russell Brands tweet: Are we being lied to about healthy food? Here is the #trews youtu.be/CgPWmVsdwi4GREED




After watching/listening to RB’s rant on the mentioned topic; the narrative he concluded the piece with reminded me of a poem I wrote sometime ago that in my mind at least, responds to the message and thought I’d share the two and you can decide for yourself:


Universal Prayer: Oneness To All

This is not prayer seeking divine forgiveness
This is not prayer seeking divine healing
This is not prayer seeking divine love
This is not prayer in worship of a divine creator

This is prayer of Enlightenment
This is prayer of Knowledge
This is prayer of Connection
This is prayer of Oneness to All

For I am one with all that is
That my Soul’s energy
Is given to the power of Enlightenment
That the Oneness of All
Be recognized as creator to the All that exists

This enlightenment to the Oneness to All
Gives empowerment to the Knowledge:

That Connected – all that ails is healed
That Connected – all will arise harmonious in the Universe
That Connected – all will derive energies of love universal
That Connected – all will become One with the Universe

Let the light that is my soul’s energy
Flow out to the universe
So that all may benefit from its power
That my soul’s void be filled with the energies of their love.

Let the energy of love shine and emanate from you such that you may receive mine in return.

To the Oneness – to All

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